Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 45

Hii guys thanks for commenting and keep commenting….Tashan-E-Ishq real episode made me cry yesterday….Tara pls tell me ur hangouts name and anyone else on hangouts…my head has become fine I treated it on Thursday since I had my Sports Day on Saturday…
Twinkle says Kunj…why u did this to me u knew the truth but never shared it with me.U already played with my emotions and now with my life.Twinkle says UV u too u never told me about this and feels sad.UV comes and knocks the door and tells Twinkle open the door and bangs it in anger telling her to open it.Twinkle just packs her clothes and ignores her.Twinkle gets angry when he keeps bangin.
UV-in his mind that God she is alive.He says Twinkle open the door.
Twinkle-Why should I,to get ur fake love for me and get one thing straight don’t follow me.
UV-says in his mind my and Chinki’s plan was to go with Twinkle and she wants no one to follow her.He says Twinkle pls don’t go anywhere.
Twinkle-I don’t want to stay with a fake family and I am going to my real mom who ditched me.
UV-From where did u find out ur mom is alive.
Twinkle-With my brains know leave me please I beg u.
UV-From where who told u.
Twinkle-Chinki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy u wanted to know u came to know now leave.
UV-Twinkle when she told u.

Twinkle-She left a letter here with my mom’s pic and location.
UV says to himself that Chinki did a master plan but it flopped since Twinkle is leavin without me and leaves angrily.He comes to Chinki.
Chinki-The work is done?
UV-The work wl never be done,u and ur rubbish plans.
Chinki-What happened,did u do something.
UV-I did something,I did something u know how to put the blame on me only,because of u Twinkle is leavin.
Chinki-Has a smile on her face.
UV-Let me complete my sentence smiling like a bright light is shining.
Chinki-Why r u so serious.
UV-Fine continue laughing and smiling then becum serious.
Chinki-Ok what happened.
UV-Why should I tell u didn’t want to hear u wanted to smile smile and then cry and says UV UV pls do something.
Chinki-UV pls tell.
UV-She is leavin without me and this is bcoz of u just bcoz of u no one else do u understand.
Chinki-How is it my fault u agreed to my plan so we both were a part of the plan not only me so both of us r at fault not me only.
UV-But what wl we do now if he comes he wl hang me to death.
Chinki-Who is He?

Chinki-Chill,I wl control him anyway he listens to me bcoz we love each other.
UV-Chill….I can’t chill with u I have to get worried being with u bcoz u know to destroy the plan only.
Twinkle comes down with a suitcase and hold the handle and drags it down the stairs in anger.Yuki look at her and r surprised seeing her like that and go to her and ask her where is she going.Twinkle says Africa why do u’ll care where I am going,I am a stranger so u’ll wl fake concern me so I hate people who r fake.She says I am hurt that Kunj hid this from me,I mean how could he.Chinki thinks of something and smirks evily.Chinki holds her tightly and Twinkle gets pain on her shoulders,Chinki tells her to shut up Kunj is mine not Urs u don’t know his importance.They start a fight for him:
Twinkle-Even he was important in my life but he broke my friendship with him today too.
Chinki-Why wl he take importance to u,u r adopted and u and UV…….
Twinkle-Me and UV………

Chinki-Nothin.But Kunj wl not care for u bcoz he loves me more than u understood that.
Twinkle-Why am I wasting my time talking to my fake sister and friend who I considered as my brother and lover.
Twinkle leaves the house.Jag Soona Soona from Om Shanti Om plays.
Twinkle walks on the road and thinks that Leela never told her too and tells God why does this happen with her only.She goes to a bench and cries remembering Kunj.Sajna Ve plays.
She thinks why I am thinking of him and leaves.Kunj enters the house with the cake and sees everyone crying.He keeps the cake and runs to them and asks what happened no one answered and sees the whole balloons bursted and asks where is Twinkle.No one answers.He screams and asks where is she.He go to Chinki and asks her where is she then he goes to UV and they don’t answer.He goes to the cake he brought for a Twinkle and takes a piece and throws it on Chinki’s face and she stops fake crying and says:
Chinki-What u did Kunj.

Kunj-If u’ll don’t answer I wl throw it on ur faces only.
Chinki-Gets angry and says what’s ur problem.
Kunj-Twinkle my problem is u’ll r not answering where my Twinkle is.
Chinki-While she gets angry she says she left the house.
Kunj-fall on his knees hearing that.
Chinki-is in a very angry mood and confesses the whole truth and plan.UV bangs his head bcoz Chinki confessed the truth.
Kunj-lifts his head in anger and comes to Chinki who is tellin him the truth in anger and gives a tight slap across her face.
UV sees this and touches his cheek and says cheek u might get hurt too.Kunj says so u to,d her about her truth,he shouts and says I told u not to tell her u swore on me and still u broke the promise what kind of human r u that I trusted u and broke my Twinkle’s trust.I was singing lyrics from a person u.FB is shown Chinki comes to know about Twinkle being the lyricist and takes advantage of the situation she wrote s a song in front of Kunj and tells him that she loved him so much and she told Jasmine to tell that she was the lyricist but actually Chinki(lie)FB ends.
Chinki says I am ur lyricist how can u do this.Kunj says my lyricist is not more important then my Twinkle.

Precap-Kunj comes to Twinkle’s room to find out if there was any note left by her and finds a book.(the book that contains the lyrics).

Thanks for commenting….Tashan-E-Ishq news that Twinkle will leave Sarna mansion bcoz Usha would slit her hand if she didn’t.When Twinkle is looking in the sky she sees a shooting star and wishes for Kunj and he stand in anger in front of her.Bcoz she left without his consent….God bless Have a nice day.?????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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