Twinj: Finding Solace In You (Skript: 02 and 03)

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Finding Solace In You-
Skript:02 (Omer disease)
Azeen: *entering the room* Twinkieeeeeeee! You’ve to help me!
Twinkle: *looking up from the book she’s reading* What’s wrong?
Azeen: I think there’s something deadly wrong with me!
Twinkle: *putting down her book in concern* What do you mean? Are you okay?
Azeen: *shaking her head* No. I’m not. At first I thought I was just imagining things, but then I started to get the unmistakable symptoms.
Twinkle: *taking a seat next to Azeen and putting a hand on hers* Ya’Allah Zeen! Do you think it is serious?
Azeen: Oh yes! It’s very serious.
Twinkle: What are your symptoms?
Azeen: *taking a deep dramatic breath* Shortness of breath, dizziness, lightheadedness, slight nausea, shaking knees, and what can only be described as butterflies in tummy!
Twinkle: *gasped in shock* Do you need to go to the hospital?
Azeen: The hospital can’t do anything for me. I’m afraid it’s too late.
Twinkle: Oh my! Should I call Kunj then? What do you think you have?
Azeen: *a somber look on her face* I think I have… *she pauses for dramatic effect* OD.
Twinkle: *in confusion* What is that?
Azeen: *giving her a ‘duh’ look* Omer disease!
Twinkle: *pushing Azeen over* Zeen! You scared me! Oh my Allah, don’t do that again. I thought Allah forbid you were dying or something!
Azeen: *throwing herself face down on the couch* My heart is dying! This is a very serious illness!
Twinkle: *rolling her eyes* Okay Zeen!
Azeen: Well, aren’t you going to ask me what it is?
Twinkle: No!
Azeen: *ignoring her sister* It’s when someone, in this case me, has such a huge crush on Omer that she can’t sleep, eat or even think!
Twinkle: *not really paying attention as she is trying to read her book again* Oh really?
Azeen: Oh yes. *she sits up, pulling her sister’s book out of her hands*
Twinkle: Hey! Zeen!
Azeen: Pay attention Twinkie! Just because you haven’t been afflicted with this, doesn’t mean it’s not life threatening.
Twinkle: Zeen, stop being a drama queen. You don’t have anything life threatening.
Azeen: *glaring her furiously* That’s what you think! There’s only one cure known to all of mankind.
Twinkle: *rolling her eyes* And what’s that?
Azeen: *dramatically* I’ve to marry him! Otherwise my symptoms will get drastically worse and could lead to me spontaneously COMBUSTING!
Twinkle: *stands up hiding her amusing smile* Okay Zeen! I’ll talk with Kunj about this. Now, I’m going to go start dinner.
Azeen: *yelling after Twinkle* You’ll be sorry when I die! *she slumps in her seat, crossing her arms over her chest and starts mumbling under her breath* Not life threatening! Ha! I get such a high fever when he’s around! A LOVE FEVER! *she snickers slightly before picking up the remote and switching on television* Seriously I have to do something!
Skript:03 (We are boring.)
*Twinkle is laying on the couch in the den watching television and eating snacks when she hears the first door open. By the time Kunj’s tall frame fills the doorway, she’s sitting up, a large smile on her face.*
Twinkle: Habibi! *she excitedly opens her arms wide, waiting for him to come all the way into the room* I’m so glad you’re back! Both the house and my heart were so empty without you!
Kunj: *placing his keys, wallet and phone on the side table before heading towards her* I promise you my heart was emptier without you too! *he leans down over her and kisses her a few times before smiling* Hello darling!
Twinkle: *softly* Hello habibi. *he again kissed her gently and slowly.*
*Kunj laughs and pulls back from her cupping her cheeks in his hands.*
Kunj: Wow what a welcome! *he gently skims his nose over her face, presses his lips to her neck before whispering into her ear* How about I leave and you can welcome me back again? I quite loved that!
Twinkle: *scowls while she’s all red in the face* Kunj!
Kunj: *laughs shaking his head* Fine, fine I’ll be good!
Twinkle: *patting the seat next to her* You better! *Kunj laughs* Come sit. *Kunj sits next to her and immediately puts an arm around her Twinkle snuggles into his chest* How was the day?
Kunj: It was good Alhumdulillah! Where is our munchkin by the way? The house is abnormally silent.
Twinkle: *chuckles* Zeen and Omer took him with her for some outing. They both are going to be back late night and I guess your little munchkin is having a very nice day because there’s no phone call from Zeen yet.
Kunj: *raising his eyebrows in amusement* Azeen and Omer together? You allowed them?
Twinkle: *sighs* Yeah! I had too. They were whining like child but hey I sent our son with them like you know… *smiles sheepishly* Haram police.
Kunj: *laughs kissing her head* Oh darling! You don’t have to worry. I’m damn sure Omer won’t ever put Azeen in a compromising situation. Anyways you know what?
Twinkle: *twirling his wedding band around his finger* What?
Kunj: Today Omer got a kitten for Azeen. He wants to gift her that little baby after their wedding as one of many gifts.
*Twinkle laughs and leans back against the couch, turning her head so she is looking at him*
Twinkle: Are you serious? *Kunj nods* That is so adorable! He’s really best for my Zeen.
Kunj: I know poor guy loves to listen her non stop and baseless chattering.
Twinkle: *smiling* They’re so lovely to be defined. *she stares off into the room for a few seconds before her phone beeps and as she looks at screen she shakes her head in amusement.*
Kunj: What happened?
Twinkle: *turning the phone so he can see* Zeen just sent me pictures. They went to Zoo! Look at our baby he’s looking so cute. *squeals happily* Habibi our baby is just so lovely, isn’t he?
Kunj: *takes the phone so he can properly see the picture before grinning widely* Yes darling he is! After all he’s our son. But I didn’t know Omer liked to go such places!
Twinkle: Oh I don’t think he had a choice in this matter!
*Kunj laughs and the two of them sit in companionable silence for a few seconds before Kunj looks down at his wife who has a slight frown on her face*
Kunj: *gently smoothing away the frown line between her eyebrows* What’s wrong darling?
Twinkle: Kunj do you think we’re boring?
Kunj: *in surprise* Boring? What do you mean boring?
Twinkle: *shifting so their faces are level with one another* I mean look at Zeen and Omer! They do spontaneous things all the time!
Kunj: Habibti I don’t think you can really compare anyone to your Azeen though!
Twinkle: Okay but look at Marcus and Susan! They just up and went to Jordan in the middle of the school year! In the middle of the working year! And look what you just told me! Omer got Zeen a kitten totally out of the blue and they aren’t even a couple! *she gives a frustrated sigh* I mean we’re only in our twenties and we skipped right over middle age and straight to old age. We got to bed at nine every night!
Kunj: *a small smile on his face* Well darling when we go to bed we don’t exactly sleep right away.
Twinkle: *blushing* I know. But still. I don’t want us to fall into a rut and get tired of each other!
Kunj: *pushing a curl out of her face* I’d never get tired of you darling. *he’s quite for a second before he looks at her with a pained expression* Are you saying that you think I’m boring? I mean I know I can be too serious and I’m not playful like Marcus and Aaron but… *he shrugs self consciously* I’d rather spend time at home with you in my arms than be at some party or waste time at the mall or something like that.
Twinkle: *putting her hand on his face* Oh no! Oh my habibi! I didn’t mean YOU personally! Oh my Kunj! *kisses his cheek softly* I meant I don’t want us to fall into a boring routine *kisses his forehead* I love love love how romantic you are with me *drops a light kiss on his lips* And I’ll never forget that whole elaborate scavenger hunt you planned for me. I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to make you feel bad!
*As her eyes start to well up with tears, Kunj laughs and takes her hands is his gently kissing each of her wrists*
Kunj: Darling, I know you’d never purposely try to hurt me. I understand what you’re saying, you just want some variety in our daily routine. Whatever you want, it is yours. What would you like to do?
Twinkle: I don’t even know to be honest. I just totally want us to do something that is TOTALLY not us! I mean obviously we can’t go crazy and do something like surfing or water skiing *she puts a hand on her stomach absently* But let’s do something out of character! Like go to a restaurant without reservations! *Kunj’s eyes widen a bit* Or better yet, go to a restaurant where we don’t have to wear formal attire. *Kunj’s eyes widen even more* Somewhere we’d wear jeans or exercise pants.
*Kunj’s eyes widen so large he looks like an owl*
Kunj: You want me to wear jeans or exercise pants in public?
Twinkle: *nodding enthusiastically* Yes! Oh please Kunj habibi! *she gives him a mischievous smile* I’m sure you’d look handsome!
*Kunj rolls his eyes*
Kunj: I don’t know if I even own a pair of jeans anymore Twinkle! Plus where’d we even go to eat?
Twinkle: McDonald’s!
*Kunj almost faints*
Kunj: ARE YOU SERIOUS! You want me to eat at fast food place that will clog my arteries?
Twinkle: *squealing happily* Yes! Come on Kunj! We always eat healthy! Just this once let’s just go crazy! Let’s go bowling too.
Kunj: *frowning* But we don’t own bowling shoes or bowling balls.
Twinkle: That’s the point of bowling habibi! You use the balls there and rent the shoes!
*Kunj falls over backwards onto the couch*
Kunj: Darling! You’re killing me! You want me to wear somebody else’s shoes?
*Jumping so she’s laying across him*
Twinkle: Yes! What do you say?
Kunj: *groans*
Twinkle: Is that a yes?
Kunj: *groans louder*
*Kunj and Twinkle come into the house. They’re carrying McDonald’s bags and both of them are wearing jeans, Twinkle’s are under a pretty red dress and they’re laughing and talking*
Kunj: *as they slump onto the couch* I’d have beaten you but my hand slipped!
Twinkle: *rolling her eyes* Pretty convenient that your hand slipped EVERY time you went to throw the ball!
Kunj: *glaring* Be quite!
*Twinkle laughs and sticks her hand into her bag pulling out a French Fry*
Twinkle: Mmmmmm these are so good!
Kunj: *putting some in his mouth* They’re amazing! I don’t even want to know how many calories I’ve eaten today!
*Twinkle laughs before nudging his leg with her toe*
Twinkle: I had fun with you today habibi. Thank you so much!
*Kunj puts his bag down before he leans over her, kissing her*
Kunj: I had fun with you too.
Twinkle: *after a few moments of silence* Kunj?
Kunj: Yes darling?
Twinkle: Can we take these jeans off now?
Kunj: OH THANK ALLAH! YES! I thought this moment would never come!
Twinkle: What?
Kunj: Don’t get me wrong. I really did have an amazing time with you and bowling was fun and yes these fries are amazing as well *he motions towards the McDonald’s bag* and I’m glad I didn’t get too fat to fit into the jeans I wore, but today is just not us! I like to make reservations, I like wearing suit and tie with matching cuff links, I like to eat food that hasn’t been marinated in salt and then deep fried!
Twinkle: *sighs in agreement* Me too habibi!
Kunj: The whole time I wanted to come and lay on the couch and turn on a movie and enjoy your accompany! And if wanting to be with my beautiful wife every second of every day makes me boring than so be it! I AM BORING!
*Twinkle laughs and puts her arms around his neck as he pulls her into his lap*
Twinkle: Oh habibi! I feel the same! I needed today to prove that our routine shows how comfortable we’re around each other! It shows how much in love we are, and how much our hearts don’t ever want to be separated even for a moment.
Kunj: Exactly!
Twinkle: So guess what?
Kunj: *smiling* What?
Twinkle: I’m boring too! And the two of us together are a boring couple!
Kunj: Yes! We’re the most romantic boring couple there ever was!
Twinkle: And the most important part is we don’t care that we’re boring because we’re happy the way we’re! We’re happy together!
Kunj: Exactly! Alhumdulillah! *he gives her a long deep kiss before he swings her up in his arms*
Twinkle: *in surprise as he starts to carry her to their room* Are we going to sleep already? It’s too early!
Kunj: *raises an eyebrow* Really darling? Who said anything about sleeping?
Twinkle: *blushes furiously and not meeting his gaze* There’s just one problem though…
Kunj: *in genuine concern* What is it?
Twinkle: Can we finish our french fries first?
Thank you very much for reading.
Heya fellas! Okay… So as I mentioned earlier these skripts are just for fun so I just hope you guys are having fun while reading it:) So far the second one was the most cheesiest and romantic thing I’ve ever written lol XD but personally I loved it! As I’m leaving for Lahore on Saturday so I don’t know if I’d be able to update more but I’ll try my best and also would try to update before leaving though it partially depends on… Your views;)
Thank you very much guys for being so supportive and understanding. Many of you want me to continue BNWY but I can’t for I’m not satisfied with it, there’s something missing like Vibhu said there wasn’t any Maha spark lol XD But yeah somewhere I realised that we read stories to get rid of tensions and problems of our lives and by showing such plots maybe I was afflicting pain on y’all. If yes, then I’m truly very sorry! Pardon me for I’m also a human:) Apart from that… You guys want me to start new story which I had mentioned, I’ll try to work on it soon though the response is getting so low in my stories. Many of you has stopped sharing their views and it actually hurts because like other writers I too put so much effort in my work and less response hurts! Please if something is missing then do tell me instead of remaining silent. Keep showering your love please. Hope you guys are enjoying these skripts as well, I’ve changed the pattern because there should be some difference between episodes and mini skripts so that’s why… I hope you all are okay with it:) And the reason behind two skripts is that the first one was kind of small so thought to add one more:’) I know second one is sort of uhmm uhmm but hey can you blame me, they are married and slight romance is necessary. Don’t forget to share your opinions. Stay awesome;)
P.S: The next one will hold married life of Azeen and Omer, if you want it before Saturday then you know the key lol XD
Keep smiling:-)
Love y’all<3
Take care!

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