Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 15


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Kunj tries to convince Twinkle but fails,he says pls I am really sorry Kunj takes the knife and says if u don’t forgive then what’s the use of my life,Twinkle looks at him writing T and then stops him and wraps his arm and scolds him and questions him why he tried to cut himself,they get into a heated argument and finally it is revealed that Kunj loves Twinkle,he says I LOVE U TWINKLE!!!!!!!!!Sajna Ve plays.

He holds her hand and says I LOVE U MORE THEN MY LIFE.Twinkle is shocked and removes her hand from his and said Kunj I don’t love u,I only know u as my best friend but after telling me this,u r nt the Kunj I know,He says I’m really mad in ur love Twinkle,he says this is not called friendship,when people r so close how can they just be best friends,Twinkle says enough if u want to at least stay as my Best friend then,stop loving me and think about someone else.Kunj says but…..Twinkle says pls u r spoiling my mood,Kunj says Ok,but remember one thing I will never
stop trying to make u realise that u r in love with me. Twinkle says pls now what to do,Kunj says come with me.He takes her to hall and tells her here’s ur surprise,she hugs him in excitement.Sajna Ve plays.

Kunj tells her that she hugged him first and tells how nice he felt with her touch,Twinkle tells him that don’t think that she loves him,as she hugged him in excitement.He says fine,and makes her sit.He asks the waiter for 2 lemon juices,he asks Twinkle for a dance,he extends his hand,she holds it and dances with him….Fithoor Mera plays.In the end of the song she bends in his hands.They share a romantic ilock.Kunj makes her sit and they say cheers and drink their lemon juice.He tells the waiter to bring roti with paneer and don’t put chillies in it.He puts his hand over Twinkles and says I Love you.Twinkle says I will leave if u say that again.Kunj leaves her hand.The food comes.Twinkle eats it and finds it spicy,she starts crying Kunj asks her what happened Twinkle says spi spic spicy.Kunj comes colse to her mouth and blows her tongue.Sajna Ve plays.

He feeds her water,she holds his hand and drinks it.He smiles seeing Twinkle holding his hand.He asks her how does she feel and rubs her tears.
He asks the waiter for cookies n cream ice-cream.He sits beside her and feeds her ice-cream.They leave.

UV and Chinki r fighting like children,bcoz UV forgot to bring her a chocolate.UV stops and asks her who was Sanskaar,Chinki says my BOYFRIEND,IV looks at her and says u never told me that u have a boyfriend,Chinki says wl I nt tell u anything that was my fav actor from Swaragini.Chinki says BTW why r u getting possessive,getting jealous.UV says why should I get jealous I was askin so if he was ur boyfriend I would tell Leela aunty to prepare for ur engagement.UV laughs and says no one will marry u bcoz u r a chicken.Chinki runs behind him.

Twinkle thanks Kunj for the date.Kunj says I can do anything for u since I…before he says he remembers Twinkle telling that she wl leave him,he continues and says I care for u.They go to sleep.
Sidhant tells Jasmin to help him separate Twinkle n Kunj,Jasmin says no I can’t do this to him.Sidhant tells her please please.Jasmin leaves.
Sidhant comes to Twinkle n says I missed u so much.Kunj is with Twinkle,he says I felt like the sun is not in the sky without seeing u.Kunj controls,Sidhant keeps talking just before Kunj can lift his hand,Twinkle holds it tight and signs him no.Sajna Ve plays.

Kunj looks at his hand and says at least holding her hand is better.After some time Kunj comes to Twinkle and again tells about the lyrist,Twinkle takes it lightly and says forget about it.Kunj asks her did she love him in childhood,Twinkle is silent.Kunj says u used to like me in childhood.Twinkle says yes but not now.She says she doesn’t love him anymore and only loves him as a friend.Kunj looks sadly.

Precap-Kunj falls from the stairs recalling Twinkle saying that she doesn’t love him now.Usha informs Twinkle and she come running home.

Credit to: SMC

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