Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 30

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Sidmin r thinking of some new plan since their departure is comin close,suddenly someone calls them and says that I am so sorry but all the passengers for departure tommorow is not possible since their r weather problems and cuts the phone.Sidmin look at each other tensed.Sidhant consoles Jasmin by hugging her and says it’s ok we will stay here with them.Gerua plays.
Twinj go to office and their job is going to end and they will get their promotion,Kunj and Jasmin r paired,Sidhant and Twinkle r paired and Yuki r paired to sing for Atif Aslam,Atif Aslam says that all of u sing brilliantly but there is a mistake somewhere and pairs Twinj together he asks them to start singing,Twinj sing Tu Chaiye.

Atif Aslam gives them their promotion and Twinj,Yuki and Sidmin hug him and thank him for the promotion,Sidhant tells Jasmin something and Jasmin comes to Kunj and flirts with him and Twinkle gets jealous.Kunj tells her what is she doing.Twinkle leaves and Sidhant goes behind her to make Kunj insecure.Sidhant says sorry to Twinkle in his mind and says I have to do this to make u understand u r in love with Kunj.Sidhant mixes powder in Twinkle water and gives her.Twinkle goes to sleep and Sidhant messages Jasmin done now ur part,Jasmin tells Kunj that we have to go home since it is going to rain. Sidhant says I won’t do anything Twinkle but turns her face to the side and he removes his shirt,he is wearing a white banyan.Kunj rings the bell,and Sidhant acts like he got up and Kunj sees him in such a state and sees someone of the sofa and asks Sidhant who is that and he says Twinkle and Kunj is shell shocked,assuming something else.Kunj leaves and tell Jasmin done.He sprinkles water on Twinkle’s face and she wakes up and asks him why she wanted to sleep so early and is confused.Sidmin and Yuki tell Twinj that they r goin out and that they r alone.
Twinj room.

Kunj is bathing and remembering Sidhant’s words and gets angry.Sidmin r at home and they cut the water pipe from the top of the bathroom and smile as Twinkle is only there.Kunj puts soap and opens the tap and it is not coming he taps the tap and says oh no this tap had to stop when there is soap in my eyes.He screams UV the water is not coming and Twinkle hears him,Twinkle asks him what happened and Kunj tells her that the water stopped and he can’t see anything bcoz there is soap in his eyes,Twinkle tells him to wrap himself in the towel bcoz she has to come in to see the water pipe,Kunj opens the door and Twinkle admires him in his towel,he says r u there she says yes and goes to the water pipe which is up and fixes the pipe and tells Kunj to open it,Kunj opens the tap and the water comes out and Twinkle comes down,Kunj smiles at her and Twinkle walks nxt to Kunj as she has to pass him to go out of the room,while she walks across him she slips and Kunj holds her and the water falls on Twinj.Sajna Ve plays.

Twinj share an ilock and Twinkle leaves the bathroom and thinks about what happened.After Twinj have bath,Twinkle dries her hair and all the water sprinkles on Kunj face,Twinkle notices it and comes to Kunj face and puts the blow drier on his face and says it will become easier and laughs,Kunj says easier and goes behind her Kunj falls and Twinkle gives her hand to help him and he pulls her down,all her hair falls on Kunj face,he moves it and caress for her face while putting her hair back and the blow drier makes the scene more romantic.Sajna Ve plays.
Sidmin think about their plan,whether it will help or break Twinj.
Precap-A girl is shown saying to Kunj that I am ur secret lyrist.

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