Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 13

Hii guys I’m sorry but I wl end it and might think to write a different one.Sorry Hitakshee,Harsani,Rakshita,Komal,Fatarajo and Twinkle.Guys I wl be consentrating more on Twinj.
Kunj goes for a promotion to sing in front of Arjiit Singh,while singing he forgets the lines of the song,luckily a girl with her face covered writes the lyrics on a tissue paper and throws it on him,he bends and is surprised to see the lyrics he continues singing.At the end he gets the promotion and thanks Arjiit Singh.He goes and asks people if they saw someone writing the lyrics,a man says he saw it was a girl.Kunj thinks.

Sidhant thinks that if he needs money,he needs Twinkle and to get Twinkle I have to make her my friend and then more than a friend,Twinkle comes to him and asks him where is he lost,he says nothing.Sidhant calls one of his friends and tells his plan which is muted.

Sidhant blindfolds Twinkle and tells her I have a surprise for u come,He makes Twinkle sit in the car and drives,while driving he removes the scarf from her head and starts talking to her,suddenly he smirks at the car side of him and leaves.Sidhant’s friend bangs their car and Twinkle and Sidhant both get injured,he brings her home and calls the doctor,Leela,Usha and Anita ask what happened he narrets the incident.Leela thanks him and he says can I meet Twinkle,Leela says sure.Usha calls Kunj and tells him about the accident and he drops the phone in a shock.He drives rashly to his house.Sidhant tells Twinkle sorry,bcoz of me this happened Twinkle says no problem this is not bcoz of u,he says thanks for understanding me.

Kunj runs up and opens the door silently as he thinks Twinkle is sleeping,when he enter he sees Sidhant with her and feels hurt since he drove rashly and could meet with an accident,he hears Sidhant telling her pls forgive bcoz of me this happened,Kunj opens the door and holds his collar and tells him bcoz of u this happened,he starts beating him,but Sidhant gets angry and takes the glass bottle and breaks it on his head,Kunj feels dizzy and falls on Twinkle,Twinkle screams and says Maa,Anita aunty,Usha aunty come fast.Twinkle shouts at Sidhant and tells him what have u done r u gone mad,Usha comes running and starts crying seeing Kunj in that state,Anita and Leela go to get water,they sprinkle the water on his face and he gets conscious,Twinkle helps him to get up.Usha comes to Sidhant and is about to slap him but Twinkle says stop he didn’t do anything the side car banged us and Sidhant couldn’t handle it so we got injured Kunj gets up and says sry to Sidhant,Sidhant says it’s ok.Sidhant leaves and Anita,Usha and Leela drop him.Twinkle starts crying seeing Kunj head bleeding,he asks her what happened,Twinkle says ur head…Kunj rubs her tears and hugs her to comfort her.Twinkle gets up and takes the first aid box and does his aid.She takes the iodine and applys it and blows his head.Kunj sees her lovingly.

Sajna Ve plays.
Usha sees this from far and says first of all she is recovering from her injury but she is more concerned about Kunj.Kunj thanks her,she says no thanks and no sry in friendship.He smiles at her.Chinki is told that she has to meet UV song composer,He sees her and says so u r UV assist she says yes,he says I will never give UV his song,bcoz without the composer the song is goin to be a flop,Chinki asks him why is he doing this and says whatever u want I will do,he says then u have to becum my GF,Chinki looks at him in shock.He tries to force her and brings her close to him unwillingly.Just then UV enters the room and sees that happening,he holds the composer shoulder and starts beating him,Chinki tries to stop but UV keeps beatin him,

suddenly the boss comes and shouts at UV and says this is not a wrestling ring what r u’ll doing(Guys I said boss is funny)UV tells the boss what he was trying to do with Chinki p,the boss comes and slaps the composer and all the men from the office throw him out,UV and Chinki r alone in the room.UV comes to her and and asks her why didn’t she scream or slap him back,Chinki recalls him saying he wl spoil UV future and career.She stays silent,UV asks her again and again,Chinki still says nothing,UV says u r on swear on our friendship,Chinki tells that if she screamed or told anyone his career would end,he tells her that from today don’t do any sacrifices for me that will hurt u,Understood!Chinki says yes and says I can’t tell u that I LOVE U!u like Ashley but for ur happiness I will stay quiet.

Precap-A person keeps writing lyrics for Kunj,and Kunj is in search of the person.

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  1. ahhh this new girl what is she up to i think maya part 2 in ur story rght..

    1. When u come to know the story slowly u will like I promise.Twinj wl unite in the end for sure.

  2. gr8 job..update soon..

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