Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 29

Hii guys I am extremely sorry for not updating it yesterday but read what happened after the precap….

Kunj says it’s me ur childhood best friend and Twinkle becomes calm.Twinkle is on top of Kunj and they hear someone’s footsteps and pretend to sleep.Sidmin come in and see how they sleep and say Awww…Kunj and Twinkle r close and both their foreheads are touching each other’s.Sidmin try waking up Twinj but fails so they bring a bucket of cold water and splash it on them,Kunj wake up from their fake sleep shocked and r shivering they ask Sidmin why they r waking them up so early,Sidmin says our bed was become wet bcoz of the AC water so can u spare us Urs please.Twinj murmur to each other and say they found this day only!and say yes why not this is ur house only sleep on our bed.Sidmin turn the lights off and sleep and Twinkle goes to take water,she comes back but since the lights were off she falls on Kunj.Sajna Ve plays.
It’s Valentines Day!

Twinj gets disturbed with Sidmin’s alarms and while closing their eyes both of them put thier hands on the table to stop it and their hands meet each other,both of them r holding each other’s hands.Sidmin wake up and see this and smile as their plan is working.Sidhant plays the trumpet to wake up Twinj,They wake up and say u gave us heart attack in the middle of the night,and 2nd one early in the morning.Sidmin go to their room to freshen up and Twinkle gets up to freshen up but Kunj pulls her on him and tell her today I am takin u out so get ready in the night.

Twinj go for a candle night dinner and keep talking suddenly Kunj extends his hand and asks Twinkle will u dance with me.She says sure they dance on Hua Hai Aaj Pehli Baar.Kunj bends Twinkle at the end of the dance and a romantic ilock follows.Sajna Ve plays.
Kunj brings a cake with the wordings:Happy Valentines Day Twinkle.
Kunj stands behind Twinkle puts his face nxt to her shoulder and cuts the cake,they feed each other and put on each other’s face too.Sajna Ve plays.

Kunj says one last surprise he takes her to a hall where the whole hall is decorated in red&white and filled with heart balloons.He covers her eyes and takes her in,he says surprise.Kunj goes and comes with a basket of roses and starts throwing it on Twinkle,and tells her to burst this big balloon,Twinkle does it and all confetti pops out and a pic of them is behind it,he hold her hand and takes her to the terrace and shows her,the fireworks of her name and says Twinkle pull this string when she does and the heart balloons float up in the sky,Twinj look up and hug each other.

UV takes Chinki to a hotel and arranges many surprises for her,Chinki comes and is shocked/surprised,UV tells her stand there this is my for u but it is for my love Chinki and comes with a teddy bear holding a heart which says love,he kneels down and says I Love U Chinki!Chinki says I Love U too.Manchala plays.
They hug each other and Yuki dance romantically on Janam Janam.UV comes close to Chinki but she turns shy and turns to other side and UV comes close to her and kisses her cheeks saying I Love You So Much.Manchala plays.

Sidhant is sleeping and Jasmin comes and throws water on him,Sidhant says Jasmin what happened,Jasmin says I think while bringing Twinj close u r going close to Twinkle u forgot me.Sidhant says what r u saying I Love U not Twinkle.He says go to the cupboard and get my shirt out,Jasmin get irritated and goes and sees a heart shaped perfume and looks at Sidhant,Sidhant says I can I forget my Valentine.Jasmin hugs him and thanks him and is about the spray it but Sidhant stops her saying u can spray it bcoz I will then u will look the beautifulest.He sprays it on her.Gerua plays.

Precap-Kunj stuck in the bathroom with soap in his eyes.

Guys I m sorry for not uploading bcoz my wifi went off,so I couldn’t do anything I am really very sorry,hope u liked the episode but I know more than the episode the precap is interesting.Have a nice day and God bless u.

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  4. Interesting episode and nice precap

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