Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 2

Hi Guys thanks for the support but I am thinkin to stop my FF.maybe after 15 episodes
Professor enters in.He asks Kunj and UV where’s they’re place.Kunj and UV say actually…………Professor shouts at them and tells them to go to the principals office.Twinkle and Chinki says sir wait their chairs came two peons bring two chairs and says sry sir actually we removed these two Chairs since it was dirty.Professor says ok and comes to UV and Kunj and asks to forgive him UV and Kunj says sir elders don’t ask youngers to forgive.Professor announces a singing competion and says Its with a boy and girl.College ends.Kunj and Twinkle talk to each other while Chinki and UV.

K-So will u sing with me.
K-so come to my house at 8:00pm we will practise
T-k(it excited mood).
U&C-at the same time ask if they will sing with each other.
U-says k we will meet next to my best friend house Kunj there’s a cafe is it fine.
C-sure why nt we will come to know each other more.

Precap-Twinj meet each other,and Twinkle says pls close the window since so much wind is comin.Twinj sees Yuki together and look at each other.

Credit to: SMC


  1. SMC

    Actually I have my xams goin on so I can’t write so much but the nxt episode will not be short and thanks for asking why and commenting

    • SMC

      Actually someone had sent me a comment and I felt bad reading it,the reply was sry to forward what he wrote but this is the message “it’s so lame and wtf is the use of all this and he said its total waste of time,if he didn’t comment I would continue my FF
      But thanks u r the only person who asked me why.and cheered my mood thanks a lot

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