Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 46


Hii guys hope u r likin the FF,trying to get ideas and thanks for commenting everyone who commented last time I love u’ll and silent readers too..u r important in my life and without u’ll I don’t know what my life would be like love u’ll….
Kunj goes up to his room and checks Twinkles cupboard and his whole room and checks if she kept some letter or anything relating her leaving to any place,e breaks down and says Twinkle!!!!He checks her drawer and sees papers and checks them but they r related to their office and keeps checking and throws the papers up while checking and finds her personal diary and sees the lock and breaks it and gets a cut,he leaves it aside and reads the first page:
It’s a code.If u put the correct code u wl be able to get the keys and unlock the lock Kunj tries breaking it but fails.He sees it starts with four letters

_ _ _ _.Kunj says it can’t be Leela,Chinki,.He says Yuvi,he puts the numbers and puts the keys in the lock and it doesn’t open and he says Who is this,and thinks.He understands and moves the buttons to K then to U then to N then to J.Sajna Ve plays.
He puts the keys and it unlocks,Kunj is filled with emotions and says Twinkle I unlocked it so I am reading it I am so sorry but to find u I can give my life up too.He opens the book and sees lyrics…
I Feel Good from Anjaana Anjaani..
Teri meri Teri meri kahani,
Ik dastaan nayi purani,
Chori Chori yeh kahani chali hai,
Theheri thi jo tere aa jaane tak,

Tere aane Se mere jaane ke,
Tu hi jeene Ka hai bahana,
And I don’t why,
But I Feel Good x3..

Kunj says this is the same lyrics he sees the nxt one and sees that it is all the same handwriting of the person who kept sending him and helping him with the lyrics and sees at the end of it,her signatures and says Twinkle u were my Lyricist u were the one who kept helping me and the day u proposed me I declined u and never gave u a chance to speak and breaks down and is angry and says Chinkiiiiiiiiiiii….

He comes down and Chinki hugs him and says sorry,Kunj pushes her away from him and says u r my lyricist right,Chinki says yes.Kunj says sing one line of any song u wrote for me,Chinki gets shocked and tensed bcoz she isn’t the lyricist.She says
Kunj-actually I’ll tell u the problem it is that u aren’t my lyricist.
Chinki-Shocked that he came to know and says Kunj no my throat is not well today.
Kunj-Ur throat is not okay,he gets angry and throws the diary on her face and tells her to see and then talk.

UV-Bhai tum kya kar rahi hoon(Brother referring to Kunj what r u doing).
Kunj-UV u don’t come into this matter just stand there.
UV-Why should I,I have my right on Twinkle as her Boyfriend ur just her Best Friend.
Kunj goes to UV and holds his collar and says u r her bf right then couldn’t u take care of her she left the house and her lovely bf is just chilling around in the house no shame u have when at least her bf(best friend)is going is search of her,he says anyway what’s the use of talking to u too u r mad like Chinki,UV pushes him and says I am not mad ok,so is Chinki we both tried to create misunderstanding between u’ll bcoz of u and Twinkle were like magnets stuck together forever.Kunj gets angry:
Kunj-UV repeat what u said.

UV-Yes we did this to break ur friendship ur so called love and everything that belonged to u and Twinkle and the first thing was ur trust on each other which weakened ur whole friendship and love.UV says why should I take care of Twinkle she is not my responsibility,I gave her fake love and just wanted one thing from her that was her money that her real mom gave when Leela adopted Twinkle to give Twinkle’s education but Leela was also very good and trustworthy that she kept it for Twinkle’s in laws and by that time I would get the money.
Kunj-UV repeat what u said.
UV-I know it is very difficult about what I said but I am very sorry and repeats it and then Kunj controls his fist.

After she confesses for the 3rd time Kunj slaps him and tells him to shut up and not to speak one more word otherwise he wl forget that he is Anita Aunty’s son.UV pushes him and says go and find Twinkle in heaven she might have committed suicide by the time.Kunj turns and slaps and beats him brutally and Kunj UV on his chest and doesn’t spare him.Chinki tells him he is my best friend leave him.
Kunj-He is ur best friend but he is talking about my best friend so back off.
Chinki-So ur best friend is like that only that’s why people wl talk about her badly she is not great.
Kunj-in anger says she is great for me and leaves UV in that condition.
He goes and files a complaint to the police and they publish her picture on the newspaper.

Precap-Yuki moments.Twinkle is shown but where.

Thanks for commenting if u want to know where Twinkle is read my FF…and the news for Tashan-E-Ishq is that Twinkle wl come back to the house in her Punjabi pataka way with whole baarat and all,the nxt one is that Twinj wl becum wedding planners bcoz of Manohars business….Tashan E Ishq has entered top 10 trp rating but the same rank 1.9 come on guys make others watch and make the trp rating go high but it’s still celebration time top ten they entered as position no 10 nxt week no 5 atleast…..God bless..????

Credit to: SMC

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  1. I new uv was acting as if he loved her and only wanted money

    1. Yes Krystal u were right….I needed to add twists to make the other viewers to enjoy…hope u liked the episode and Thanks so much for commenting….??????

  2. Ya guys I agree with smc…..stay tuned to tei….awesome episode smc…..

    1. Rashi Verma yes everyone Tashan E Ishq is going to have many twists and turns and the wedding planners my Twinj hopefully this brings some Twinj scenes while they decorate stuff and all……thanks a lot Rashi Verma…???????

  3. Awesome SMC cant wait for Kunj to go n find Twinkle

    1. Thanks Harshi….yes let’s see what does Kunj do and where is Twinkle also..???❤️❤️??

  4. Oh I hope kunj finds twinkle fster….

    1. Thanks FF reader I can’t disclose what he does but stay tuned to my FF to know….????

  5. Superb SMC! !!!!
    Nice chinki ki band bajgayi

  6. Let twinj unite,the trp will shoot up from 1.9 to 9.1

    1. Ikr Aarti…..Twinj is just life and for them we can do anything…just wish Sidmin could read all our FF and our love for them….thanks for commenting..???????

  7. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Mission Twinkle starts.
    I hope there’s no long leaps.

  8. I’m really so upset seeing d real tei nowadays… & ur ff is better than d actual one…good job,,,u don’t need appreciation as u know u r gr8??????

  9. I’m really so upset seeing d real tei nowadays… & ur ff is better than d actual one…good job,,,u don’t need appreciation as u know u r gr8???????

  10. Nice….loved it

  11. Awesome

  12. Juz loved it

  13. woooooow smc..just mindblowing..i just love the way u write….love u muah!!

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