Twinj: Finding Solace In You (Last Episode)

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Finding Solace In You-
Episode:19 (Last Episode)
The morning dew drops slid down the frosty glass window. Everything felt cold. Maybe even the nature was portraiting the condition of her heart; numb and cold. Twinkle laid in the bed of her small room. Brought up the blanket to her chin and covered herself securely from the chilled feeling. A tear drop leaked down her eye. Sniffing in numbness she dried it off with the blanket.
Days were coming to a deliberate end of leaving Kunj’s Villa. At that time it felt like the easiest thing to do but laying cold in bed, she realised it wasn’t. Kunj wasn’t Faris. Despite Kunj’s crude reality for the sake of need, he had cared for her in the most profound manner any man cares for the woman he loves and she had loved him back. She had fallen in love with him in the most truest accords. That’s what made him so different than Faris.
She missed him but her mind wasn’t bringing itself to accept that cruel reality. Twinkle missed waking up to his face, his eyes intriguingly watching her, his soft smile welcoming her to begin a new day, his warmth letting her know she was safe with him, she missed it all. How she wished she could just ditch the reality of him and go back. Go back to him and tell him she had a really terrible nightmare and nor was he going to warmly welcome her into his embrace. He had taken what he needed, there was nothing left she could offer him and beg him to keep her. There was only numbness left and empty feelings settling in the hollow of her soul.
The bell rang, bringing Twinkle back from her void. Tiredly she unwrapped the blanket and stood up. Catching her balance, she wrapped the woolen shawl around her body and walked towards the door. Peering through the hall she saw Susan wave at her and she opened it for her. “Hey there!” She greeted cheerfully the moment she let her in.
Both the women seemed to have bonded in a warm relation. They found comfort with each other. Even though Susan seemed the happiest woman on earth but deep down both knew that every soul on earth faced turbulence. From her work load, to her recent news of not being able to conceive another child, everything was going off around her life except for her supporting and loving husband.
She made Ellena stand on the floor and walked towards the kitchenette. “I haven’t had breakfast, what do you have in here?” She opened the fridge door and took out a few homemade chicken rolls, “These will do.” Before she could put them to heat, Twinkle came in behind her to inspect what she was about to eat.
“Don’t eat them, they don’t smell fine to me.” Instinctively Susan smelled the food and looked at her confounded. “They smell fine.” Twinkle shook her head. Susan tore off a bit, chewed on it and swallowed. “They taste fine too. Maybe you aren’t feeling well.”
Tiredly Twinkle sat on one of the stools. “I feel dizzy and cold.” Susan inspected her tired stance and put the plate aside.
“We’re going to visit the doctor.” Twinkle shook her head in disapproval. “Don’t give me that attitude young woman. I’m taking you to the doctor and that’s that.” Twinkle knew it wasn’t an option to just shrug her off anymore.
“Give me ten minutes to fix my attire.” Susan nodded at her in victory.
They sat at the clinic for a couple of minutes before the doctor returned to them. Her reports were very clear.
After delivering the news she paused and look at Twinkle for a brief moment. “You look quite like the artist Kunj Fateen’s wife you know? What a resemblance.” Both of the women glared at her in utter shock.
“Wife?” They repeated in unison.
“Yes, the woman in his recent paintings is his wife. He secretly married you know and revealed it last night in an exclusive interview. It’s all over the news. Though there hadn’t been any public appearance yet.” The doctor mused to herself.
Shock was an emotion beyond Twinkle. None of them knew about any interview of Kunj Fateen or his revelation of marriage status. More precise in words, they had stayed away from news and television for a good reason that didn’t seem too good now.
Susan took her by the arm and collected her reports. They walked outside towards the elevator. Twinkle was too absorb in her own void to zone in on anything. The drive to her apartment and the silence only exaggerated her emotional condition. Twinkle had tried to stay strong for quite a while now and Susan knew too well that it’d be any moment that her strengths finally give up and she’d shatter like a thin glass. Maybe that’s how fragile women are. They only endure what their strengths allow them, they can keep strong for longer but there comes a point where it fails and everything falls into pieces. Twinkle was having an inner battle to not break away for it’d be the last thing she’d ever do.
On reaching the apartment, she turned in the keys, let herself in and placed her reports on the nearby table. Taking off both her shoes, she slumped tiredly onto the couch.
“I don’t know why he’d make such a confession.” Susan stirred the topic so she won’t let her eat up at herself in worry and anxiety.
“I don’t know.” Twinkle didn’t know why he’d do that now of all the times. She didn’t know why he was such a selfish crude. Maybe he did so people could recognise her and make her living a life hell than it already was. Maybe he was planning on a revenge as she left him without a word. Emotions bottled up within her. For a moment her eyes fell upon the reports and she turned towards Susan.
“What if he finds out?” Susan knew what she meant exactly by those words. She knew she was scared, her eyes deliberately gave her fears away even though her face held onto a stern look. “He’ll take me away wouldn’t he?” Her voice cracked.
“He won’t find out and he won’t take you away. You’re safe here.” She tried to assure her and patted her shoulder to relax abit.
“He’ll find out someday. We can’t hide this from him forever.” Even Susan knew she was right. Kunj Fateen would find out the truth someday, they couldn’t keep it from him forever. Everything in Twinkle’s life was turning upside down and Susan no more knew if she could keep her safe. If by any source Kunj got the news, he’d barge in breaking down the doors. Rejection or acceptance was something for later.
Susan made Twinkle a meal, though she wasn’t a good cook as her but she could plate something decent enough to eat at least. She settled her food in the fridge and walked to where she was curled up on the couch. “I’ll check on you in the morning. If anything happens, I’m just a call away okay?” Twinkle nodded at her attentively.
It was seven in the evening when Susan left her apartment. Twinkle covered herself in the blanket and flipped through the channels in vivid distraction. Her mind was stuck on the reports laying on her table and on the confession Kunj Fateen had made. Did he actually consider her his wife or was it just a facade to get to her? What if he finds out about her condition? Would he accept? Would he keep her? Would she wants to stay with him? Was it about her anymore? It wasn’t. Questions kept running through her mind like andrenaline. In weeks she had forgotten how to cry even. She reached out for her phone to call Azeen, maybe by talking to her, she’d somehow get her mind off the one person she was starting to despise so much but before she could even dial a number, the doorbell interrupted her attempts.
Exhausted from the day, she tried to get up and walked towards the door. It could only be the neighbour across the walk who’d disturb her at the hour. Somehow this wouldn’t be her first time and Twinkle was thinking of shrugging her off finally. She wanted some peace to herself.
Without much of a thought, she walked towards the main door, pulled off the security lock and opened the door in pure annoyance. Her breath froze in her lungs on seeing who was standing before her. Her eyes went wide in the sockets and her mouth left agap.
He had never seen her this shock before, it was as if she had seen a ghost in white. He didn’t tear his eyes off her. Recalculating her options, he watched her take a primitive step backwards and instantly tried to shut the door in his face but before it could close, he did something really stupid. In time he had placed his hand between the door and the lock to stop it from clicking close just to end up crushing his fingers. He hissed in pain, Twinkle let go of the door in panic and moved a few feet backwards.
Taking advantage of his options, he pushed open the door wide enough to reveal him and stepped into her privacy.
Kunj had tracked her down. He had followed them to her apartment and waited for Susan to leave so he could get her alone. He had waited hours and now he was standing in front of her. After more than a month he was seeing her in bones and flesh, and not a painting in craved into a blank canvas. Nothing was different about her except for the exhausted look on her face. Maybe she was tired of running away from life, from him.
“What are you doing here?” She asked in a shaky voice.
“I should ask you the same question Twinkle.” He sternly bit back at her.
“Should you?” She challenged. Kunj admired the nerve of this woman. Maybe that’s one thing he fell in love with. Arguing with her would only make things worse, he concluded. He asked that one question that never left his mind.
“Why did you leave?” Twinkle looked away from him with tears glazing her hazel eyes. Kunj took calculated steps towards her, he inched closer. Twinkle didn’t leave her spot, she didn’t flinch away. He towered over her fragile body, sternly controlling his hands from touching her, he didn’t want to give her any bad impression after everything.
“Do you even know what your leaving did to me? Did you even for once think of me? I searched everywhere for you like a mad man. Why Twinkle?” Twinkle turned her face to him and looked at him dead in the eye, giving away a disgusted look. “Cut the lies.” She commented furiously.
Kunj stared at her face confused. “I’m not lying.” His face gave away his innocence but Twinkle wasn’t a fool anymore. She pushed him hard against his chest till he stumbled a few feet back. Twinkle walked away. Kunj towed behind her to stop her. He caught her by the arm and turned her towards him. Placing both his hands on her shoulder, he tightened his grip on her. “I’m not lying Twinkle. Your leaving killed me. You’ve no idea how these weeks had been for me. You know nothing.” She tried to get out of his hold but his fingers dug into her arms.
“Why were you searching for me? Didn’t your exhibition go a success? That’s the only thing you wanted from me right? That’s exactly what you married me for and you got it then why can’t you just leave me alone now? Why do I matter anymore?” Kunj looked at her confused.
“I-” He opened his mouth to answer her but Twinkle beat him to it.
“I read your journal Kunj Fateen. I know everything. I know the reality of the marriage, the reality of you, everything. You’re a demon, a monster. All of you are. You’re all the same. He was right, he was right when he told me you only want one thing from me, I was merely your lust, your obsession. I was so stupid to not listen to him and trust you-” Her voice cracked with hurtful emotions. She revised Faris’s prediction to him. Kunj blinked at her, with words going dry in his mouth. A stinging pain spread across his chest. He felt her hurt, her heartbreak and understood her pain at once. It was as if their souls were connected now. That’s what love can do.
“Things have changed, Twinkle.” Was his only defensive reply. His mind couldn’t work as to how he’d tell her otherwise, confess his feelings to her, tell her she meant the world to him, tell her he didn’t ever want her to leave again, tell her just so much but words didn’t seem to suffice her anymore.
“Nothing have changed.” Twinkle shot back.
“I’m not him Twinkle.” He innocently stated. With a force, she let his grip loose on her and stepped backwards from his presence.
“You’re right, you aren’t him.” A tear rolled down her cheek and she aggressively wiped it away. “You’re worse than him. He only abused my emotions and body. And you?” Her heart heaved with anguish, “you abused my soul, you abused my being and I don’t know what can be worse than that.” He heard the muffled cry in her voice and his heart stopped at it. He was helpless.
In years of success and high status, Kunj Fateen was helpless. It felt like losing everything all over again. He was losing something so dear to him once again. The heaviness of the meaning of her words wounded his heart.
“Leave!” She almost cried at him.
Without words, staring at her defeated emotions, her heart broken expression, he turned around and walked towards the door. He had lost once again. He was a failure once again. And it was only and only his fault. He shut the door on himself and walked towards his car. Seated himself in and stared at a void. Love is an oblivion. No one ever reached a good ending, it’s always about misunderstandings, heart breaks, hurt, disappointments and everything that can prick your heart. Kunj could feel the pricking at his heart.
His gaze fell upon the tiny box situated atop of his car’s dashboard. He picked it and twisted around in his hands. Staring at it and recalling Liyannah’s words, he started pondering. Was he going to give up that easily? He was Kunj Fateen, nothing could ever stop him from getting what he wanted. If he could get her as his obsession then he could also get her as his love. He loved her and he wasn’t going to give up this easily on her.
Kunj got out of his car, locked it and walked towards the building again.
Twinkle couldn’t make sense of what happened. She securely locked back the door. Her eyes fell on the report and quickly she hid it away. She wanted to call Marcus but she knew too well that if Kunj found Marcus had helped her all along, it’d put him in hot water. Her heart was beating wild in her chest. She heard the doorbell again.
Peering through the hall, she saw him standing in his proud attire once again. “What do you want?”
“Open the door and I’ll tell you.”
Twinkle knew that being rebellious against Kunj won’t do her any good. She opened the door and he stepped in again. The expressions on his face had changed and was replaced by a smug look. He walked into the apartment and entered the kitchenette. Twinkle followed him.
He opened the fridge and took out the food Susan had left there. “What do you think you’re doing?” Twinkle asked agitatedly.
Kunj gave her an innocent look, “I’m trying to feed myself after a long and tiring journey, which my lovely wife here doesn’t seem to notice.” He seated himself on the stool and began eating.
“Kunj I want you to leave.”
“I didn’t book a suit, so I clearly can’t leave at this hour since I’ve no where else to go.”
“You can go to Marcus’s.” Kunj dropped his fork.
“How do you know he lives here?” Wait, what Susan was doing here? And how did you get here?” Twinkle panicked.
“That’s none of your business.”
“This is my business. You’re my wife, you go missing, you’re no where to be found in the country and then I find you here.” She blinked at him.
“How did you find me?”
“Don’t answer my question with a question Twinkle. He helped you didn’t he?” His smug look and playfulness dropped and he asked her all serious. “I can sue him for kidnapping my wife.”
“No, you won’t.” He gave her a look as if to say ‘try me’. “What do you want from me Kunj?” She almost cried.
“A chance to let me explain myself to you, confess the truth right from the beginning to now, honestly. Then you can decide and whatever you decide, I’ll accept your decision. No more games. I promise.” Twinkle could read his honesty. “For the good times sake.” He emphasised. He was right, she did have a good time with him. She closed her eyes and nodded at him.
Women are very insecure beings. Once you question and challenge their feelings and morals, they’ll never look at you the same again. Keeping his proposition’s reality aside, Kunj had never treated her badly. He had always cared, genuine or not but it was enough for Twinkle to reconsider.
Twinkle took a shower and changed into her night gown. She brushed her tangled hair down. Placing the brush over her dresser, she touched the hijaab and looked at herself in the mirror. She was his wife, he had already seen more than just her hair, what good a headscarf would do her now. Recoiling back her hand she walked out of the room and saw Kunj busily typing away on his phone. Trying to ignore his presence, she sat across of him and switched through the channels.
Kunj felt her presence and reluctantly looked up at where she was. His breath hitched. Seeing her so deliberate after such a long time was nothing but cruelty. His heart sped up, his hands inched to touch her but right now he was on much important notations than to spoil the silent comfort they had between them.
“There’s only one room, you’ll have to sleep on the couch.” She announced while turning to him and noticed his dilated pupils already staring at her. She felt self conscious.
“I won’t fit.” And he was right. Twinkle got up in irritation and turned towards him, “Fine, keep your hands to yourself.” Was a sleek warning.
As she turned to walk away, redemptive darkness invaded her vision and her head felt dizzy. Before she could hit the ground Kunj caught her authoritatively in reflex. “Easy easy…” He settled her on the couch. She clung to him for support. Maybe fate was favouring Kunj, after everything fate had done to him, maybe now it was letting him grasp this little fragments of happiness. He held her securely in his embrace till she gained consciousness. He helped her sit.
“Are you okay?” Kunj asked her worriedly. Twinkle nodded her head.
“I think I haven’t slept well or had anything to eat either” Kunj could tell it from his exhausted face that she was being honest. If only he knew.
He went into the kitchen and fetched her glass of water and food. “Twinkle, for a moment forget what has happened please. Relax your mind and eat dinner. I’m putting you to bed after this.” Twinkle could note the genuine concern in his voice. Maybe she had been wrong about him, maybe she had misunderstood him, insecurities started running in her blood.
Kunj watched her eat in silence. Her phone rang. He signalled her to not move and fetched it for her. The name on the caller ID made him sour. He handed her the phone, “Put it on speaker.” He commanded. Twinkle knew how serious he was on this particular notation. She didn’t argue and hit the speaker.
“Hi Marcus!”
“Hi Marcus? Really? I’m worried sick here, Susan told me about you. If she hadn’t dragged you upto the clinic we’d have never known. Why would you jeopardise your health like that Twinkle?” He went in one go. Twinkle’s eyes widened and inwardly she prayed he wouldn’t feed more information to Kunj. Kunj looked at her with a confused expression to which she just shook her head as if to say ‘it’s nothing’.
“Marcus I’m fine now, I promise.” She wished he’d drop the subject.
“I’m glad to hear that but we’ll still be worried about you staying on your own-”
“She’s not on her own anymore, I’m here now. With her.” Kunj interjected.
After a long silence Marcus confusedly asked, “Kunj?”
“Who else? Though I really admire the way you tricked me. My best man tricked me.”
“You know Kunj it’s not how you think.”
“Oh I know exactly how it is.” Kunj bit back which infuriated him.
“You were planning to leave her, she found out about you Kunj Fateen. You should be glad we had her safe and secure or else you don’t know where she’d have left for. Maybe things aren’t good but I did whatever was for best. If it wasn’t for us anything had happened to her, you’d have never been able to forgive yourself.” Marcus spat into the phone. “Do you want to lose her too?” He asked him a question Kunj didn’t want to answer.
“No!” Kunj silently replied and understood at once how his friend kept his back. Twinkle stared at him confused.
“Make it right this time.” He told Kunj and ended the call.
Kunj stared at her peaceful sleepy face beside him in bed. How much he missed her presence, her touch, her voice, her laughs, everything about her. For a month he had stayed away from her and each day seemed too hard to get through but he was here now. Watching her breathe slowly, part and close her lips and shift in sleep. He tucked the stray strand of hair behind her ear and leaned into lay a kiss on her forehead. Maybe that’s the most devoted expression of utter affection.
This was the woman who had changed his stone heart. A woman who fell into his life one morning and unleashed a havoc with her coming. She had him intrigued within her mysterious hazel eyes and a smile full of her heroic tales. A woman who had shown him each scar that marked her soul and somehow he had fallen in love with her very soul because it showed her endurance, courage and passion. A woman who had fallen in love with him without demanding anything in return. Maybe selfless love is the most attractive kind of love. She had turned his demons into ash and liberated his heart to love once again. How could he let her go now?
Caressing her cheek with the back of his hand, he leaned in and softly stole a kiss. Kunj watched her recoil. He glanced outside and carefully untangled his body from hers. He made his way towards the washroom to make ablution. Today was an important day for him for the sunrise would decide his fate. It’d decide if fate is kind enough to let her stay. He couldn’t cope watching her fade away, he couldn’t let her go, thus, he had to beg Lord to grant her to him and not snatch her away.
He found the prayer rug by the night stand, spreading it out he stood and prayed. By the end of Salah, he made a genuine prayer to Allah. He begged Him to not snatch her away. He wept like a child. They say if a man weeps over a woman, there’s no person he could love more than that. Kunj Fateen wept over an ordinary woman who gave him her heart without asking for his back.
Twinkle stirred and heard someone’s hitching. She tried to adjust her sight to the dim light only to see someone in a prostrated position, weeping. It took moments for her to register it was no one but Kunj. To say she was shocked was an understatement. She pushed away the blanket and walked towards him, placing a hand over his back. Abruptly he sat straight and looked at her. They could make little of each other’s features.
“Please don’t leave me.” He cried. Confused Twinkle gripped his arm, “Relax Kunj, I’m here…”
“I’m sorry Twinkle. I’m so sorry. I was selfish, I did wrong with you, so much wrong, I used you, exposed you. I-I’m worse than Faris. I didn’t want you to fall for me, I thought I’d betray her if I moved on but she’s gone. I was confused, I was lost-” He paused to painfully drag in some air onto his lungs, “I know I’ve hurt you, a lot. I know I can’t fix it anymore but please don’t leave me. It’ll kill me. I can’t lose you too Twinkle. I’ve lost so much already. Please forgive me, stay with me, don’t leave me. I regret what I did. I know I’m a monster but you know I’ve found Allah, I begged Him each day to find you. I believed in Him Twinkle, I believe in Allah. I’ve realised that you aren’t my inspiration for art, you’re the means for me to find Allah, to find Solace. I found my solace in you Twinkle.” His chain of sentences had no uniformity, he let out whatever he felt without thinking over his words twice. In such a condition, Twinkle knew how genuine he was being. She was watching him break, watching him weep and confess his sins like a child.
Twinkle rose on her knees and hugged him, embracing him with her comfort, cradling him in her love, “Shhh, I forgive you. I forgive you Kunj for I too found my solace in you.” She coed.
Sometimes forgiving people is hard because you feel like they’re not sorry enough to be forgiven. But when a person genuinely is sorry, you can watch him burdened with his doings, you can watch him weeping for forgiveness and in those moments your heart wants nothing more than to forgive him.
“I love you so much Twinkle.” Her heart froze at his words. Warmth surrounded them, maybe after everything fate was being kind to them. Maybe it was fate, to drag them this far so they could find true love. Thanking Lord for showing His mercy Kunj embraced her firmly in his arms for never letting her go away.
Twinkle laid down a plate of pancakes and Kunj smiled at the scent of it. After what seemed like a life time, both their hearts were finally at peace and it reached up their eyes.
“I want to take you somewhere. After we’re done with breakfast, get yourself dressed please.” Twinkle nodded.
Kunj opened the passenger seat of the car for her to settle in. He drove miles away outside the city and refused to answer Twinkle on any question she asked. It felt like a dejavu. He parked before what seemed like a cementary. He got out of the car and let her out too. He held out a hand to her and with a confused look she slipped her hand into his.
Kunj assuringly smiled at her and led her through the gates. They walked a few seconds till he took them to the far end of the cementary. He paused before two tombstones and gave her a genuine smile. Twinkle read his parent’s name on the tombstones.
“Hey mom, dad, missed me?” Twinkle stared at him and her heart yearned for him. All she could see was an innocent child trapped in an adult body who had gone through the trauma of losing most people he loved. In the light of it, she understood him better now. “I brought someone to meet you.” He gently squeezed her hand in his excitedly, “This is Twinkle, my wife. I love her very much. I just want you to tell her that I’m very sorry for hurting her and that I promise I’ll never hurt her again.” Twinkle smiled at him and side hugged him reaching on her toes to brush a soft kiss on his stubbled jaw.
“Hi Mr and Mrs Fateen. I’m Twinkle. I was just wondering if you could tell your son that I too love him very much and I’ve forgiven him.” Kunj leaned and kissed the top of her head.
He let go of her hands coiled around his arms and took a step backwards. Twinkle looked confounded. He reached out to his jeans pocket and fetched out a tiny box that was royal blue in colour. He kneeled down and held the box before her. Uncovering the lid revealed a delicate sky blue color diamond ring with many small diamonds embroidered across the platinum band.
“This was my mother’s. Liya gave it to me and said that the day I consider you my actual wife, I’ll settle it upon your finger. I think today is the day. Twinkle I promise to love you forever, to never leave your side, never hurt you, make your happiness my priority, take care of you and always be there for you. I don’t know how to sweet coat words since I’m a straightforward man so today all I ask you is that will you accept me as your husband?” With tears she nodded and he slipped through ring on her finger. Both their hearts united but there was still something remaining that needed to be resolved.
“I’ve to tell you something.” His expressions changed suddenly to concern. Kunj nodded for her to continue. Closing her eyes she took in a breath bracing herself for the aftermath, “We’re expecting.” She opened her eyes to endure Kunj’s reaction for she was scared he won’t approve of a child but his eyes told her otherwise.
Kunj couldn’t believe his ears. Finally Lord was answering all his prayers. Now there’d be two people he’d look forward to see each day. He couldn’t stop himself from grinning ear to ear. He engulfed Twinkle in a big bear hug and spin her around in pure bliss.
After many voids of life, after many hard roads, they found their paths to each other. It took them time to realise Lord had paired them to complete each other but everything seemed worth it. He loved her and she loved him. Even after many heartbreaks, many failed hopes, many vile expectations, they found love; true love. A love that started from something halaal. A proposition or marriage, their journey was a bliss in the end. These were their absrabst theories. At last, they found their long lost solace in each other.

~♥♦~THE END~♦♥~
Thank you very much for reading.
First of all, hats off to all of those who had assumed correctly about Twinkle being pregnant. I’m just speechless. How could you guys guess so correctly:)
So this was the last episode of this story which is the longest in the history of updates so now I want you all to write good words before leaving it’d just pay off my hard work:* I’m kinda sad for letting go of this story like seriously I’ve fallen so hard for Kunj Fateen. I’m really going to miss Mr and Mrs Kunj Fateen so much:’) Before updating an epilogue there would be a mini skript so I’m sort of excited because it’d be the first time I’m experimenting something like that. Also after epilogue there’d be some more mini skripts on Mr and Mrs Kunj Fateen plus Azeen and her hero;) for I don’t want to let them go just now. They’d be just for fun, no tension or anything:)
Coming to episode, I seriously didn’t want to drag this missing track and Twinkle getting mad on Kunj for so long it’d have just spoiled the plot. Kunj was truly repenting and both Kunj and Twinkle needed a chance to restart their lives freshly and now was the true time and I guess we all do find small reasons to hold on that person we love, we adore and when the life truly and whole heartedly gives us that chance then we really don’t want to lose it. Both had endured so much in life that now when they found a sparkle they just wanted to grab it. One more thing I had shown Twinkle in this story extra ordinary beautiful, right? And no doubt she is but… What Kunj found attractive in her wasn’t her looks, it was her strong personality, her simplicity, her softness, and the way she behaved; that was what intriguing for our Kunj Fateen.
Now, a huge thank you to each and everyone who poured their hearts throughout the story, who made this journey more interesting than I ever could imagine, who loved Mr and Mrs Kunj Fateen. Thank you so much, I’m nothing without your support so please please please keep showering your love and I’ll keep entertaining you all with my not so awesome work but hey… I try. Also do check out the sneek peek of my new story, “Being Normal With You” Those who had already commented are going to rock on my hearts. Lol XD I truly love you all so much. Stay awesome till next time;)
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Keep smiling:-)
Love y’all<3
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