Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 39

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Chinki breaks down,UV says I never used to love u,I used to love Twinkle when I seen her after so many years I fell in love with her,UV tells Chinki that Friendship can never turn to love.UV leaves and Chinki cries bitterly.Kunj looks in the cupboard to choose a shirt,Twinkle comes in and approaches Kunj,Kunj doesn’t see her and opens the other side of the cupboard,and it bangs Twinkle head and she says ouch!Kunj sees her and comes to her and says sorry,sorry Twinkle I didn’t see u I am really very sorry.He makes her sit on the bed and goes running to the kitchen and gets ice,he comes running back to her and applies it on her head as there was a bump,he holds her hand and applies it as he feels the pain while putting the ice,Twinkle looks at her hand.Sajna Ve plays.
Kunj sees Twinkle a bit in pain and controlling her tears,Kunj tells her why r u controlling ur tears and pain u know ur pain is mine.Kunj takes the handkerchief in which the ice was and says Twinkle I can’t see u crying and in pain,each tear of Urs is very precious to me.He takes the ice and touches it and her cheek Twinkle felt ticklish as it was cold,he kept putting it and finally Twinkle starting laughing.Kunj looks at her laughing and says pls keep laughing like this everytime in his mind and smiles.Sajna Ve plays.

Twinkle tells Kunj that she has to make food she will come after,Kunj nods and she leaves.Kunj says I am still in love with her and gets confused.

UV comes to Kunj and tells him that he is in love,Kunj says wow UV u want to marry before ur elder brother.UV says u know her very well and she is so cute,Kunj thinks that it is Chinki,and says tell me who is my would be sister in law…UV says Twinkle.Kunj is double shocked and keeps a smile on his face.UV says nice choice right,Kunj says yes,but deep in his heart it was a big no.UV leaves and Kunj shuts the door and and leans on the door,crying and askin God why this happens with me only…Why…..and he cries.Humdard plays.
Chinki gets angry and says this is all bcoz of Twinkle,she stole UV from me and we can’t even stay in peace anymore.Chinki says Twinkle my sister just wait and watch what I will do to u.U used to love Kunj right know I wl steal Kunj from u.Just wait and watch and smirks.

Precap-UV proposes Twinkle and she stands in shock,UV stands and says even Kunj agreed for this relationship and Twinkle is even more shocked she thinks that Kunj doesn’t love her anymore and accepts UV proposal.Chinki comes to Kunj and says Kunj I Love U,u have helped me so many times and says that I have seen Twinkle accepting UV proposal that’s why I proposed u today.Kunj says I accept u and ur love.

Thanks for commenting and guys this is the beginning of the twist I know may of u’ll will not like it but keep reading to find out why I did it…….I got news for Tashan-E-Ishq I think u’ll saw the precap,where Twinkle is unconscious,it is said that Kunj will give her CPR???I hope u’ll know what that is and finallyyyyyy Twinkle realised her Love for Kunj…..????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?????Now it is Kunj turn…..Thanks for reading and God bless…??????

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  1. Dont know what to say SMC ur ffs are amazingg awesome …. U’re brilliant writer!!!!!! I reallyy love ur ffs nd twist s amazingg…… Waiting eagerly for ur nxt epi….❤

    1. Thanks Sunaina for the inspiration comment…??????????????????

  2. C mn yaar smc,, how long will u keep twinj apart??? I’m really annoyed!!!! Please unite dem asap yaarr… plzzz yaar….. I’m really in a situation of crying..:((( unite my twinj… plz,, SMC… plzzz..anyways nice one nd dnt frgt to post a longer episode and when vil u post it??

    1. Thanks Lara…but if I keep Twinj for so long what’s going to be interesting in the FF this track wl bring jealously,pain and ofcourse a lot of twists…I am sorry to make u cry bcoz of my FF but I promise everyone TWINJ WILL UNITE DONT WORRY if I don’t unite them,then do whatever u’ll want with me..

  3. Awesome yrr smc

    1. Thanks again Sanu ??????????

  4. Awesome yrr smc It’s rlly nice

    1. Thanks Sanu?????

  5. Woww there will b alot of twist in upcoming episode.i love ur ff its amazinggg.waiting for next episode.

    1. Yes Aiman u r right there is a lot of twists in the upcoming episodes..

  6. what an twist! !!
    well I didn’t love it 🙁
    but loved it a looootttttt 😉

    1. Thanks Sanam ur FF to is awesum..

  7. SMC its awesome yaar……guys i am planning to write one shot for twinj…so should i proceed or not….plsss telll!!!

    1. Pls go ahead Rakshita u r a very talented writer pls….

    2. wats there to ask rakshita plzz write…

    3. yeah plzz today only i was thinking of one shot for twinj..

    4. Yeah plzz go on Rakshita u’re brilliant writer plzz

  8. Wow what a big twist..

    1. Thanks Harna..

  9. Yes rakshita u may proceed

  10. Chayonika Chakraborty Chandra

    Awasome yaar SMC . I m new here . Will u all accept me as ur friends ?? The request is to u all . Plzz reply ..

    1. Don’t worry I won’t accept u as a friend but as my family member…welcome Chayonika to our Tashan-E-Family…????

  11. smc superb epi..and wooooooooo the twist…

    1. Tara….u r just my support…u make me feel so great though ur comment is small…..and simple…I would like to thank u so much for entering in my life not only as my friend but as my sister u have srsly inspired me a lot…and I really don’t know in what way to thank u….Tara…east or west Tara is the best….Thank u So Much Tara…????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Common yaar don’t drag it so much…..

    1. Thanks Akankhya…I don’t like dragging stuff I said I have to had twists in the story..

  13. Don’t drag it too much please

    1. Thanks Laila….I wl try to had some other twists too..

  14. Plz yaar unite twinkle and kunj…… What an twist dear mindblowing……..


  15. I m glad u r liking the track guys,I will sort the misunderstanding between Twinj soon! I promise guys and Laila and Akankhya I am sry for disappointing u’ll I promise I will sort it soon…

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