Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 32

Hii guys I might keep my FF till tommorow it was for today but I wl end it on 19th Feburary guys these days r important to read lot of twists r in the FF and I don’t know why my FF doesn’t upload fast…….
Twinkle tells Kunj not to cry and wipes his tears,he says how to tell u Twinkle that Sidhant loves u…Kunj stops crying and asks her not to cry as he cant see her crying and they both wipe their tears.Sajna Ve plays.

SIDMIN decide to play a cricket match to cheer Kunj mood up bcoz they know that it is down bcoz of Sidhant telling him that he loves Twinkle,Twinkle convinces Kunj to play but he disagrees and while in anger pushes Twinkle and he gets concerned for her when she is in the ground and says don’t worry nothing happened.Kunj agrees to play for Twinkles sake.There will be changes in team bcoz girls and boys r not separate.Twinj,Sidmin and Yuki write their names on chits and keep them in a bowl.The name which comes first would be the captain so Sidhant and Chinki become captains.They tell Chinki it’s her choice of who she wants to choose first so she chooses UV and Twinkle is shocked that her sister didn’t choose her and asks her what’s the matter that UV comes before her sister and Chinki blushes,Twinkle says OMG my sister is blushing.Sidhant chooses Twinkle to make sure Kunj doesn’t have a doubt and says sorry to Jasmine,Chinki chooses Jasmine and Kunj automatically comes to Twinkle…

..Sidhant’s team-Twinj and Sidhant…Chinki team-Yuki and Jasmine.Sidhant bowls and and Jasmine is batting he purposely hits it slowly for her to hit and she signs thank u,and gives him and flying kiss secretly and then Sidhant says sorry but boys have to win too,and spins the ball and it goes out,Jasmine fumes and Sidhant laughs.Sidhant winks to Jasmine to persuade her but she doesn’t mind about him.Sidhant plays for Chinki and she hits it for a four.Sidhant bowls and it goes next to four but doesn’t touch so Yuki run and fall down on each other,they share an ilock.Manchala plays.

Jasmine says Yuki run fast Twinj r running,Twinj go running to the ball and both of them put their hands to take the ball but end up holding the ball with each other’s hands over each other.Sajna Ve plays.
Uv comes to bat and hits a six and four,he hits one in the sky Twinj look at hit and jump the catch but fall on each other and keep their hands on top and hold their hands thinking it is the ball.Sajna Ve plays.

Jasmine coughs and tell them to see the ball in their hand and smiles.Twinj get up and r embarrassed.UV turn get over as he scores and it is Twinj turn to bat.Twinkle hits sixes and is leading,Chinki hits the last one and it hits Twinkles face,Twinkle faints and falls and her head is bleeding,Kunj goes running and lifts her and takes her to the bedroom and sprinkles water on her face,she gets conscious and finds it dizzy,Kunj makes her drink water with his hands and Twinkle looks at his concern.Sajna Ve plays.
Twinkle says she wants to play to last run was left we would win,she says I want to play and be the winner he says u r injured and says wait,he takes the 1st aid box and applys iodine and ointment on her wound and sees her clutching the bedsheet feeling the pain he blows her wound and she sees how close he is to her and eyes him overwhelming.Sajna Ve plays.
Twinkle insists the play but Chinki comes and says it’s ok,since we won and I get to choose a task to do I give the boys to make lunch for us today,Twinj look at each other and Sidmin too and UV too.The boys think they don’t know how to even boil water where they will cook.Chinki says boys r losers so they can’t accept the challenge.The boys say Challenge Accepted.

Precap-Boys turn the kitchen to a junkyard.

Thanks for reading and God bless.

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  1. Itss Awesomee !! Precap is interesting ahaha!

  2. Well done… i just love the story mind blowing job…. keep it up… ☺☺

  3. Nice yaar and hope that u are thinking many time before telling this news to us bt thanks for this type of amazing story.thinking of a happy ending…

  4. Nice yaar and hope that u are thinking many time before telling this news to us bt thanks for this type of amazing story.thinking of a happy ending….

  5. this is my first ever comment on any ff
    SMC you are just awesome
    i am out of words to describe your writing skills

  6. wow smc…today was am bit sad that u ll be ending ur ff..i hope u would come back wid something new and more amazing…best wishes..

    1. sorry its me..

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