Twinj: Finding Solace In You (Episode:12)

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Finding Solace In You-
Kunj had been gone on some important business trip for almost eight days. It was almost weekend and Twinkle had begged Azeen to spend it with her. It took her everything to explain out things to her but as ignorant as Azeen was acting up, it did her no good.
Before leaving Kunj had made certain things clear to her. First that she was never supposed to forget their marriage was a proposition so she wasn’t to expect any compassion from him. Sure he’d be a husband to her but with no feelings involved. Twinkle didn’t know how she felt about it but for one she knew after her divorce from Faris and her previous broken relation, she wasn’t ready to give someone the kind of place in her heart or her heart anyways.
Secondly he told her that their marriage had to stay secret, no one was supposed to know about it. It made her curious as to why he didn’t want to be upfront about it to the people. At least the employees at Kunj’s villa knew of their marriage and that was enough for her to suffice her doubts. She didn’t want anymore staking her character by thinking she was living with a man out of wedlock.
Azeen finally showed up at Kunj’s villa but with a smug expression curved permanently into her face. “I’m not going to like you anytime soon just so you know.” Azeen accusingly informed Kunj who sat across from her on the dinning table. He had arrived the previous day and had almost wasted two hours of talking out Azeen which prominently went all vain. “No one asked you to like me even.” He remarked back in pure infuriating tone. He dropped playing nice with her because unlike her sister, she was way more stubborn and rebellious than he thought.
Azeen huffed in annoyance. “Did you just hear him Twinkie? How did you even agree to marrying this arrogant prude?” Her accusation started agniting Kunj’s temper. “Zeen drop it please.” Twinkle pleaded in a whisper.
“I can’t drop it. You married him, how can I drop it? I mean come on Twinkie you just escaped Faris and now him?” She pointed accusingly at Kunj. “He doesn’t even have the ethics to legally announce you as his wife to the world. I’m not dumb like you Twinkie. He’s using you and when he’s done he’ll trash you for sure because if you were real to him he’d have already announced this marriage. He’s Kunj Fateen for crying out loud-” Before she could finish Kunj slammed his fist painfully loud on the table and utensils above it shook from the impact. “Enough!” He roared. Both the girls jumped in their seats.
“One more word you speak and I’ll make sure you never speak again, do you hear me?” He hated girls who behaved smug and and spoilt. Who were in the habit of judging people before even knowing them. “You listen to me and you listen well. As much as I hate to admit but if it wasn’t for me your sister here would’ve been dead meat by now and you would’ve had faced the horror of abduction, physical and s*xual abuse from that ex brother-in-law of yours.” His information clicked Azeen at once and she shook her head to dismiss even the thought of it. Kunj closed his eyes to calm his nerves before continuing.
“You should thank me for saving you both and putting that sorry excuse of a man behind the bars. As for why Twinkle married me or why I made her to do it is none of your darn business you hear me? I’ve tried been nice to you but you’re not her of course.” He pointed at Twinkle. “And I can’t tolerate people ill behaving with me.”
He leaned in closer to them both, “As for making this marriage public, that’s exactly the kind of thinking I’d expect from someone who knows nothing about the elite world. Oh no I’m not bragging, I’m far from doing that. But believe me when I say it can’t get any nastier than letting the media know about this marriage because the next thing you’ll see is their cameras following you everywhere on the face of earth. They would penetrate into your sister’s life and exploit every fibre of her being. You’ll see her in every single tabloid accompanied with statements like what a gold digger he got himself she has probably got some meat to offer, what did it take her to convince a brute like Kunj Fateen into marrying her? Maybe she’s nothing more than a charity case.” He paused to calculate their stunned expressions.
“The media does everything to break you. Once they know about your weak ends, they’d do anything to extract out news that can earn them a good pay. It’s ugly but that’s what they’re trained for and you can do nothing to escape it.” He sighed remembering his struggles with such rumors and accusations. They’ve even labelled him gay and impotent because he was never spotted much around women like other billionaire playboys.
“Do you want that?” They asked both of them. They shook their heads in union. “Good, now excuse me.” He got up from his seat and left both girls in utter embarrassment for judging him wrongly.
“Twinkie?” Azeen called out in the pitch black darkness of the room. She felt her shift in bed beside her. Kunj had asked Twinkle to sleep with Azeen as he was going to stay in his studio the entire night, working on some art project. “Hmmm.” She replied her. They didn’t talk after Kunj left after such an outburst. “I’m sorry.” Azeen told her in a whisper.
Instantly the bedside lamp flickered open and Twinkle shot up in bed alertly. “Are you alright Zeen?” Azeen slowly placed herself in a sitting position and brought her chin to her knees. “I’m sorry for judging him, he doesn’t seem so bad. I was just scared he might hurt you like Faris did. I don’t want you to get hurt.” Twinkle sighed and moved closer to her.
“I understand how you feel and it’s fine. But I think you need to apologise to him instead. He seemed upset about your accusations.” Twinkle paused to look at her, “Zeen sometimes you can’t stop what happens to you, you can’t recoil back from fate. Faris was my fate and so is Kunj. All I can do is pray that Kunj turns out good if not better. As so far he has done nothing to prove me wrong. We don’t have a right to accuse and hate on someone who’s done nothing but been helpful and kind to us.” Azeen still didn’t look convinced one bit.
Twinkle closed her eyes and hesitantly told her something she never shared with her before, considering she was her baby sister but then again they were grown up now and had faced a lot already. “He hasn’t even touched me yet.” Azeen’s eyes widened at her confession but she quickly replaced her reaction with an amused one. “Like that?” She poked at her. “Yes, like that. He hasn’t. To make it more unbelievable to you, he hasn’t even seen my hair. I didn’t take off my hijaab in front of him not even once.” Azeen shook her head in a diverted stance.
“Not even on your wedding night? He didn’t ask you to show him your ankle or hair like most of the Arab guys ask on their wedding nights?” Azeen asked and let out a humours laugh.
“I can’t believe I’m discussing my private marriage life with you and you’re finding it humorous.” She hit Azeen hard on the thighs.
“Okay-okay I get the point. He’s not like Faris and he’s a gentleman so far.” She stated sarcastically to which Twinkle rolled her eyes.
“You’re apologising to him first thing in the morning or I’m never seeing you again.”
“Wow acting all wifey ain’t we? I mean I’m vaguely sorry for offending your arrogantly proud husband but I don’t think so he’ll buy apology without insulting me in return.”
Twinkle eyed her sternly. Azeen threw up her hands in the air, “Okay fine I’ll apologise.” Twinkle rolled her eyes again and turned off the lamp.
Kunj tiredly walked down into the dinning room and was hit by the strong smell of pancakes. It was starting to become his personal favourite by now. Dragging out his chair he noticed Azeen already seated and waiting. Upon seeing her, a sour expression invaded his face. He sat silently and pretended to concentrate on his tablet instead. He heard a throat clearing. “Assalam Aleyikum!” Azeen half heartedly greeted him. “Morning!” He returned it with same enthusiasm.
Twinkle entered into the room with a tray filled of pancakes. Two maids followed behind her with coffee pot and other things. She placed the tray and took a seat to the left of Kunj. She sensed the room thick with tension. “Assalam Aleyikum and good morning.” She smilingly greeted Kunj. “Good morning!” Kunj answered offering a small smile to her on which Azeen rolled her eyes.
Twinkle served them all pancakes and roasted coffee. She was starting to notice Kunj’s likes and dislikes. Azeen on the other hand felt irritated with her sister’s wifely behaviour. Kunj silently ate his breakfast, ignoring his surrounding completely. Azeen finished her breakfast and sat there silently watching them both. Twinkle signalled at her quietly.
Kunj heard a throat clearing again and he wished he could personally drain a bottle of some cough syrup down her throat. “I umm-” He looked up at Azeen with a bored look.
“I wanted to apologise. I’m sorry for yesterday.” She finished in a haste. The frown on Kunj’s face seemed to relax. He dropped the smug look and gave her a genuine smile on hearing an apology from her. “I forgive you. I understand this is hard for you to accept but I’ll appreciate your civil behaviour with me.” With that he closed the case. Kunj was never the kind to stretch things pointlessly. She nodded at him in agreement.
Kunj got up to leave before he was stopped by yet another of Azeen’s inexorable comments, “I’ll try trusting you with her but always remember that she’s my sister so believe me when I say if you hurt her I’ll chop off the parts of you where the sun doesn’t shine.” Kunj instantly turned around and glared at her. Azeen seemed unfazed and Twinkle hissed at her.
“Is she for real?” Kunj looked towards Twinkle. “Yes, I’m very much for real.” Azeen crossed her arms over her chest and emphasized on her point.
“Well I’d had vaguely appreciated if you were this real on your promises and had done it to her previous husband and today I wouldn’t have had to tolerate your melodrama.” He sternly replied.
“I was starting to like you.” Azeen voiced in a fake hurt tone. Kunj shrugged at her innocently and walked out.
Twinkle rather found the situation hilarious than serious. It further ignited her sister. No one had ever annoyed Azeen as much as Kunj Fateen could.
It was two weeks later that Twinkle was getting used to Kunj’s schedule. He’d leave in the morning and return by noon or evening. After that he’d either lock up himself in his study sorting out files or his studio messing around with paints.
In three weeks of their marriage, he didn’t proceed towards her and let her stay in her comfort zone. It eminently relieved Twinkle but she wasn’t a girl anymore and this wasn’t her first time getting married. Kunj was a man, one day or another he was going to ask for his due rights. So far, he was proving Faris’s accusations wrong. He didn’t make a single move towards her without her consent.
Kunj had developed a habit of sleeping next to Twinkle each night and snuggling closer to her warmth and her. After a tiring day, it was kind of his personal drug to sooth his nerves. He didn’t make any move on her yet because he wanted to gain her trust completely which was really important for him and his objective. Only if Twinkle was comfortable enough to open up to him, he’d achieve his goals. Most of all, he didn’t want to hurt her. He didn’t want to scare her away and get her into any kind of trouble. The thought of her in distress makes him depressed.
“Kunj?” She called out at him from under the blanket. He had a personal liking by now for the way she’d call his name. He turned away from his laptop to investigate her purpose of asking. “Yeah?” She pulled out her head from under the blanket. “I was just thinking…” He put aside his laptop and twisted his body to face her. “You were thinking what?” He asked softly.
“I was wondering about our wedding feast, we didn’t have one. I know you don’t want to go all public about our marriage but in Islam the wedding feast is a Sunnah. We can’t avoid it.” He looked at her with a confounded expression.
“What kind of wedding feast are we talking about?”
“Umm it can be a wedding feast for your friends and family, or people you know or you can even feed the poor, anything.” She explained.
Kunj nodded in thought. “I’ll think over it.” And that’s how he always closed a case. Switching off the lamp he prepared to doze off and asked her to do the same.
Kunj observed her wake up before the crack of dawn and observe her prayers. It vaguely intrigued him and as to what made her be so devoted towards the Lord. Deep down he did believe in a Lord but his mind would tell him otherwise. Seeing her devotion started to crease his stern school of thoughts. Maybe there really was a Lord that fated him to her because not in a million years he’d have expected he’d let a woman into his life again. Life is full of mysterious fates and they’re all linked like a chain reaction. You can’t really escape it, he mused to himself.


Sunnah: The word Sunnah is an Arabic word meaning “tradition” or “way.” For Muslims, Sunnah means “the way of the Prophet Muhammed (May peace and mercy be upon him)”. The Sunnah is made up of the words and actions of Prophet Muhammed (May peace and mercy be upon him) which Muslims adopt in their lives. Prophet Muhammed (May peace and mercy be upon him) is the last Prophet of Islam.

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