Twinj: Finding Solace In You (Skript:01)

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Finding Solace In You-
Skript:1 (Finding Gender)
“Ooh! That’s cold!”
Both the doctor and Kunj laughed, as Twinkle gave a shiver as another dollop of the cold gel dripped onto her exposed stomach.
“I’m sorry dear.” Doctor Stella chuckled as she placed the bottle back down next to her other supplies, “It’ll warm up in a few seconds, just think about seeing him or her, and hearing their heartbeat.”
As the doctor began to tap away on her ultrasound machine, Kunj gripped Twinkle’s hand tightly, his brown eyes sparkling with unrestrained happiness.
“I’m so excited.” He whispered. His eyes glued to the monitor as if he wanted to see the second their baby came up on the screen. “Up until now it hasn’t seemed real, but now it will.”
“How hasn’t it seemed real before this? All the throwing up hasn’t made it real? All the crying hasn’t made it real? Oh and not to mention the fact that I’m huge.” Twinkle exclaimed in disbelief and Kunj shook his head at her with a small smile, trying to keep the amusement off of his face.
“You’re not huge Twinkle. It’s normal, you’re expecting with our child. I really don’t think it is possible for you to get huge.” And while on one hand that was true, Twinkle had such a naturally tiny frame, on the other hand, she really was huge for her, not that he’d ever admit it because it didn’t matter to him how overly size she become for she’d always be the most beautiful woman to him. Though he wanted to ask the doctor that her increased size was normal for her health and there wasn’t any danger to her health but he couldn’t since he hadn’t wanted to risk sending Twinkle into a fit of tears and didn’t want to make her think that she has become unattractive. He shook his head to dismiss the thought of her insecurities.
They sat in silence for a few seconds as the doctor prepared, and finally a sound began to fill the room and as an image came up on the screen, both of them gave a gasp.
“Oh Kunj! Kunj habibi, look! It’s our baby.” Twinkle exclaimed, tears choking her words and he tightened his hold on her hand.
“Yes, I see darling, I see!”
“I think he or she looks exactly like me.” She cried out, dabbing at her eyes with her sleeve and Kunj laughed, handing her the box of tissues that the doctor had had on her counter. The two of them sat together in complete bliss, staring at their child, listening to it’s heartbeat, absolutely nothing would bring them off of this cloud they were floating on.
A simple noise from the doctor drew both their gazes towards her.
“What’s wrong?” Kunj asked, his voice edged with panic and though the doctor had addressed him, she was moving the probe around Twinkle’s stomach on looking at the monitor.
“Oh nothing is wrong.”
“Then why would you say ‘hmmm’?” Twinkle asked.
“I’m actually happy to deliver this news. I think that you’d want to know that…”
“Ahh! No! No! Don’t tell me anything.” Twinkle shrieked on which startled doctor and husband turned to look at her in surprise.
“But Mrs. Fateen, I think you’d want to know that…”
“No! I don’t want to know anything.”
“But darling,” Kunj began eagerly wanting to know the news which was sure connected to the gender of their child but Twinkle beat him to it.
“Don’t darling me.” She exclaimed, Azeen coming out of her mouth in both tone and volume as she turned to look at the doctor. “Is the baby healthy?”
“Yes, but…”
“And am I healthy?” She interrupted and Dr. Stella nodded.
“Then that’s all I want to know. I don’t want to know any gender. Please don’t tell me.” She pleaded restlessly and Dr. Stella regarded her nearly hysterical patient for a moment, before she gave a nod.
“Okay. I won’t say anything, but you can call anytime and find out.” She replied, reaching for the pen in her coat pocket and jotting down a few notes onto Twinkle’s chart. Twinkle, perhaps thinking the doctor was trying to trick her into seeing what the baby was, clapped her hands over her eyes. Kunj shook his head at her childishness, totally seeing Azeen again.
After finishing up the rest of the exam, asking and answering questions and having the nurse draw some blood, Twinkle rose and waddled towards the tiny bathroom to give a urine sample and as the doctor closed behind her, Kunj’s eyes immediately darted towards the file. The intensity of his gaze heightening as if he was trying to see through the yellow manilla folder to the contents underneath.
“Can I help you with something Mr. Fateen?” Dr. Stella asked in amusement and Kunj gave her a sheepish smile.
“Sorry. I just really, really wanted to know what we’re having. I know she wants to wait, but I’ve never been one to handle curiosity that well and then I also want to prepare for the baby as in his or her nursery and everything. But I can’t exactly argue the point against her,” He let out a heavy sigh, “Not only is she super emotional, but she’s the one who is carrying the baby and the one who has to give birth. So, I’ve to respect her wishes right?” He raked a hand through his hair in agitation, “We’ve just been through so much lately and I know I won’t be able to explain to her why I do. I literally don’t want to hurt her but I really just need to know what we’re having.”
Dr. Stella regarded her thoughtfully for a moment before her gaze darted quickly towards the closed bathroom door.
“Well Mr. Fateen, I just have some typing to do.” She said raising her voice slightly.
“Uh, okay.” Kunj replied as politely as he could in his confusion and Dr. Stella gave him an amused smile.
“I hope you don’t mind a few moments of silence while I type down this information here.” She said subtly pushing Twinkle’s folder towards him. Immediately his eyes lit up with recognition.
“Oh, of course not. Please go on ahead with what you’re doing. I’ll just sit here, doing absolutely nothing.” He shouted loudly, his eyes glued to the door in preparation of his wife’s appearance even as he started to reach for the folder.
“I wasn’t aware she didn’t want to know gender, so it printed with all the other information, but next appointment I’ll have it removed so no nurses slip up and tell her. But it is right there on page two if you want to take a quick peek. I won’t tell.” She whispered and Kunj nodded suddenly feeling nervous. He was going to find out if he was having a boy or a girl.
He quickly flipped the page over and skimmed over the words barely being able to comprehend them in his excitement. Finally, finally he reached what he had been searching for and his heart almost leaped out of his body.
Gender: Male.
“Oh my gosh.” He whispered, his eyes starting to cloud up with tears, “Oh my Allah. A boy? I’m having a little boy.”
“Congratulations.” Dr. Stella said with a smile.
Kunj kept staring at the page with unexplainable happiness and bliss. His excitement was mounting to another level.
He jumped out of his seat, papers flying around him in a comedic shower, his ears ringing with the volume of her voice. The last time he had heard a shriek that loud and piercing, had been when he had almost sat on Azeen’s Hello Kitty bag, and she had freaked out on him. If he wasn’t currently looking at his seething wife, he would think that their sister was there.
“What are you doing?” She demanded. “You weren’t looking at the baby’s gender, were you?”
“Uh, I uh, I…” He stammered out nervously, darting his eyes quickly over to Dr. Stella anxiously.
“Mrs. Fateen, would you mind if I examine one more thing?” Dr. Stella intervened smoothly and while Twinkle seemed conflicted, as if she wanted to address Kunj and ignore her, she relented. Poor Kunj, not wanting to draw his wife’s ire back to the papers eagerly nudged them under the doctor’s desk while under the pretense of picking up Twinkle’s purse.
“Here you go darling.” He said with a smile, handing her purse when Dr. Stella pulled off her gloves a few moments later. “Pretty in pink.”
Twinkle looked up at him sharply. “What’s that supposed to mean?” She demanded narrowing her eyes at him. “Was that a hint? Are you saying we’re having a girl?”
“Uh, what? No! I really don’t know.” He responded truthfully, praying that she wouldn’t ask if they were having a boy.
“So you’re saying we’re having a boy then?”
“Twinkle!” Kunj exclaimed, blinking quickly as if to make sure it was indeed Twinkle sitting in front of him, and not say, Azeen. “I swear, I was just complimenting your purse.”
Twinkle stared at him with a blank face for a few minutes before suddenly she burst into tears.
“I’m sorry.” She wailed. “I wasn’t trying to yell at you.”
“Shhh, it’s okay.” He murmured comfortingly pulling her into an embrace. “It’s okay, don’t worry about it, okay.”
“Okay.” She sniffed wiping at her tears with her headscarf. Once she had pulled herself back together, she gave the doctor a wary smile, listening to her instructions and after the couple had bid her farewell and had left the room with a laugh. Dr. Stella bent over and gathered up the three pages that Kunj had hidden under her desk with an amusing smile.

P.S: Epilogue will be updated soon:) Stay awesome;)

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    Hello there!! Looks like I’m a little too late… I wanted to catch up atleast before the last episode, but in vain… But I must tell you, this was a very beautiful story, I loved the fact that it was so close to life… It all seemed absolutely possible and real!! Twinkle’s simplicity and straight forward nature, Kunj’s audacity and mysteriousness lifted this plot to greater heights… This will remain one of my favorites just like your other story… Your narrative skills are absolutely flawless… Wonderful!!

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