Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 25 Revelation Day.

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Sidhant smiles looking at Twinkle jealous.Jasmin comes and Sidhant says my sweetie pie our work is done I think Twinkle wl realise that she is in love with Kunj.FB is shown Sidhant and Jasmin r in love they find out that Kunj and Twinkle were they’re college friends and seeing their care and affection towards each other Sidmin thought of making both of them jealous.Sidhant says we r leaving day after tommorow so we better finish our plan before it is too late.
Twinj room.

Kunj enters the room and sees Twinkle angry,he comes and asks her the matter.Sidmin are looking from outside,Twinkle says where is Jasmin u should be with her not with me it’s ok I am fine alone and I don’t need u and ur support anymore,before Twinkle leaves Kunj holds her hand and says u think I wl let u go wherever u want never he says I care for u more than my own life and holds her very tightly and says I don’t know what’s happening to u nowadays u r changing ur mood everytime sometimes u r angry with me and sometimes u r happy what’s happening to u Twinkle
Twinkle says I don’t know too and apologises to Kunj,Kunj says I will not accept like this u have to do something run in the room 3 times fast and I will come to disturb ok.She agrees Twinkle starts running while she runs she slips bcoz of the carpet and fall on Kunj on the floor.Sajna Ve plays.
Kunj says o my god Twinkle u became so heavy come with me to the gym everyday pls,Kunj taps his face softly and gets up.Its the nxt day.
Chinki and Twinkle go to bring chocolates,Kunj and UV wake up and think where r Chinki and Twinkle.They come down and see Chocolates kept on the table.They get happy n Twinkle comes to Kunj and says Happy Chocolate Day Kunj,Kunj wishes her too,Yuki wish each other too.Sidhant and Jasmin r in their room feeding each other chocolates.Sidhant says come on we have to complete our mission it’s good that Twinj and Yuki don’t know that we were they’re past college friends.Jasmin comes with a dairy milk bar and feeds Kunj,Twinkle sees this and again feels insecure and goes n feeds Sidhant,Kunj sees this and feeds Twinkle and she feeds him too.Sidhant and Jasmin smileseeing their jealously and seeing them happy.Kunj says come on it’s very late lets go to our rooms.Kunj tells Sidhant that he can stay with Jasmin.Sidmin say in their minds good he only told to stay otherwise we had to find out some excuse.
Sidmin room.

They say tommorow is Teddy Day.So we have to make them realise fast and make them closer.Sidhant says before they come closer we can come closer,Jasmin blushes and leaves.Gerua plays.
Yuki room.
Chinki tells UV that they r having fun these days and it should be like this everyday I just wish Maa,and Aunty Usha and Anita were here bcoz of Swara(Swara is Chinki and Twinkles cuzin)wedding.UV says u starting being senti again u r senti and mental,Chinki asks him what he said UV says I forgot Chinki and UV r fighting and while fighting Chinki bangs her head on the cupboard,UV rushes and says can’t u see and walk and rubs her head.Chinki looks at him and his concern for her.Manchala plays.

Twinj room.
Twinkle comes inside the room and Kunj sad.She sits beside him and asks him if he is missing Usha Aunty he says yes,Twinkle says even I am missing Maa but we should be happy since they r happy,but Kunj is still sad.Twinkle goes to the dressing table and puts something on her hand and comes to Kunj and throw powder on his face,Kunj looks and Twinkle angrily and pins Twinkle to the wall angrily and Twinkle closes her eyes Kunj applies powder on her face too and laughs.They keep throwing on each other and Twinkle says in her mind finally he smiled..

Precap-Teddy Day.Sidmin moments,Twinj moments and Yuki moments.

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