Twinj (Friendship turns to love) Episode 1


Hey Guys hoped u liked the intro

Taneja Mansion-a girl is show running down the stairs wearing a Yellow shirt and Jeans and says Good Morning Maa.Later another girl come down she is no other than Chinki she was wearing a blue shirt with black jeans.Leela tells them today is ur first day at college study well,and less masti,they took her blessing and left.

Sarna Mansion-a boys is shown wearing his black and white shoes,his jeans,his kada(the bangle Sikhs wear if u noticed him wearin it)and the mala(Hindu prayer beads)his white shirt,and then finally his face I am sure there is no other handsome person like Kunj Sarna,He says Maa meri tiffin pack karo.Usha comes running with a tiffin and says yes,yes,u don’t give me any work to do first of all so this small work I can’t do for u.

He smiles at her and takes her blessing and leaves on his bike.
Luthra Mansion-a boy is shown wearing a white shirt and a jacket with jeans he drinks coffee and leaves the house after taking her blessing.

ASC(Amritsar State College)-Twinkle and Chinki enter College and the boys come behind them askin for their names they both told them to get lost otherwise they wl complain the boys ran.On the way UV is stopped by some goons and they ask him for everything he has just before that Kunj passes that place and sees what’s happening,when UV was handing his wallet from behind the police hit the goons heads with a stick.UV thanks Kunj and they realise they r starting their 2nd term in the same college and become great friends.Uv and Kunj enter college.Kunj tells UV excuse me as I need the washroom and Twinkle says the same to Chinki,while Twinkle was walking a jealous girl says she can’t be pretty like me and purposely pushes her,on time Kunj saves her and she falls in his arms.Sajna Ve plays

He tells the girl u can’t see and walk she would have got hurt,the girl came closer to him and said why u care about her look at me and am more pretty than her how can she fall in ur arms,Kunj gets angry and Twinkle come to know since she sees his hand as if he is stopping himself badly.
Finally Kunj temperature rises and says enough,I can’t tolerate this anymore insulting a girl is not my life,I respect girls and I wl nt raise my hand.He comes to Twinkle and helps her get up and holds her hand for support.Then Twinkle said thanks a lot u stood for me like how my mum does she forwards her hands and says friends?he says No u have to make a promise that u will take proper care of yourself and there is no sry and Thank u in our friendship and gives his hand too.They smile at each other.Whereas UV and Chinki r waiting for their friends,they collide with other and by mistake Chinki hugs him.He says u alright?she says yes and says want to be my friend he says sure!and he says excuse me.

Class-the classroom was full and it was told that no latecomers should come and Twinkle and Chinki went to the nurse becoz of Twinkle small injury which she hid from Kunj.she says sry baba ji I had to lie to such a nice friend,I jus entered college and I got a nice friend.thank u Babaji
but they never new this would happen.Thankfully Kunj comes to Twinkle and says u can take my seat,and UV tells Chinki.UV asked Kunj u know her He says I wl tell the whole story later but while the go out the professor comes in.

Precap-Professor shouts at UV and Kunj for comin late.Chinki And Twinkle feelin bad since it’s actually their fault.

Credit to: SMC

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  1. nice storyline..but please make your sentences properly…its quite confusing…but still your story is nice…keep it up dude…

    1. I wl try to make my sentences proper.

  2. Nice episode SMC!!

  3. Thanks Aarti and Tina

  4. Guys I am thinkin of makin another FF
    But it wl include Manya(Mantu and Amaya),Swasan(Sanskaar and Swara),Abhigya(Abhi and Pragya),Twinj(Twinkle and Kunj),Raglak(Ragini and Laksh)Ardhika(Arjun and Radhika),Nesam(Neil and Samaira),Mehbeer(Meher and Abeer),Karvi(Karthik and Survi),Ishveer(Ishani and Ranveer),jeevi(Jeevika and Viren).
    Guys I need comments whether it’s a yes or no
    If I get 15comments I wl start it!

  5. SMC pls make Fan fiction of vireeka VIREN AND JEEVIKA..plsss plsss fast

  6. Sure Aarti I wl,so u agree to this ff

  7. This story like soo lame like wtf is the purpose of this y the actual written updates are not up an these useless ones are here…total waste of time.

      1. And BTW if my story was lame don’t post a lame message.We do a lot of hard work writing these FF if u were in my place and I wrote that message u would understand how I felt.But since I am writing the FF I should understand to sob all the bitter medinces as well.So don’t take me wrong to only thing I am trying to tell u is that if u support me but don’t break me.

  8. No,I don’t like u’r idea.So I don’t agree with u.Don’t mind SMC

    1. I don’t mind and thanks for the comment

  9. good
    you want to think more romantic and may be s*xy scenes

  10. nice starting..i liked ur one suggestion try to create a bit interest the reader..all the best..

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