Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 33

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The boys go to the kitchen and see the food items they r shocked seeing stuff they don’t know to make.Outside the girls r chilling out drinking fresh juices and waiting for their lunch.The boys see the atta and say we should put it on the pan straight or do something before that,Lol moment guys.Kunj says I have seen Twinkle doing it and says I seen her putting the atta in the water,UV brings the jug of water and is going to put the atta in the jug and Kunj starts laughing and asks UV how will u remove the atta from the jug,Kunj brings a bowl and tells him put the atta here and water too,UV pours the whole water in the bowl and mixes it up,he takes the spoon and stirrs it(it is supposed to be done with the hand)Kunj sees this and says UV how much water u put in the bowl,and u r mixing it it is not juice and laughs. Kunj says I will try asking Twinkle for help,Kunj writes a letter and throws it on Twinkle and asks for help she sees Chinki and Jasmine looking at her while they r playing snakes n ladder and Chinki says where u r going Twinkle says washroom and the other boys try to divert Chinki and Jasmine,Twinj r in the kitchen and Twinkle looks at the state of the kitchen and laughs saying u boys can’t do anything.Kunj kneels down and tell her pls help me with this atta UV did a flood,over here putting extra water in it.Kunj is standing and Twinkle is telling how to do it but Kunj doesn’t get it so Twinkle says wait and comes in front of him and tells him to hold her hand and make it,Kunj holds her hands from the back and makes it with her.Sajna Ve plays.

Twinkle’s hair comes in the middle and distracts her,Kunj puts it behind her ear.Sajna Ve plays.
Twinkle hear the boys coming and tell Twinkle thanks so much and kisses her cheek and then realises what he did and holds his ears and tells her to leave,Kunj asks them u distracted the girls so we get more time and they say yes.UV sees Kunj made the atta properly and Sidhant smells it and says it is smelling great.Sidhant rolls them in various shapes and fries them and Kunj flips them it his hand while flipping one his hand gets burnt and Twinkle feels something is not right and tells Chinki and Jasmine that she wants to meet Kunj and when Twinkle enters she sees UV and Sidhant putting various kinds of things which hurt Kunj and says wait!Twinkle comes and sits nxt to Kunj and washes what ever they put and puts toothpaste on it and blows it.Sajna Ve plays.
She leaves and they continue the work,nxt they plan of making dal and vegetables so Sidhant and UV r in charge of cutting the vegetables and Kunj is in charge to make the dal.Kunj puts everything correctly and puts sugar instead of salt.Sidhant and UV r cutting the vegetables in big pieces and just put them on the gas.The boys ask the girls that they have to make dinner as the lunch will not be able to be served now and the girls laugh bcoz they packed some food and brought knowing they won’t be able to make it.They ask Twinkle to go and bring it and Twinkle goes gets the bag and calls Kunj,Kunj sees her and says excuse I need the washroom,they sit behind the door and Kunj comes with all flour in his hands so Twinkle feeds him and Kunj looks at her lovingly opening his mouth.Sajna Ve plays.

Kunj hold her hand and feeds her and thanks her for the food and hugs her and leaves she comes with the bag and gives Chinki and Jasmine,Chinki asks Twinkle how did u get flour on ur dress,she says I went to tease the boys that we r eating and they r cooking.Chinki and Jasmine laugh.UV and Sidhant ask Kunj if u went to the washroom u would wash ur hands but it is still with flour and Kunj says the washroom was occupied so I came back.They continue making and they finish at 10:00pm.They serve the food and the girls see the shape of the chapatti,and ask who made it and they say Sidhant,Jasmine laughs.Kunj serves the dal for Twinkle and she tastes it before others and finds out that there is sugar instead of salt and controls but eats it,she says Kunj bring the dal here and pours the whole dal in her plate.Kunj says I want to taste my dal and tastes it and finds it not right but Twinkle holds his hand underneath the table cloth and tells him to be quiet and not talk.Sajna Ve plays.

The boys ask how was the meal and Kunj looks sad bcoz Twinkle ate something which was not okay.Chinki gives 10/10,Jasmine gives 10/10,and Twinkle gives 20/10 she says she loved the food.Later Kunj comes to Twinkle with an angry face to the room.

Precap-Kunj pulls Twinkle close to him and tell her if I pull u close why u have a problem,I’ll tell u what’s the problem it’s that u have fallen in love with he put not ready to accept it,why u wanted to save me in front of others if we can’t see each other’s pain then it’s not called friendship it’s called Love.The finals of singing competition.

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  9. Heyy guys!! in today’s TEI epi Twinkle kisses kunj on his cheeks!!

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  10. May I know what is this??
    Whatever it is…it’s nice and I wanted to read the next episode…but sadly couldn’t find it…
    Can anyone tell me where can I find all the episodes….please

    1. Hafsa this a fan fiction written by one of fans of twinj: Smc……well done SMC… ❤ you yaar…!!

    2. Hafsa this is called a fan fiction,where u write ur own story and the rest of the episodes so have to go to the other pages and from today till Wednesday I can’t update my FF actually for all the FF I don’t know why.

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  14. Really good and Carry on like that make the next one longer and make them realize love for each other and make them confess as well

    1. Kna786,thank u and I wl try and make a longer episode nxt time and they will realise don’t worry…??????

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