Tashan-e-ishq (TWINJ forever) episode 5


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Scene 1: next day, kayra’s room
Kayra is still sleeping. Kunj enters her room and draws the curtain. he sings the song – chale hum sath sath yun is safar mai…… karein hum baat baat is safar mai…..aaj din suhana sa….baatein suhani hai. Listening the song kyra gets up.
Kyra: good morning, handsome.
Kunj: good morning, beauty..!! tu aajbhi iss dhun ko sunkar utth jaati hai.
Kyra: kyun na uthun bhala…meri purani aadat jo hai.
A FB is shown. Kyra and kunj are of 7 years. Kunj draws the curtain and sings: chale hum sath sath yun is safar mai…… karein hum baat baat is safar mai…..aaj din suhana sa….baatein suhani hai. Kayra gets up. FB ends.
They both smile and hug each other.

Scene 2:hall
Usha calls twinkle and strictly instruct twinkle to take coffee for kyra. She gets irritated but obeys her. On her way,she thinks if kunj in kayra’s room but denies thinking that he always wishes her first of all. She comes to kayra’s room and is about knock when she finds the door open. She enters and finds kunj and Kayra sitting and enjoying. Twinkle feels hurt and sobs silently. But then knocks the door
Kunj: aaja syappa queen…!!
Kayra: what’s the syappa queen matter?
Twinkle: nothing like that. Btw ma is calling u both for pooja. So pls come.
Scene 3: at temple
Twinkle , kunj and all family members are at temple. Kayra and twinkle stand on either side of kunj. Suddenly when Kayra is doing puja with kunj when she suddenly feels dizzy and is about to fall when kunj holds him in his arms and takes her. Twinkle follows feeling very much sad. Suddenly she sys why am i feeling bad if kunj is with some other girl. Kunj takes kayrato her room and calls doctor. Doctor comes and sys that she has not eaten and thats why she has fallen sick. Doctor leaves.
Kunj tells usha to bring food for kyra. She brings food and makes her eat. She then takes rest and all leave.

Scene 4: at terrace
Twinkle is strolling on the roof. She thinks about kyra and kunj. Mean while she does not realizes that she is walking on roof. Her foot slips and she is about to fall when kunj holds her and pulls her towards and they both hug each other.(sajna ve plays)
K: marne ka itna shauk hai to mujhe bol deti syappa queen.
T:haan hota bhi to kam se kam tumhe nahi batati. Isse acha mai khud hi mar jaun
Kunj keeps his hand on her mouth and says not say like this. Twinkle jerks his hands away and sys him to be near kyra since she needs him more. She wipes her tears. He is apalled and stunned.
Twinkle is walking across corridor when she hears some voices from kayra’s room. She peeps into her room and is apalled.

PRECAP: twinkle is stunned to see anita and kyra together. Anita says that nowkayrawill ruin your

TASHAN-E-SHAADI. Kayra says that i am not kunj’s best friend coz she has long back died. I have come to ruin you and dear kunj. Twinkle sys don’t take his name from your mouth. I challenge you that i will reveal ur truth even at my life’s cost.

Credit to: Rakshita

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