Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 24

Hii guys I’m really extremely sorry for not uploading episodes but I will send 5 episodes today I am really sorry…
It’s Rose Day

Kunj comes down and tells Twinkle,Chinki and UV that he is going out to bring a tyre for his bike since it got punctured,UV says actually I’m going to the gym too so u too r alone today.Kunj tells Twinkle if anyone rings the bell who is unknown don’t open the door me and UV have the keys so we will open the door,Chinki n Twinkle ok,ok why’d u’ll so worried for us,they say we meet u after so long why will we leave ur hands.Sajna Ve and Manchala plays.

Kunj and UV enter the flower shop,They bring red fresh roses n come to the cashier.UV is just in front of Kunj they don’t know,the cashier asks for the money UV puts his hand in his pocket but he does find his wallet and says can I pay u later,I forgot my wallet at home.Cashier says sorry u have to pay otherwise u have to keep the roses and leave,before UV leaves Kunj puts his hand on his shoulder and says excuse I wl pay ur bill UV turns and is shocked to see Kunj,Kunj and UV at the same time say you!,Kunj gives the money to the cashier.Kunj and UV think what to tell each other,Kunj says UV nxt time u take me the this gym(Kunj is joking,he is saying that he told everyone at home that he is going to the gym),UV says even ur mechanical shop is wonderful.They both laugh.Kunj asks UV BTW who is this roses for..UV says for Chinki.UV says BTW why r u doubting on me I don’t have any GF.But u never told me that u have a GF Kunj,Shut up this is for Twinkle.They have a brother/friend moment.

When they enter the house the lights go off.Twinkle and Chinki say oh no the lights had to go off now.Suddenly one side the lights come on and all their childhood pics are shown,the lights r put on the other side and a banner Happy Rose Day is written on it.Finally all the lights come on,and Kunj and UV r shown holding flowers in their hands.Kunj n UV pull a string together and all roses all on Chinki and Twinkle.UV walks towards Chinki and says:
I met hundreds of people but u r the only one who made me happy like a fresh rose,u never broke any petals from my life but kept increasing them…Happy Rose Day Chinki!Chinki accepts them.Manchala plays.
Chinki hugs UV and says thank u so so much.She says u r the best person I ever met who always kept a smile on my face too!

Kunj walks towards Twinkle and kneels down and gives her the flowers and says:
There was one person I lost and met,it was like flowers growing and dying u kept me company and held my hand throughout my life we had ups and downs in life so thorns started growing but from today all the thorns removed…..Happy Rose Day Twinkle!.Sajna Ve plays.
While Twinkle accepts it,he holds Kunj hand too.They have an ilock.Sajna Ve plays.
Twinkle picks a rose from the bouquet and says wish u the same.Chinki and Twinkle ask them that in the mechanical shop and gym they sell roses that I’ll got them,Kunj and UV say we lied to u,and went to the flower shop.Chinki and Twinkle say Wow I must admit that u’ll r good liers,All of them laugh.Jasmin comes and interrupts them and gives Kunj a bouquet of flowers and says Happy Rose Day,Kunj accepts them which makes Twinkle uncomfortable and goes to her room.Twinkle enters and Sidhant gives her flowers saying Happy Rose Day,Twinkle accepts them and says thanks so much.Sidhant asks her why is her mood off Twinkle says nothing and Sidhant persuades her to tell.She says that Kunj is behind that Jasmin and leaves out of jealously.Sidhant smiles.

Precap-Chocolate Day.Moments of Twinj and Yuki.

Hii guys I am sure u will start loving my FF after this episode and I will stop my FF on 18th Febuary since I said it will end on 14th guys I will end it but promise to come up with something else.Thanks for reading and keep reading Twinj(Friendship turns to love) Everyday on Telly Updates.
God Bless have a nice day!I m really sorry for not updating for so many days but I will upload 5 episodes today.
❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????????love u all.

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