Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 28

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It’s Promise Day.
Twinj,Yuki n Sidmin get up and come downstairs.They have their breakfast and thought of going out somewhere.Yuki suggest to go to garden and do something since all the shops are closed.
Twinj room.
Twinkle comes in the room and finds the lights off,she is afraid of darkness she goes walking and trips but Kunj saves her by holding her.Sajna Ve plays.
Twinkle says Kunj what is wrong with the lights,he puts his hand and her mouth and says u talk so much wait.Kunj takes her outside their room and kneels down and says because of a promise our friendship started and we never broke it,I know I have given u pain by confessing my love but I had no intention to hurt u but I promise today that ur hand will always be mine..Happy Promise Day!Sajna Ve plays.

It’s starts raining and Twinj get drenched in the rain,they go towards the door but they fall down since the floor was wet,Twinkle is above Kunj and they share an ilock.Sajna Ve plays.
They get up and is shocked bcoz the door got jammed.Kunj tries breaking the door but fails.Twinkle says u boys have no strength to break a door,Kunj says it’s is not so easy as it looks like.Twinj sit on the floor thinking of a way to get out suddenly it starts thundering,Twinkle gets scared and holds Kunj hand tightly,Kunj looks at his hand and smiles.Sajna Ve plays.
Kunj sees Twinkle shivering since it is cold,he removes his jacket and makes her wear it she looks at Kunj as he makes her wear it,Kunj holds her hand and says I promised u that no matter how difficult the condition is,I will stand by u,They promise each other that they will never leave each other and smile.Sajna Ve plays.

It’s is shown that Sidmin have locked the door from inside and think to leave it since they might fall sick.Sidmin go running to their room after the unlock the door.Kunj gets up and tries to break the door,he breaks it and sees Twinkle sitting there,she is unaware that the door is broken,he comes to Twinkle and lifts her in his arms,Twinkle looks at him and asks her to put him to put her down but he doesn’t listen,Twinkle gets angry with him and tells him to put her down pls,but Kunj pulls her closer to him,he makes her stand nxt to the washroom,he tells her to go for a bath.Twinkle sees him feelin cold and sees the jacket he put on her she comes to Kunj and makes him wear the jacket.They have an ilock.
Sajna Ve plays.

They keep staring at each other,but Yuki knock the door which breaks their ilock,They go to open the door but both their hands r over each other.Kunj removes his hand and Twinkle opens the door,Yuki see her wet and ask her what happened,Kunj hides behind the door and signs her not to tell them,UV says I can’t see Kunj anywhere Twinkle says he might be down,Yuki says ohhh now I understand u got wet in the rain romancing with Kunj,Chinki says how romantic Twinkle u never told me that u r so romantic,Yuki come in the room and see Kunj standing behind the door,Kunj acts like he was finding something and Yuki laugh.Twinj ask them to leave since they want to have bath and then they wl go to the garden.Yuki leave and Twinj sigh a sign of relief.Twinkle goes first and thinks about her n Kunj in the rain,Kunj also thinks about it and falls asleep Twinkle comes out and sees Kunj sleeping she says if he sleeps he will fall sick,she goes to cover him and while she puts the bedsheet on him her chain gets stuck on his button,she tries entangling it but fails,Kunj wakes up and sees her on top of him trying to remove her chain and says I will try,he gets it out and sees the chain with the letter K and asks Twinkle about this Twinkle says actually I wear each day my Letter of my name so TWINKLE so K is worn today.Kunj says no other thing right.Sajna Ve plays.

Kunj comes wearing a jean pant without wearing a shirt,he says where I kept my shirt,Twinkle comes in and sees his and turns and sits on the sofa,Kunj comes close to her and pulls his shirt and says my shirt.
They leave to the garden and enjoy.Twinj,Sidmin and Yuki buy popcorn.Kunj comes and sits with Twinkle and says Twinkle and comes close to her face and puts a popcorn in her mouth.Twinkle throws her popcorn on Kunj and Kunj goes running behind her and while running Twinkle slips and Kunj holds her and all his popcorn falls on them.Sajna Ve plays.
Yuki n Sidmin see this and start coughing.Yuki says at home was not enough that u’ll r romancing in the garden.Twinj compose and leave each other.They all leave and Kunj goes to sleep on the floor in the night,Twinkle says Kunj I want water and is shocked not to see Kunj and turns to see on the couch she turns the other side and while turning she falls on him and Kunj wakes up.Twinkle is about to scream as she doesn’t see the face and Kunj covers her mouth and says it’s me Kunj ur childhood,best friend.Sajna Ve plays.

Precap-Valentines Special.

Thanks everyone who is reading and I will post the Valentines Special Episode today itself hope u’ll liked my FF and keep liking it.I just want to special thank Tara bcoz she comments on all the FF of mine thank u so much and ur FF is awesome as well and others who comment too thank u so so so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I love all of u’ll.Have a nice Valentines Day and God Bless!

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