Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 19

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Yuki and Twinj come home and find their moms unhappy,They all go to their moms and sit next to their laps and ask them what’s the matter?They tell them that they will have to leave for 2 days to Mumbai,due to some financial problems,Usha says for the first time I will nt be with my son for his B’Day,Twinkle says in her mind Oh No why did Usha Aunty tell,now Kunj knows we know that it is his B’Day tommorow and we can’t surprise him bcoz he knows that we wl plan something.Kunj says don’t worry mom it’s ok u can wish me on the phone right pls don’t cry and says start packing,Leela and Anita also say sorry beta Kunj says I don’t want to get emotional again and cheers their mood up.Everyone laughs.Usha,Anita and Leela come down and wish Kunj and says if we can’t call tommorow we r wishing u in advance and Usha gifts him a watch,Leela gifts him a perfume,and Anita gifts him shoes,he takes their blessing and thanks them for the gifts.Kunj goes to drop them.Twinkle asks Chinki and UV what they bought for Kunj.

Chinki says I am going with UV to the mall so I will see something for Kunj there.Twinkle says I am going to the sports shop to buy him shoes.They all leave.Twinkle is driving and she notices Kunj car side of hers she covers her face and drives fast.Kunj doesn’t notice her.Twinkle goes and buys sports shoes for Kunj,she says when u were small,this shop was there u kept looking at these shoes and till now u never brought it,I am sure u will love this!.Twinkle buys it,it is quite expensive.Jasmin sees this and says OMG it’s Kunj B’Day tommorow I have to bring him something from this shop since this Twinkle knows everything.She buys something similar but it doesn’t cost much.Twinkle rushes home so Kunj doesn’t have a doubt.She reaches in time just before Kunj,but Kunj sees her running up the stairs and says Twinkle,she doesn’t listen and keeps running and locks the door.She hides it in her cupboard.Kunj asks her if everything is fine she says yes.She unlocks the room and he asks her why was she running she says she needed the bathroom,he says ok.UV buys Kunj a wallet for him,and Chinki gets him a shirt of Matthew McConaughey as it is his fav Hollywood actor.UV sees a something and tells Chinki that he will come in 2 mins,suddenly some men come and tell Chinki u look beautiful,UV keeps his hand on their shoulders and says hi let me introduce myself to u,I m her boyfriend and if u’ll want a punch I can give otherwise get lost!Chinki comes to UV and smiles and says thank u so much.UV sees her afraid and says I brought u something and show her two ice-creams.She smiles and takes it happily.

They go in the car.Chinki finishes hers and while UV is eating takes his and starts eating he tells Chinki to give it back,Chinki says be quiet and drive the car,he sees her laughter after what happened and drives.Yuki come back and Kunj asks them Maa went and party started,He asks them what’s in the bag Twinkle says actually something related to office so I told them to get it,Kunj tells them that all our colleagues are coming tommorow,bcoz its my B’Day.They say ok.UV takes the wallet he bought for Kunj and puts Twinj childhood pics in it.He says this is a small gift Kunj but u will love it.Jasmin sneaks into Twinj room and starts finding for Twinkles gift,she goes to the cupboard and finds it she exchanges the bills and runs while she opens the window,the window makes noise which makes Twinkle wake up and she start screaming ghost,ghost,Kunj switches the lights on and Twinkle hugs him and says ghost.Sajna Ve plays.

He calms her down by holding her face and says no one is here it’s only ur dream and he takes her head on his lap and taps her head to make her sleep,while making her sleep he falls asleep on her head.While Twinj is sleeping Yuki come in(they don’t know Twinj is sleeping)and scream Happy B’Day Twinj wake up and bang their heads and come closer and touch it gently again,Yuki says romance and all,Twinj tell them that banging their heads once is a bad omen that’s way they did it,no romance comance,and ask them why they screamed so loudly.They scream again and say Happy B’Day Kunj gets up and Yuki hug him and he says thanks u so much guys,Yuki give their gifts to Kunj and leave.Twinkle comes to Kunj and swings him around saying Happy Birthday Cutieee pieee and gives him the gift.She hugs him and says once again happy b’day and hope u like the gift,while she is leaving he holds her hand and bring her close to him and says whatever u give I will not like it,I will love it!Twinkle smiles at his answer and goes.She says it’s nice actually not even nice it just awesome seeing u happy,but u keep telling that u love me I don’t love u Kunj adm maybe will never I rejected for the first time in my life but if it wasn’t about love I would have accepted it.Jasmin comes and says happy birthday to Kunj arm hugs him and gives him the gift,he tell Jasmin to sit with him and open the gifts him.He opens UV and finds a wallet with his and Twinkle’s pics he gets happy and quickly exchanges it with his wallet he keeps each note(money)in his wallet,Jasmin keeps staring and sees that he has 3 credit cards.

He opens Chinki’s gift and sees a shirt with the picture of Matthew McConaughey and his autograph he tells Jasmin these r called true and childhood friends.Jasmin smiles.He holds Twinkle’s gift and smiles,Jasmin asks him why is he smiling,he says holding her gift I feel her presence,she is the best person I ever met in my entire life.Twinkle enters when he is about to open the gift he tells Twinkle to come,he stands up and keeps her standing in front of him with the gift,he says I will open the gift in a new style,he holds Twinkle’s hands and keeps his hands over hers and open the gift,he turns to look at him.Sajna Ve plays.

He opens and sees the shoes he wanted from childhood,he hugs her and lifts her in the air saying thank u,thank u,thank u so much!.Jasmin says Kunj but this is so cheap and show the bill in the bag,Kunj looks at Twinkle.Jasmin says it’s okay u can open mine,he opens it and sees a similar one(duplicate)and the bill falls Kunj picks it and says Jasmin it’s so expensive what was the need to buy she says it was the need,for u anything Kunj put one eyebrow up and says matlab,she says like for my office colleague anything.Twinkle looks at Jasmin smirking at her,and asks Kunj for the bill and says Kunj see properly whose name is on the expensive one Twinkle Taneja not Jasmin Bhasin,Kunj looks at Jasmin and Twinkle leaves in anger.Jasmin says maybe the cashier made a mistake,Kunj says but the way u called Twinkle cheap was not right ok!He leaves and rushes behind Twinkle,Twinkle shuts the door unknowing that Kunj is behind and bangs the door which bangs Kunj’s head and he faints.Twinkle sees this and goes to him and says Kunj,Kunj and helps him get up and keeps him on her bed and sprinkles water on his face,he gets conscious and Twinkle hugs him and says sorry.Sajna Ve plays.

Kunj says I am sorry,I don’t want happened to Jasmin.Twinkle says it’s ok.He smiles.He helps him get up and says it’s party time.Boss has arrived with our colleagues.He comes down and everyone comes hugging and wishing him,Twinkle looks on and says oh hugging girls Kunj u wait.The cake comes Yuki says come on let’s eat some cake.Jasmin comes next to Kunj,but Kunj calls Twinkle to cut the cake,he calls Yuki as well they all four cut the cake but Twinkle’s hand is over Kunj’s hand,Chinki’s is over Twinkle’s and above Chinki’s is UV’s.Kunj feeds Twinkle first and Twinkle feed him back,he gives Yuki too,Jasmin feeds Kunj and Kunj feeds her.Sidhant comes to the party and Twinkle hangs around with him,he asks Twinkle for a drink but she refuses he says at least juice she agrees and he winks at the waiter,the waiter mixes pills in the juice and gives it to Twinkle,she drinks it and starts feeling giddy,she tells Sidhant to call Kunj but he says he will take her to his room,by the time they reach Twinkle faints and Sidhant carries her to the room,and lays her on the bed he says to get ur money,I need to get u which is impossible bcoz of Jasmin he goes closer to her,but she wakes up and asks him what is he doing he says actually my phone was behind u,he asks her if she is alright and says he will call Kunj and come.Twinkle feels uneasy and goes to the bathroom,she falls in the bathtub and water starts flowing.Sidhant comes to Kunj and says I need to leave,he says bye.Kunj says my phone,he says maybe I left it in the room.He approaches the room while Twinkle is in the bathtub filled with water.

Precap-Twinkle brings Kunj literally very close to her.
Why is Twinkle bringing Kunj close to her.

Is this the start on a new story or relationship?all ur questions will be answered in the next episode!
Thanks for reading and keep reading.Thanks everyone special thanks to Shunna,Komal,Fatarajo,JingleJan,Mahira,Sudha,Salma,Twinkle,Aaliya,
Michelle,Niketa,and Avantika.God bless and have an awesome day!

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