Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 10

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Twinkle and Kunj think how to come to know whether Yuki love each other?They keep thinking suddenly Twinkle sees a lizard,she holds Kunj hand tightly and doesn’t leave it,she shows him the lizard,she runs to the corner of the wall,holding Kunj hand,he says u haven’t changed the same things u r afraid of,She sees the lizard and keeps Kunj standing in front of her like a bodyguard,he turns and tells her my phone is ringing I have to pick it,he is about to go but Twinkle pulls his hand and Kunj is very very close to her,he is lost into her,he asks her what happened,why she brought him close.Sajna Ve plays.

she says lizard,he comes to his senses and says Twinkle,my phone is still ringing Twinkle lets go of him and stands on his bed,He finishes talking and sees her on his bed,he asks her to come down nothing will happen to u,He comes on the bed and tells her to come down,the lizard is coming her way,and she hugs Kunj tightly.Sajna Ve plays.

Yuki come and see Twinj hugging on the bed and coughs,Twinkle leaves Kunj and Kunj shows Yuki the lizard.UV brings a broom to shoo it away,the lizard leaves and while coming down Twinkle slipped on the blanket and falls with Kunj on the floor,they share an ilock. Sajna Ve plays.

They both r wrapped in the blanket,they try to remove the blanket but as they try they come closer,they ask Yuki to help,While getting up,Twinj wink at each other and pull Yuki down as well,Yuki look at each other in pain.Manchala plays.

While Yuki gets up Chinki’s chain gets stuck to UV button,Chinki hides the chain and pulls it,Kunj notices the letter Y on her chain,He understands that she loves him.When Yuki leave,Kunj swings Twinkle around and says Chinki loves UV,bcoz the chain had a letter Y,Kunj tells his plan to Twinkle and they give each other a high five.Twinj call Swasan and tell the plan Swasan also likes their plan and comes to Sarna Mansion,Twinkle tells Chinki someone is waitin for u out.UV gets suspicious,he follows Swara is looking at UV,while Chinki meets Sanskaar and hugs him,UV gets shocked and tears start rolling from his eyes,Swara sees this and tells Twinj their plan is workin,UV leaves.Chinki says u r the amazing actor from Swaragini,I always wanted to meet u,They talk for a while.UV doesn’t find Chinki at home and gets angry and says she forgot me and spending time with her boyfriend,she never told me she had a boyfriend.UV feels pain(he says why I am attached to her,am I in love with her)No,No maybe it’s just friendship pain.Manchala plays.
Chinki enters home and UV starts cheering up her mood,they act normal(meaning like before).
Twinj room.

Twinkle gets stuck in the bathroom and trys opening it but fails,Kunj comes and understands that she got locked,he trys to open it,while he opens it,her hand gets jammed and the door bangs directly on the side of her lips and it starts bleeding,he brings the first aid box and put iodine and her hand it burns her and she hold his shoulder tightly,he says sry,Kunj puts the iodine of her lip,and blows it,She stares at him as he is just 1inch away from her lips.Sajna Ve plays.

Precap-College dance competition,but this time chits,Twinj get each other’s name,while Chinki gets a random boy from college,and UV gets Ashley,Chinki gets angry.

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