Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 31

Hey guys thanks for reading and commenting especially silent readers….I got a news for Tashan-E-Ishq after the precap…
Sidmin share their plan which is muted.A person messages Kunj and tells him I think it’s time to show u who I am and gives a address.Kunj gets happy to know who was helping him and gets ready.Twinkle comes and Kunj thinks about what he saw when Sidhant and Twinkle were together and gets a bit stressed and angry but controls.Twinkle asks him where is he going he says someplace what u will do.Twinkle feels hurt but sobs it. Kunj reaches the place and a girl is shown and the face is………Jasmin she says that u will be shocked to know who it is but u have to know about it.Kunj turns and is shocked to see Jasmin and is happy that it is a person he knows he gets extremely happy and they talk for a long time.Kunj comes home and Twinkle is sleeping on the couch he sees and says that she was waiting for me and slept and carries her to the bed.She looks at her and smiles but remembers about Sidhant and her and leaves her.Sidmin say plan done and sleep.
Twinkle wakes up and sees Kunj not there and thinks that he is roaming everyday and night too.She goes towards the bathroom and opens it and Kunj is in too and opens it and loses balance and falls on Twinkle.Sajna Ve plays.
Sidhant knocks the door and sees Twinj,They compose themselves and Sidhant thinks what I did I spoilt it.Sidhant says I need to speak to u Kunj pls.Sidhant takes Kunj to his room and says Kunj I m in love and I need ur help.Kunj asks who is it.He says u know her every well and wl be happy and asks her hand,Kunj asks why r u asking me,Sidhant says I Love Twinkle,Kunj stands in shock and is heartbroken.Sidhant hugs him and Kunj crys but hides it.He says sure.Sidhant says this Kunj why u had to say yes.Sidhant goes and Kunj starts crying badly.Twinkle sees him crying and goes to him and asks him what’s the matter,he cups his face and tells him not to cry as she can’t see him crying,Kunj breaks down seeing her and hugs her tightly,Twinkle hugs him back.Sajna Ve plays.
Yuki see Twinj hugging each other crying and get emotional.They go to them and hug them too and they an have a friend moment.Yeh Dosti plays

Precap-Sidmin,Yuki and Twinj have sweet moments.

Thanks for commenting and the Tashan-E-Ishq news I wanted to give was that Kunj will enter a boxing match competition since they r in need of money for Mahi treatment for her burnt skin,Kunj persuades UV too but as a brother in law he takes the responsibility and takes part.Have a nice day and God Bless!Guys I wanted to conclude it saying that there wl be pain for Twinj in the upcoming episodes so pls don’t comment things like I hate Kunj,Twinkle,Sidhant,Jasmin,UV or Chinki but this will bring them closer bcoz Twinj were close from childhood they need to learn little pain that they have to face in life…????????

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  1. Thanks for giving the news…..very nice and intense episode….

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  4. thanks smc for the news..nd the epi was wow!!

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