Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 23

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Kunj is very angry and tells Twinkle to sleep with him,he says I don’t know what will she do it the bedroom with u.Jasmin comes and apologises to Twinkle,Twinkle says it’s ok.Kunj tells her to go to her room.Twinkle tells Kunj that Yuki will sleep with us today.At nite Twinj decide to play truth or dare.They spin the bottle and Chinki has to ask Twinkle,she asks do u hate me,UV and Kunj.Twinkle says no I love u’ll.Kunj asks Chinki to tell her biggest secret,she says that I used to love UV when I was small.UV smiles and Chinki blushes.Manchala plays.

UV asks Kunj if he loves someone,Kunj says yes,but I won’t disclose the name.Sajna Ve plays.
They go to sleep.Jasmin comes and finds a rat in the room only Twinkle is there,Kunj and Yuki went to office.She screams Twinkle and runs on the sofa,Twinkle and Jasmin r jumping on the sofa.Jasmin calls a man to take away to rat.He opens the door and bring the trap for the rat,he comes and captures it.Jasmin comes down and Twinkle runs out of the house in fright,Kunj comes and Twinkle hugs him.Sajna Ve plays.

The man asks for money,Jasmin says stand there and keeps the money on the floor,she runs on the sofa.She tells him to pick the money and leave with the rat.Before he leaves Jasmin says wait keep the rat in that cupboard(Twinkle’s clothes cupboard)Twinkle tells Kunj about the rat and tells him to hold her hand and go in.They enter and hear Jasmin screaming,she shows Twinkle’s clothes torn and in a bad state.Twinkle is very sad and keeps her clothes in a bag,Kunj comes and helps her,while taking their hands touch each other’s,Twinkle’s tear falls on his hand,finally Kunj holds her and says Twinkle it’s ok,Chinki will share her clothes with u and I will buy clothes for u so don’t cry.

He wipes her tears and holds her head and says don’t worry it will be sorted.Next morning Kunj tells Twinkle no need to come to work as there isn’t much work.Kunj goes.Yuki ask Twinkle where is Kunj,she says he went to office,Yuki says it’s a holiday today.They r confused.Kunj stands and says don’t be confused,he tells Twinkle go to my room something is there.Twinkle comes and sees shopping bags all over the bed,Twinkle asks what is this,Kunj says u go see,she opens and sees all clothes.She looks unhappy and Kunj asks her she didn’t like,she says I didn’t like it,I love it.She hugs Kunj.

Precap-Exciting things to happen.

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Guys these days a lot is going to happen so don’t forget to read Twinj(Friendship turns to love)everyday.Guys I was very busy for 2 days so don’t upload it today I will send 1 more episode.I seriously don’t know how to thank u’ll with ur wonderful messages and comments.This is for u’ll ??????????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️

Credit to: SMC


  1. Rashi verma

    Smc ur twists are just wonderful…..?????keep it up… Keep going…. Next part aaj hi dear do pls….

    • SMC

      Today I can’t but tommorow I wl put two episodes for u Rashi verma…
      Thank u so so so ya..????

    • SMC

      U r the best there is not one episode without ur comment u and twinkle seriously r the best commenters…I love u so so so so so much……?????????❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • SMC

      Thanks so much Sudha it’s an inspirational message it means a lot to me actually u all mean a lot to me,this is the best family I ever met…My Forever Together Tashan-E-Family..

  2. tei

    Plz publish ur next episode asap.. Fast yaar.. Plz.. Anyways I’m luvin all ur epi.. I wish if it was the real serial.. Luv u smc..?

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