Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 3


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So Twinkle gets ready and Chinki asks her where is she going Twinkle says to my friends house.Chinki says is that friend special bcoz u r getting ready as if u r going to meet ur Prince Charming.Twinkle says Shut up Chinki and runs behind her.Then Chinki says that she is even going to meet her friend,Twinkle says u r not less even u dressed up as if someone is going to propose u and laughs.Chinki and Twinkle have a fun moment.Twinkle reaches Kunj house and rings his bell,she feels nervous out and wonders why is she feelin nervous,Kunj opens and tells her come,come in.He introduces her to his mom,dad,and bro.He says actually this is Twinkle my college friend and we both have taken part in a singing competition so we will practise in our room.Yuvi calls Chinki and Chinki answers

Y-Where r u,why u girls take so long to come anywhere.
C-in front of u.And BTW girls don’t take so long to come.
Yuvi and Chinki argue(funny)way and the waiter comes and laughs.Chinki says u called me to fight or discuss the song we will sing.He says ok baba,so what song wl we sing,Chinki suggests Tum hi ho,Yuvi says no,Wajah Tum Ho,So they continue guessing….

Kunj shows Twinkle his room.Twinkle says that boys have these boring rooms only see us girls we r pretty and so our our rooms.suddenly while they r talking the wind makes twinkles hair fly on Kunj’s face and they share a ilock.Sajna Ve plays in the Background.
Twinkle asks Kunj which song shall we sing Kunj suggests 3 songs that are Nazdeekiyaan,Manchala & Kabhi Jo Baadal Baarse.Twinkle says no.
Kunj says we will sing Prem Ratan Dhan Payo,(joke),She laughs and while laughing she puts her head on his shoulder and he looks at her childish laughter,she sees that she is on his shoulder and gets up.She says we will sing Main Hoon Hero,Kunj also agrees.

Yuvi says we will sing Janam Janam,Chinki says wow u have a brilliant brain,he says I know that’s my personality,She says don’t praise urself too much,he says jokes happen in life so chill,Chinki asks him where is the freezer,he’s like r u ok,u r askin where is the freezer,she says that u told me to chill so I was askin where was the freezer,she laughs and says whoose joke was better mine,not Urs,he says ok ur the first person to keep me laughing so much,she smiles.

Twinkle and Kunj get a bunch of papers and Kunj tells her the song lyrics is in this pile so while they r searching,the breeze from the window comes and all the papers fly,Twinj try to catch and while trying to get one,Twinkle trips and falls on Kunj and all the papers fall on them.Sajna Ve plays.

They get up and Twinkle says sorry and thanks.He says it’s ok,Twinkle asks him to close the window since it’s disturbing them,he calls her and tells her that the scenery is beautiful from here and there’s a cafe there too(Yuki is in)Twinkle looks around and says Chinki,Twinkle shows Kunj and Kunj says the boy with her is Yuvi,they look at each other and say AFFAIR!!!!!!!
Yuki and Twinj r looking from top.

Y-says so what’s ur parents names.
C-Chinki starts crying and says my parents passed away and Twinkles mom took care of me and Twinkle when we were small.
Y-felt bad and held her hand and says sry I thought….Chinki says its nt ur fault it’s ok.
Y-wipes her tears and says u look like a ghost when u cry.
C-starts laughing.Twinj sees this and says they r enjoying know see what will I do!

Precap-Twinj shouts at Yuki.Yuki asks Twinj then how come u two r together they say bcoz of Singing competition,And Yuki starts laughing

Credit to: SMC

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  4. Thanks for ur tremendous support guys!
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