Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 27

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It’s Propose day.
Sidmin tell each other today is propose day somehow we have to make them propose each other.Sidmin get an idea which is muted.Its morning Sidmin come to Twinj and Yuki and tell them that they r all participating in an act.So Sidmin tell their parts and tell that Kunj and Twinkle have to act like lovers and give their script.In this Twinj will have many scenes together.They go to the terrace to complete their fist scene it’s starts raining and Twinkle is depressed and wants to commit suicide and Kunj is trying to open the door,he breaks the door and sees Twinkle standing on the end of the terrace and goes and saves her,she shouts at him and says no use of living now and tried to jump but Kunj lifts her in his arms.This is just the act.He keep her on the bed and before she says anything he gives her,her towel she keeps crying and Kunj wipes her hair and body.Sajna Ve plays.
Nxt scene is where he saves her from goons,he punches the goons so badly that blood kept coming out fro their mouths.In the end of the scene Twinkle had to hug Kunj.Sajna Ve plays.
Nxt scene is that Kunj proposes Twinkle and she accepts it with a flower and they hug each other.Sajna Ve plays.
They hear everyone clapping and leave each other.Sidmin and Yuki say what a performance.Twinj look at each other awkwardly.Sidmin smile.
Kunj comes and sees Twinkle kneeling and telling Kunj that she loves him too and hugs her.Sajna Ve plays.
Twinkle snaps and Kunj gets alert it’s was just his dream and says u love my teddy so much that u r hugging it so tightly.Twinkle laughs.
Sidmin says that we have to stay till we do our other mission too.Some boys come and tease Chinki on the road and try to misbehave with her and UV starts beatin the boys up and tells them u have no shame and keeps beatin them he makes Chinki wear his jacket and hits the boys more.UV tells Chinki nxt time u want to go out tell me,Chinki says why u care so much for me,why u get hurt for me why why why!UV blurts out that he loves her,he says I Love U!Manchala plays.
Chinki says what!He says I love u really I can do anything for u.Chinki says then put our childhood ring again on my finger,he removes his and exchanges it with hers.They have an ilock followed with a hug.Manchala plays.

Precap-Promise Day.

Guys I think I will show to re-entry of Anita,Usha and Leela in the last 2 episodes bcoz I m focusing on Twinj more and I fulfilled my promise of uploading 5 but it takes long time to show so I hope u’ll got it.Have a nice day and God bless u!

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