Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 36

Hey guys how r u’ll I’m back with my FF hope u’ll like the FF and thanks for the comments and support love ya all….
Kunj holds her and they share an ilock.Sajna Ve plays.

Twinj compose theirselves and leave.Sidhant comes to Twinkle and tells her there is a surprise at home.Sidhant is busy calling people from office to decorate the house well and keeps saying that it should be in green since Twinkle loves green,Kunj and Jasmine r doing their project and keep hearing Sidhant saying that Twinkle favourite colour is green,it irrates him and he says white,Twinkle favourite colour is white not green.Sidhant turns and smiles thinking that his plan has worked that he hasn’t forgotten about Twinkle.Sidhant blindfolds Twinkle and she sees the house decorated and Sidhant kneeling down and says I Love U……will u accept me….Twinkle thinks about the way he was behaving with her,and says yes.Sidhant and Twinkle hug each other.Twinj,Sidmin,Yuki come home and eat food.Twinkle thinks about Kunj and Sidhant sits beside her on Kunj place,she gets angry but controls and says even Kunj has done bad with me.She thinks about her being his lyricist and burns her hand while touching the paratha and Kunj concerns but holds the table.Sidhant blows her finger and Twinkle says this is such a small injury but someone has created an injury deep in my heart referring to Kunj.Sajna Ve plays.

Twinj come to their room and Kunj goes to the washroom and changes his shirt.Twinkle is sad.FB is shown Kunj used to remove his shirt in front of Twinkle and used to tease her coming close to her.FB ends.Kunj comes out and goes to sleep on the bed.Twinkle sleeps on the couch.In the morning,Sidmin come in and see that they r sleeping separately and r shocked.They think that their plan is going down.They leave and Kunj wakes up and sees that they’re late.He rushes and freshens up,he comes out and changes while Twinkle is sleeping,he goes to wake her up but holds and stops himself and wakes her but she doesn’t.He sits beside her and says Twinkle,and taps her.She wakes up and says u…..he says look at the time and then say meeeee….she rushes and gets ready.She says Kunj but doesn’t find him and says he will be with that Jasmine.

Sidhant comes and tells her to come with him as Kunj is with Jasmine and wl take her too!Twinkle is surprised.Sidhant comes with Twinkle to the office and the boss says that we need Twinj as partners to sing for a promotion and Twinj go together in a room and think how to speak to each other,Twinj together say shall we start and again say of course.Twinkle tells the whole lyrics and Kunj is surprised that it was similar to the other lyrics too.Twinj remember what happened and feel the pain again and Twinkle leaves.Kunj gets angry too thinking that Twinkle confessed that she loved him in front of everyone bcoz of his money and career.Sidmin think of something else.Sidmin tell each other their plan which is muted.Sidhant comes to Twinkle sad and asks him what happened and Sidhant says that I don’t feel that u have forgotten Kunj,Twinkle says why he says bcoz u r not talking to me and only to him and u keep all his childhood memories with u and opens the box filled with their childhood memories.

Sidhant tells her to pack everything and throw it in the bin,Twinkle is shocked and goes next to the box and touches the stuff and feels Kunj presence and sees Sidhant sad face,she takes the box and the scene shifts to Kunj and Jasmine.Jasmine tells him do u love Twinkle,Kunj asks why is she asking this,she says bcoz u keep her safe and everything belonging to her too,and points to the box of Twinkles childhood toys and letters.Kunj says but…..Jasmine says that means u don’t love me.Kunj says fine and opens the box and sees everything in it and looks sad.

Both of them,come out and are lost in each other’s thoughts and collide with each other and both their boxes fall down and they see the childhood memories and look up and r surprised to see each other and help each other to keep it in the boxes.Twinkle says so easily u forgot me,Kunj says u too right.Twinkle says u broke my trust in front of everyone.Kunj says what u did with Sidh….and stops.Twinkle says why u stopped and tells him to continue.He leaves and goes near the bin,he is about to throw it but thinks of the times they spent together from childhood till now.He stops himself and hides it in his cabinet.Twinkle leaves it neat the bin and stares at it and says no I can’t do this and says this is my childhood memories it is everything for me.She goes to her cabinet and sees the box of Kunj and puts hers next to his and smiles thinking at least their friendship isn’t broken.Sidmin see this and smile.

Precap-Twinj patch up as friends.

What makes Twinj patch up despite their big fight which lead to lots of pain to their lives.if u wanna know stay tuned to Twinj(Friendship turns to love)?????
Thanks for commenting and I got news for Tashan-E-Ishq guys there will be an upcoming scene of Twinj in the Mrs Amritsar Competition I think the husbands have to help their wives to dress up like putting their bangles and necklaces….and in today episode I think it is Twinj bathroom scene so don’t forget to watch Tashan-E-Ishq these days at 8pm only on ZeeTv.Thanks for reading and God Bless.?????

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  1. Wow! Smc it’s amazing and dear plz unite twinkle and kunj…….,

    1. Thanks a lot Aarush don’t worry as I said nothing can separate Twinj not even me and my FF..????

  2. Wow…..smc nice twist for precap…..

    1. Thanks Rashi…..yes there is a major twist in the precap.

  3. pls untie twinj soon or it will be boring

    1. Thanks and don’t worry Twinj wl unite and it wl not become boring.

  4. wow smc m so eager for the next epi..plzzzz update fast..can’t wait..

    1. Thanks so much Tara I already submited the FF it wl come soon…u don’t have to wait for so long????

      1. oh thats gr8..

  5. So nice to see u again smc. Todays episode was really nice.but feeling very sad for both twinkle and kunj.plz update ur ff daily plzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Thanks a lot Aiman and nice to see u too and see my silent reader comment…I am proud that my silent reader is commenting and Twinj wl unite….and I wl update my FF daily don’t worry….

  6. Guys this is episode 36 I don’t know why it is showing 35…

  7. Nice episode SMC… BT pls make twinj unite fast!! Good to see you again!!

    1. Thank u so much..Aarti nice to see u too and Twinj wl unite….do not Worry!

  8. Woooooooow what an episode….in luv with ur storyline

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    Hey smc i like ur epi..its called oxxxxxxm…
    Luv it.???

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  10. Wowww its amazingggggggggggg SMC and nic twist !!!

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  11. great episode soon our twinj will b together…thnx SMC…

    1. Thanks loveleen,yes Twinj wl be 4ever together…??????????

    1. Thanks Aakankhya..

  12. love ur ff smc :-*

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