Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 26

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It’s Teddy Bear Day
Everyone wakes up and come down.All the girls and boys go to buy teddies for each other.Jasmin,Twinkle n Chinki reach the mall and buy soft teddy bears.Twinkle buys a teddy bear with a guitar and Chinki buys with a mike and Jasmin buys a heart shaped teddy bear,Twinkle asks her for who is that for..She says for Kunj.Twinkle says in her mind she is behind Kunj life it’s like he is some guitar and she is the string that she is clinging to him so much.Jasmin smiles lookin at Twinkle jealous.They pay the bill and come home.Twinkle buys so many teddy bears and fills Kunj bedroom with them.The boys come and r sweating.Jasmin,Chinki n Twinkle come down and see them and think they forgot that it is teddies day,Jasmin comes to Kunj and wipes his face,Twinkle sees how close they r and takes a towel and wipes Sidhant face and Chinki wipes UV face.Twinkle tells Kunj to have bath in UV room bcoz she decorated their room.Before that Sidmin see this and think of an idea.Jasmin goes and gifts Kunj the heart shaped teddy bear and says Happy Teddy Bear Day,Kunj says that Twinkle forgot it is teddies day.He thinks and is confused.
Sidhant comes and gifts Twinkle a teddy bear and Twinkle thinks he remembers but Kunj doesn’t.Kunj walks and thinks and Twinkle comes with a teddy bear given by Sidhant.They both collide with each other and Kunj hold Twinkle from falling.Sajna Ve plays.
Kunj leaves to the room and Twinkle goes to keep the teddy bear.Kunj is shocked/surprised to see the decorations done and sees Twinkle and thanks her.Twinkle leaves without answering.Kunj says I shouldn’t have accepted Jasmin first Twinkle did such a good setting and I ruined it.He goes to persuade her but she doesn’t listen,Kunj tells Twinkle to go to the terrace,Twinkle goes and finds a big,fluffy white teddy bear she goes and hugs it.Kunj stands behind it and hugs her saying Happy Teddy Bear Day,Twinkle holds his hand and takes him to his bedroom and gives his teddy bear which she bought.Kunj keeps the teddy in between them and they hug the teddy bear and themselves too.Sajna Ve plays.
UV comes in and Chinki gifts him his teddy and wishes him Happy Teddy Bear Day!Manchala plays.
UV brings her to his car and she sees a teddy bear that means u all knew it was teddies day.He says how can we forget.Chinki hugs UV and thanks him.Sidhant locks the door and gifts Jasmin his teddy bear and wishes her.

Precap-Propose day.

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BTW today’s episode was the best…and in the upcoming episodes Kunj is going to disguise as someone.

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