Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 22

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Kunj tells Twinkle that Jasmin is going to sleep with u in the guest room,Twinkle says let her sleep alone I don’t want to sleep with her tell Chinki to sleep with her.Kunj says ok,I will sleep there.Twinkle says ok,u sleep in ur room and I will sleep with her.Kunj says thank u.Jasmin comes to Kunj room and starts fake crying,Kunj asks her the matter but she just hugs him.Twinkle sees this and says all these days he found me,and is hanging out with Jasmin,and today hugging her.Twinkle leaves in jealously.After Sometime Kunj comes to Twinkle and asks her to do something it’s so boring,Twinkle says go and stay with Jasmin,u know what I will sleep here alone and u take Jasmin to ur room.He asks Twinkle why is her mood down,she says if u don’t care why do u want to know.Kunj looks at her and tells her ofcourse I care for u,I care for u more than my own life.U r my best friend but u have turned something else for me,I promise I won’t to anything or force u to accept my love,I will wait till u understand my feeling for u.Sajna Ve plays.

Twinkle says Kunj lets play something on the terrace with Yuki.He agrees they all go up the terrace,there r clothes hanging there and it’s very windy.They say we’ll play hide n seek.Chinki goes to count and Twinj go and hide behind a wall they come close to each other while hiding,UV hides behind Chinki while she counts,Chinki says ready and turns and falls on UV since she didn’t know he was standing behind her.Manchala plays.

UV runs and Chinki goes to catch him,Kunj starts giggling and Chinki hears the noise,while Chinki comes towards them,Twinkle puts her hand on Kunj mouth to stop him laughing.Sajna Ve plays.
Twinj get up and start running Kunj,UV and Twinkle go on different ways,unknowingly Twinj approach the same way and fall on each other,the blanket which was hanging fall on them,they share an ilock.Sajna Ve plays.
They try getting up but fail to UV comes to help them finally Chinki approaches that way and falls on UV.Manchala plays.

Twinj and Yuki and both in their own worlds,Jasmin comes and fumes seeing Twinj and says can I play too.Twinj and Yuki get up and say sure Jasmin says we will make the game more fun,since Twinkle is the dener we will blindfold her,Kunj says it can be risky,Jasmin says it will be fun.
Twinkle starts counting UV,Kunj hide in one place but Jasmin tells Kunj to hide with her since she doesn’t know the place well,Twinkle starts walking towards the end of the terrace,Jasmin sees this and diverts Kunj mind and Yuki too.Twinkle reaches the end and trips and starts screaming,Kunj goes running and goes down and holds the wall with one hand,he says I am side of u,if u die I will die,if u live I will live.He tells Twinkle to hug him so that it will become easier to put her up,Twinkle comes next to Kunj and hugs him,Kunj finds it difficult to go up and one hand since the other hand he is holding Twinkle,he removes the scarf from her head and sees her crying he says Twinkle how will I wipe ur tears I promised u I will stay with u and never let u shed one drop of tear,he puts his cheek on hers and rubs her tears.Sajna Ve plays.

UV pulls Kunj hand and Chinki helps him,They succeed in pulling up Twinj,when they come up Twinj hug each other tightly,Yuki join them and share an emotional friends moment.Sajna Ve and Manchala plays.

Kunj shouts at Jasmin and tells her bcoz of her Twinkle could have lost her life.He is about to raise his hand but Twinkle and Yuki stop him.He holds Twinkle’s hand and tells Yuki to come.
Precap-Jasmin plan.

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  1. wow smc..wt an epi! i just love the twinj scene..kunj is so swt…bt this jasmin is irritating a lot! when ll she go away?? bt the epi was fab..update it soon..

    1. Thanks Tara I actually submitted it so it should be there in a while…
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      1. Ur doing well in ur FF too..

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  2. Wao superb….exciting precap….

    1. Thanks a lot Mahira…????
      Yes the nxt episode is exciting…

  3. Amazing episode…
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      1. Welcum SMC Nd Thnx from my side 2.… 🙂 😉

  4. piease make twinkle fall 4 kunj.
    anyway the episode was fab..
    waiting 4 ur nxt episode..

    1. Jingle jan don’t worry I said in the other episode that Twinj will be together forever…
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  5. Hey SMC it’s superbbb!!! Waiting for ur nxt epi

  6. very nice episode yaar and eagerly waiting for next one

  7. Hey SMC this episode was vrryyy nice especially twinj scenes it was awesome..eagerly waiting fr nxt one

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