Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 11


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So Twinj and Yuki get ready for college.Twinj tells Yuki that they have to go on the bike today bcoz we have to pick up some things.Kunj gives his keys to UV.UV tells Chinki to sit,he starts the bike and she holds the back part of the bike for support.
Kunj says hopefully they realise what they feel for each other,Twinkle keeps her hand over his and says definitely!

Suddenly a car comes in front of Yuki’s bike and he brakes fast,Chinki falls on him and is close to his face,he asks her if she is ok,she nods,and he drives.Twinj and Yuki meet in college and Twinkle says to Kunj I think they fought more.Yuki come to them and ask them lets go for class.Twinj and Yuki go together.The professor says that this month and next month r months without tests so we can enjoy as well as study,He says that there wl be a dance competition and he tells them to write their names on the chits and keep it in the bowl.Kunj picks and gets Twinkle,both of them r happy,Chinki goes and gets a guy named Karthik.UV goes to pick and gets Ashley,Chinki gets furious.The professor says we have to give a shock as well it’s today and everyone has to come with their partners.

Kunj House.
UV brings Ashley home,and Chinki brings Karthik.Chinki watches UV and Ashley dancing,she sees them dancing on Ishq Wala Love…….and in the end of the dance hugging each other.She leaves in jealously but it is shown it is just a part of the dance.UV crosses Chinki’s room and looks at her dancing closely and romantically with Karthik on the song Agar Tum Saath Ho…………..
Twinj start dancing on the song Gerua………..They have difficult steps like lifting…While rehearse were going on Twinkle sprains her ankle and feels the pain she controls it,and asks Kunj to bring water.All of them finish their practise and reach the Hotel.BTW there is no trophies for the dancing competition.UV and Ashley r called on stage and dance on Ishq Wala Love….Chinki just looks down and doesn’t even look up once it seemed like she was deeply hurt,the dance is over and everyone claps for them.Chinki and Karthik dance on Agar Tum Saath Ho.UV looks on keeps a smile on his face but inside its like someone is cutting his heart into pieces.They finish,Twinj is called on stage and starts dancing on Gerua…….suddenly while dancing a pin is on the stage Twinkle doesn’t notice it and steps on it,Kunj sees blood coming from her foot and lifts her and everyone thinks it as a dance step,the ending was Twinkle running to Kunj with an injured leg and he lifts her in the air,due to the pain of her foot,a tear rolls down her eye and falls directly on Kunj’s eye.Sajna Ve plays.

Kunj try’s to pull the pin out but is afraid,finally he pulls it and wraps the bandage around her foot.Kunj didn’t leave her for a moment bcoz if she tried to walk she would fall.He kept holding her hand everywhere.They eat food and Twinj and Yuki leave.Yuki leave on the bike,On the way Chinki goes to sleep on UV back.Twinkle goes to sleep on Kunj shoulder but he doesn’t disturb her.They reach home and Twinkle is still sleeping,he lifts her in his arms and lays her on his bed and puts the blanket over her,and takes care of her.UV carries Chinki and keeps her on his bed and sleeps with her,the opposite way.Manchala plays.

Precap-Twinkle wakes up and sees Kunj holding her hand beside her,and understands he was awake half the morning taking care of her,Chinki sees her hugging UV when she wakes up.

Credit to: SMC

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