Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 21

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Twinkle’s hands are on Kunj shoulders and his hands are on her waist.They share an ilock.Sajna Ve plays.

Twinkle says sorry and leaves.Kunj smiles.Jasmin comes and asks Twinkle how is she,Twinkle says how u know what happened,she says actually Kunj stopped the whole party and just attended u(Jasmin bursted in jealously)Twinkle thinks he is so good he stopped the party for me,Twinkle smiles and leaves.Jasmin enters Kunj room and tells him that her house has burned down and asks if she can stay with him Kunj says ofcourse no need to ask,u can sleep in the guest room with Twinkle from today,bcoz Twinkle used to sleep with me,u will be alone in the room so I will tell Twinkle to sleep with u don’t worry.Kunj tells Jasmin to call Twinkle if she sees her,Jasmin asks if there is any problem he says actually my button broke so I wanted Twinkle to stitch,she says that she know how to stitch he says no it’s ok,but she says Twinkle is busy.Jasmin comes close to Kunj and stitches his button,Twinkle come in and sees Kunj and Jasmin close,Kunj sees her and Twinkle leaves before hand.Jasmin says it’s done and Kunj goes behind Twinkle,Kunj says that she was stitching my button and nothing else.Twinkle says yes it looked so much like that,Twinkle leaves but Kunj pulls her back and his lap.Sajna Ve plays.

He says that even if someone comes close to me u don’t care bcoz u don’t love me,then why r u feeling like this.Twinkle stands quietly.Kunj says I will answer bcoz u have fallen in love with me.Kunj says Jasmin was helping me and u r getting jealous.What should I do take help or don’t take.Twinkle says sorry and does sit-ups.Kunj holds her shoulders and makes her stop and says I forgive u.He tells that from today u will sleep with Jasmin,Twinkle is confused.

Precap-Kunj tells Twinkle about Jasmin sharing the room with her.Twinj cute moments.

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  1. SMC I don’t know how much I love your ff

  2. Your ff is really awesome waiting for the next episode

  3. lovely dear…

  4. When twinj get rid from this jasmine?

  5. But anyway i lik ur ff very much.
    n thnx 4 regular update.
    i know at last our twing will be united.
    dr SMC go on luv ur ff…

  6. ya off course please make twinki s confession and some romantic scenes btw twinj and yuki their story is incomplete make it complete as here we also love yuvi

  7. Nice episode vryyy nice

  8. Nice episode vryyy nice….

  9. Nice episode vryyy nice…. Ur ff is awesome

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