Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 4


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Twinj sees them and Twinkle asks Kunj to come with her.Twinkle in a angry mood is walking and telling how could Chinki do that she is my sister she should share everything with me,and while she was walking down the stairs she kept repeating and slipped but of course on time Kunj holds her,and they come really close.Sajna Ve plays.
Usha sees them and smiles and starts coughing,Twinj compose themselves,but Twinkles chain gets stuck on his chain,Twinkle try’s to remove it but fails,Kunj puts his hand over hers and removes it,she looks at him lovingly.Sajna Ve plays.
They come down and Kunj says we will come back by 10:00pm to Usha.Usha agrees and tells him to take care of Twinkle,he agrees and they leave.Twinj enter and come to Yuki.
T-Hi,Chinki u never told me about UV.Chinki is going to tell her but Twinkle says be quiet ur lie has been caught.
K-UV what is all this,at least u should have shared this with me.
Yuki-says fine,we r together but how come u two r together.

Twinj-singing competition,And we r partners.
Yuki-laughing say we two r taking part in the competition.
Twinj-embarrassed,look at each other and apologies to Yuki.
Yuki-says that u’ll wl get a punishment and wl have to do it.
Yuki-u have to tell us the song u’ll will sing,and join us for dinner.Twinj agree.
Twinj tell Yuki that the song they r going to sing is Main Hoon Hero,Yuki tells them Janam Janam.
They have dinner,Twinj and Yuki are only left in the cafe,Two waiters come to their table and ask them to fill the form they give them the bill,suddenly the waiters look at at Twinkle and Chinki from top to bottom,both of them notice them staring,and Twinkle holds Kunj hand tightly and Chinki does the same,Kunj and UV see the waiters staring at them as when they were giving the bill the waiters were lookin at Chinki and Twinkle,Kunj and UV hold the waiters collar and says u are staring at them and slaps him,the waiter say sorry but Kunj and UV don’t listen and keep on screaming at them,Twinkle tries to stop Kunj and in the process of stopping him,she pulls him back and he falls on her.Sajna Ve plays.

Chinki tells Uv that it ok,and while stopping UV hits her by mistake,the waiters runaway,UV holds her hand and says why u came in the way,Chinki says u would have got hurt.Manchala plays.
Yuki sees Twinj in that position and UV aks Kunj if he is ok,they get up and say yes,Kunj says come home it’s better and safer at home,Twinj and Yuki hold hands and go together.
Kunj house.
U-Kunj what happened,so long what u’ll did,Kunj and UV tell her everything.
U-comes to Twinkle and Chinki and asks them r they fine,They reply yes.Usha says it is 12:00pm,let me talk to your mom u’ll spend the nigh here today,Chinki and Twinkle say it’s fine,but Usha talks
U-Hi,actually I am Twinkles and college friend mom.
L-Hi,Twinkle told that she was goin,but till now she didn’t call me I was very worried thank u for informing.
U-actually it’s very dark,and late Twinkle can stay with us for a night.
L-no its ok I wl come to pick her.
U-keeps on on saying and Leela says ok.
Usha tells Twinkle that she will have to sleep with Kunj and Uv has to sleep with Chinki.
Usha informs Anita too.Anita,Usha and Leela says I have heard they’re voices somewhere.
Twinj room
T-says thank u to Kunj.

K-comes to her angrily and pins her to the wall and says I told no thank u and sry in friendship.
T-Say ok.
K-leaves her,and says u sleep on the bed and I wl on the Couch(sofa).
T-says I listened to everything u said I want to sleep on the couch.
K-today I wl sleep,since u came first time to my house.
T-says fine,I wl sleep on the floor,Kunj gets shocked.
K-pulls her from the floor and it was a little hard pull,which made them close to each other,he says fine u can sleep on the couch.They go to sleep.
Next morning Kunj wakes up,and looks at Twinkle,who is going to fall Kunj goes running and she falls and wakes up in Kunj arms,he puts her and the couch and tells u would have fallen and broken all ur bones they laugh.Sajna Ve plays.

Precap-Twinj and Yuvi come to know about their moms being best friends and they all were childhood friends

Credit to: SMC

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