Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 14


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Sidhant thanks his friend and says today she stopped someone slapping me so I have to win her heart more than that Kunj.He ends the call.He starts chatting with Twinkle.Kunj comes to check Twinkle,and is surprised to see her chatting when she is injured he comes and scolds her she tells him that she is ok,and says that she needs to go to office tommorow.He asks her if she is chatting with that mad Sidhant,she says he is not mad he is just my colleague.Kunj says put the phone down it is very late,go to sleep.She puts it down and sleeps.
Kunj comes and wakes up Twinkle,she holds his hand and pulls him closer.Kunj looks at her lovingly.Sajna Ve plays.

He removes his hand slowly and takes the glass of water next to her and pours it on her face,she gets up and screams,he laughs and she also starts laughing.He gives his hand for support,she holds his hand and he takes her till the bathroom.She comes to Kunj room and he is shirtless,she closes her eyes and comes Kunj doesn’t know she is walking and they both strike with each other,Twinkle is about to fall and he holds her.Sajna Ve plays.
He tells her she can open her eyes as they r friends not enemies,she opens and he talks to her while putting the shirt.Kunj holds her while walking down the stairs.They take blessings and leave.

At Office,Sidhant comes to her and asks about her head,Kunj looks at him.Twinkle says it’s ok.The boss announces that Armaan Malik is the next singer.He tells Kunj to get ready.Kunj informs Twinkle about the mysterious lyrist that is helping him everytime.Twinkle says leave it and think about this and tells him to remember his lyrics and don’t remember about anything else.Kunj says this was my dads dream to work in a singer office,and it was our dream to sing and promote the office,he says that I won’t let anything to destroy Me,U,UV,Chinki and my dad’s dream,I Promise!.Kunj goes and plays the guitar and sings I Feel Good from Anjaana Anjaani,again he struggles to remember the lyrics and the same girl write it in the paper and sends it to him before Armaan Malik can notice,he starts singing again.He gets the promotion and informs Twinkle and the boss.Kunj enters the office and the boss hugs him,Twinkle approaches him,but Jasmin gets in between and hugs him and says I am so happy.Twinkle says congrats to Kunj and leaves sadly.Kunj goes behind her to convince her.He finally catches her hand and brings her close to him and apologies,she says she is not angry and asks him to leave her.UV passes and sees Chinki singing,he looks at her being mesmerised.

Ashley calls him and he enters his room,she asks him to accept her,UV tells her to stop troubling him.Ashley says I Love U,Chinki is behind,UV pushes Ashley and tells her if she tells that again,I wl kill u.Chinki is shocked and happy with the truth.UV turns and sees Chinki,he excuses himself and leaves.Sidhant tries to cheer Twinkle’s mood,but fails.He gets some chocolates and tries to cheer her.Kunj comes and says excuse me,Twinkle asks him why is he asking to be excused,u r my best friend u can come whenever u want.Kunj takes Twinkle and leaves.Twinkle asks him why is he so rude to Sidhant,Kunj says I don’t believe or trust him,but u r behind him so I have to take care of u and myself.She says that means I am a burden in ur life,Kunj without listening says yes and she is surprised.He comes to his senses and says I didn’t mean to say that Twinkle stops talking to him,Kunj holds her hand and says pls I don’t know what I said pls forgive me.Twinkle still doesn’t listen.
They reach home and Twinkle goes crying to her room.

Precap-Twinj date.Sidhant’s new plan with Jasmin!.

Credit to: SMC

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