Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 16

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Kunj gets hurt with Twinkle’s words and shatters crying up the staircases he remembers the times they spent together when all the papers fell on them,the time when she hugged him bcoz of the cockroach,their friendship threads getting entangled and the time when Twinkle starting shouting at him for confessing his love just then he misses one step and falls and his head bleeds like anything,he keeps repeating one thing that is Twinkle,Twinkle,Twinkle.Usha screams Kunj and Leela and Anita help her lift him and call up the doctor,Usha calls Twinkle and Twinkle says Kunj!she goes running on the road and is about to bang a car but says sorry and runs she reaches and sits next to him amd holds his hand and rubs it,the doctor says only one person can stay with the patient since he is suffering fever too,due to severe stress Twinkle says I will and always stay with Kunj.She says Usha,Anita aunty and Maa to go she wl take care of him.They leave.Twinkle puts the handkerchief in water and puts it on his hand his temperature goes down.Next morning Twinkle goes and puts her hand on his hand and says his fever has lowered and she pecks a kiss on his head.She says sorry Kunj but I don’t love u,yes I love u but as a friend I want to stay away from u since u face problems bcoz of me and this accident is bcoz of me.Jasmine knocks and asks may I come in?Twinkle says of course. Twinkle is about the leave bit Kunj holds her hand in his sleep,Twinkle slowly removes her hand and keeps his gently on the bed.Jasmine comes and says Kunj is sleeping best thing to do is to check his property.She sees that he is very rich and Kunj opens his eyes she comes running to him and asks him how is he?he asks where is Twinkle she didn’t come?Jasmine says no,I was with u all nite.Kunj says how come she do that.Jasmine says I wl leave and says bye and kisses his hand,he jerks it away.Twinkle comes and sees him awake and is about to leave Kunj says Twinkle u don’t care for me,Twinkle goes and cups his face and says the whole nite I was with u and taking care of u.She says I know the value of friendship,she says get well soon.He says bcoz u touched my face I am fine,he gets up and feels dizzy she holds him.Sajna Ve plays.

He says I need to sing for the promotion for Sonu Nigam.Twinkle agrees and takes him.Someone puts the same song lyrics in his guitar bag he opens and says the same lyrist and thinks.He sings from the paper O Kuda from Hero.Sonu Nigam praises him and says I never met such a person like u.He thanks and gets the promotion.The boss celebrates as it is Kunj hat trick,he brings a cake and asks Kunj to cut it,Kunj asks Twinkle to come he holds her hand and cuts it and feeds her.Sajna Ve plays.

Precap-In a party everyone is wearing masks and Kunj is talking to the mysterious lyrist.

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  4. smc if i am not wrong the mysterious lyrist should be twinkle but not jasmin bcoz today u wrote that she is also behind kunj property thenhow can she will be so sweet

    1. I can’t reveal who it is!but I can tell u one thing keep watching since interesting things r comin up

  5. if u dont mind can u change the names jasmin and siddant since i cant imagine our beloved pair real names in negative roles

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