Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 37

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Sidmin tell each other that they need to make Twinj closer but as they try making them closer they r aparting.Sidmin think of something that wl make them friends and then they might fall in love again,they get a plan which is muted.Sidhant tells Twinkle to meet him at the scenery view point and Jasmine tells Kunj the same.Twinkle reaches the point and some men come and eve-tease her,Twinkle tries defending herself but fails,she looks down and thinks to jump from top and save herself.Before she jumps,someone holds her hand and keeps her behind his back,it is no other than Kunj,Kunj tells the men:
Kunj:Repeat what u said.

Kunj:Now ur tongue got cut that u’ll can’t talk before what nonsense u were talking now u’ll r standing with ur mouths zipped like a statue.
Men:Who r u to interfere in our lives.
Kunj:Who am I,do u need to know who am I.
Kunj starts punching the men left and right and says in anger now tell how Twinkle is looking,one goon who was already beaten says she looks hot and Kunj turns and looks at him in anger,the goon says I said what is the truth she really looks…before he could speak Kunj kicks him in the stomach and they get into a big fight,they roll on the road beating each other and holding each other’s collars and the goon punches Kunj badly,the goon goes next to Twinkle and says now who is there to safe u now,Kunj tries getting up but the rest of the goons hold him and says if u hit us,we wl do something with her that u wouldn’t even think of..Kunj says pls no don’t touch her,do whatever u want with me,even kill me if u want but pls don’t do anything with her,Twinkle looks at him.Sajna Ve plays.

They take the knife and is about to press it in his stomach but someone stops it by keeping their hand before it hit his stomach,that persons hand starts bleeding and Kunj opens one eye to see his stomach and is shocked to see Twinkles hand bleeding stopping the knife.The goon stares at Twinkle and is about to slap her but Kunj pushes the men and moves her and gets slapped.His mouth starts bleeding.From behind a goon comes with a stick and is about to hit Kunj,but someone stops it and it is Sidhant.Sidhant beats the men.Twinkle hugs Kunj tightly.Sajna Ve plays.
Sidhant says I didn’t call u people,why did u come.Twinj break the hug and hear what he says.Then Sidhant’s friends come in a group and say Sidhant,Sidhant says where were u and who r these people,Kunj says u called these people Sidhant says yes.Kunj is shocked as well as Twinkle.
Sidhant says to the goons that u people don’t deserve to got to jail but derserve to go out of this world.Sidhant says if u’ll try to play with a girls reputation again,I will kill u.Sidhant calls the police and the police take away the goons.Kunj looks at Sidhant and says so this was ur plan,Sidhant says actually…Kunj shouts and says what!u know what would have happened with Twinkle if I didn’t come on time,Sidhant says yes I know but I didn’t intend to do that,Kunj says but u called ur gang to spoil her reputation right.Kunj comes and is about to slap him,but Jasmine says how dare u touch him,Kunj looks at her in shock.Jasmine says u should be proud at him he tried to patch u and Twinkle,Kunj says by spoiling her reputation

and not showing her face to the world.Sidmin tells Twinj to whole story,that they did this to patch them,and tells them that they were their college friends and they seen that they loved each other deeply but couldn’t confess it,so this was the plan.Kunj still keeps his hand in the position of a slap and hugs him.Twinkle and Jasmine hug each other too.Sidmin tell Twinj that they r leaving tommorow.Twinj thank them for everything.Sidmin and Twinj together hug each other.Sidmin keep Twinj hand in each other’s and say promise that u will never leave each other’s hands not even hands ur lives,pls both of u’ll be happy and keep each other’s happiness in each other.The screen freezes with Twinj hand on each other.

Precap-Sidmin leave the country,Twinj think how to talk to each other.
Guys there is some good news for Tashan-E-Ishq,Twinj wl share the bed???????Twinkle will make a pillow border so they don’t will not touch each other.On the pillow border their phones r kept,they both unknowingly want to take their phones and end up holding each other’s hands to know what will happen more about their bed scene,and the husbands will dress up their wives today and so will Kunj

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