Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 17


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Kunj feeds her cake and she feeds him.It is revealed that Jasmin agreed to Sidhant that she wl help him steal the property and then he says in return he wl give Kunj.Jasmin says sorry Kunj in her mind.The boss says that that we were called to a hotel for a party,Mika Singh wl be there live,they all rejoice.UV gets ready in a suit and Chinki is a beautiful black dress.Kunj wears a tuxedo and Twinkle wears the same dress which she wore when she first met Kunj in Tashan-E-Ishq.UV comes to Chinki and tells her that she looks hot,Chinki blushes.Kunj takes Twinkle and tells her that u look like a monster,Twinkle asks him she doesn’t look good and feels sad,Kunj says how can my Twinkle not look cute n hot.Twinkle smiles.

Yuki and Twinj reach and the boss welcomes them.Mika Singh starts singing Aaj Ki Party,Subha Hone Na De he realises Kunj singing with him and calls him on stage they sing together Humdard,Twinkle gets lost and mesmerised in his voice,Kunj finishes his song but Twinkle is in her own thoughts he snaps and is standing beside her she asks him how is he here,he says helicopter sent me.They laugh together.Kunj opens and reads a message on his phone saying that this is my number ur secret lyrist and says that I am present in the party and says bye.He says but who r u?.Galliyan starts playing and everyone starts dancing.Sidhant asks for Twinkles hand to dance,she looks at Kunj puts a smile to say a yes.She starts dancing with him.Kunj starts dreaming that he and Twinkle is dancing,close and romantically like a
couple dance.Jasmin asks him to dance with her,he agrees and they wear the masks.Everyone spins each other’s partners and Twinkle comes

to Kunj they dance together and Kunj says first dance in her ears.Sajna Ve plays.
UV and Chinki r dancing and Chinki falls into arms while dancing.Manchala plays.
She composes herself and says sry he says it’s ok u fell in my arms not in my stomach that I can’t remove u.UV laughs.They all get tired and rest.Kunj goes to another floor and starts chatting with the lyrist,the lyrist keeps replying and then Kunj realises a person standing and replying to his message he come to her and asks her so u r my secret lyrist he asks her why is she scared of revealing her face.The girl is shown wearing a mask and looks quite tensed,she says I don’t want to reveal myself,he walks towards her and is about to touch her shoulder but stops and says if u don’t want to show urself don’t I wl not force u but pls if the time comes pls tell me who u r?He leaves.Twinkle asks him where he was,he says boss called me.She says ok.They leave home.Kunj sneaks to Twinkle’s room and takes her to the balcony he says Twinkle today the decision will be made either u confess that u love me or I will jump from here,Twinkle is shocked with his condition and tells him again u starting saying I Love
U,Twinkle says it’s better I fall from the buliding Kunj puts his hand over her mouth and says don’t ever say that again!Twinkle says Kunj u r getting on limits u r sacrificing urself too,she says from today u r not my friend.She returns their friendship thread and says bye!.Kunj leaves crying

and Twinkle says sry Kunj but I don’t love u.Kunj sits in the bar and asks the waiter for 7 glasses of beer,he keeps drinking and recalls Twinkle’s words and looks at the thread she gave him back,some men say that this guy is mad that he is looking at a piece of thread,Kunj hears this and starts punching him,one guys takes the wine bottle and breaks it on his hand,Kunj hand starts bleeding and starts defending himself,Sidhant comes and sees this and takes advantage of the situation he calls the police and says that a man is beating my friends in drunken state.Police comes and takes Kunj away.They call Twinkle as the last person called was Twinkle and informs her about it,Twinkle is shell shocked.Police sprinkles water on Kunj face and he gets conscious.He asks the inspector what he did,amd inspector tells him.Twinkle comes and sees Kunj hand bleeding and him really beaten up,Twinkle asks him why he did that and Kunj says they were saying that this thread is for no value and all.

Kunj asks Twinkle u think ur Kunj will do something bad,u think he is mannerless and a alcoholic.Twinkle doesn’t say anything and asks the inspector to pls leave him,he says yes but no more drinking,Kunj agrees.Kunj goes and Twinkle speaks to the inspector,the men came from the hospital,and say u have a hot n pretty girlfriend,Kunj says shut up!amd is about to punch them but Twinkle stops him and says no need to waste time talking to these people come.In the car she takes her handkerchief and wraps it around his hand and which prevents the loss of blood.They reach and Twinkle aids his hand quickly and tells him to go and change.Twinkle enters and finds him sleeping she goes and puts his bed sheet properly and sees his hand closed she opens it and finds her thread and feels sorry.

Precap-Twinkle tries to apologise to Kunj but he ignores her.He says it’s fun teasing u.
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  1. Bht achi epi…plz ye secret lyricist twinkle ko bna 2

  2. Pls unite twing yarr.
    its my request..
    I cant w8 anymore..
    pls make twinkle realize her feelings 4 kung.

  3. lm a big fan of this ff please make twinkle realize her love sooon please please please

  4. awesome.. bt when twinkl realize hr lve fr kunj

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