Twinj: Finding Solace In You (Episode:11)

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Finding Solace In You-
At the first peck of twilight, the celebration shifted indoor. Twinkle had her gown collected with her on the sofa and sat cross-legged. Kunj and Hudayfa were busy playing chessboard with Aaron hooting on either side.
“He wasn’t always like that you know.” Marcus said from beside Twinkle. She turned her head tiredly towards him and raised a brow. “He was this carefree person, full of life even after just getting out of a foster home. He’d always tell us this, ‘what happened before should stay in past because what happens now is what’s more important and matters.’ He was happy, way too happy for his own good I guess. He was in lo-” He cut himself mid sentence and realised he was giving out too much information to her without Kunj’s approval.
Somewhere he felt Twinkle had already tugged at a chord of his heart. But he couldn’t inforce his own assumptions on Kunj and decided to leave him to figuring out himself. He cared about her that much was known. But what made him marry her wasn’t a lenient thing to be curious about. Kunj wasn’t the old Kunj, he was a man with privacy now.
“Love?” Twinkle completed for him and stopped his train of thoughts from proceeding any further into an oblivious matter. “Yeah-yeah love…with his life.” He completed with an unsure look curved into his face.
“Then what changed?” She asked him that one question which held entire of Kunj Fateen’s existence in a twisted void. He looked at her in the eye and they stayed like that for many seconds to pass. It seemed as if he was conveying her a secret message coated with thick emptiness and empathy. Finally he tore off his gaze from her. “It’s not my place to tell you, let him tell you that himself. Just let him.” He looked up at her and begged silently. She didn’t understand what he meant by it but somewhere she knew he was signalling towards something much intense and fragile.
“I know he’s hard. It won’t be easy to get to him but don’t give up on him. I don’t know what made you both agree upon such a marriage but it is a marriage after all. You can’t get away from that reality… No man is ever immune to emotions, he may have skilled in hiding them or ignoring them but he can never get away from them. He might seem like he doesn’t care but deep down we all know he does, he’s just scared to get hurt again. For him to believe in such emotions you’ve got to invest in him first.” Not a single thing he said made sense to her. She was oblivious of what he was getting at.
Marcus knew she wouldn’t understand him, but he hoped that at some point she would. He hoped she’d improve him.
“You’ll make a good husband with that kind of intense talking.” Twinkle gave out a soft laugh.
“Oh trust me I already am. And besides what do you expect from a writer? We tend to have a mind of our own.” He chuckled wholeheartedly. She looked at him and observed him from close. His brown hair seemed to have gone all crazy from the wind, his skin tone seemed a shade fairer than normal. He had a kind of eyes that offered you a homely feeling. His square jaw set and kind smile indicated he had been a heart breaker during his youth. He was more like Kunj except that he was more sweet and kind.
Kunj observed the both from afar and wondered what were they talking. He noticed all the worry, confusion, discomfort devolved away from her face. He knew well about Marcus tactics of sweet talking. That’s what made him win over his wife Susan.
“Here is the tea everyone.” Liyannah come in from the kitchen with a tray of mugs and snacks with the maid towing behind her with a steaming teapot.
Hudayfa got up and walked towards the nearest sofa leaving the game. Kunj didn’t mind at all because after all these years he knew this was a habit of his when he knew he was losing. “I think I should change, I don’t want to spoil this dress.” He heard Twinkle say which made him think about the dress she was wearing and where Liyannah managed to get it from on such a short notice.
“Liya do remind of the bills for this dress she’s wearing, I don’t want you paying for a wedding dress my wife is wearing. You’ve done a lot already.” He called out at her and made his way towards the sofa to sit beside Aaron. The word wife felt weird on his tongue but he ignored the feeling.
Liyannah gave out a small laugh. “I did buy this dress but it was ages ago and I really don’t remember the price. I’m an old woman now, my memory isn’t that lush anymore.” Twinkle nervously eyed both of them. She didn’t know Kunj was unaware of whom the dress belonged to and it scared her on thinking how he’d react to that notation.
“What do you mean? Whose dress is she wearing?” He uncertainly eyed the dress that was now delicately collected around Twinkle on the sofa.
“It’s your mother’s wedding dress.” Liyannah beamed at him but soon noticed his gaping mouth and expressionless face. Twinkle’s heart stopped at the crude exchange. He looked back at the dress. Reached out and grabbed a portion of the long tail gown. Twinkle shifted in her seat nervously, her heart hammering against her ribcage.
“This is mom’s dress.” He asked Liyannah in a tight voice. Liyannah nodded to which he frowned. He let go of the dress and moved forward in his seat. “Pour me some tea.” He ordered the maid. No one dare made a remark on the situation and carried on with it all normal.
Finally it was late enough for Marcus and Aaron to stay any longer. “So we’ll you see then?” Marcus questioned Twinkle to which she politely nodded with a smile. “Or we’ll personally break into your house and meet you guys.” Aaron added. She looked up at the guy who still had that nerdy looks to him with those thick rimmed spectacles. She let out a free laugh and nodded.
It amused Kunj how instantly she warmed up towards his friends and family. The many models he had brought in before ended up passing vaguely judgmental comments and disliking towards them. Maybe because their peculiar interest was only Kunj and his status, nothing more to it.
“Look man I know she is your wife now and all, and you’re one darn possessive specie of a man but I feel like doing this one thing, don’t whip my arse for it. I’m happily married man anyways…” Marcus hastily spoke to Kunj. Kunj brows joined in confusion but before he could ask him anything, Marcus stepped forward and engulfed Twinkle in a big bear hug. It took everyone by surprise even Twinkle herself and her eyes widened in panic before she restrained her nerves and let out a soft chuckle. Kunj seemed beyond cross and folded his arms over his chest in pure annoyance.
“Take care of him.” Marcus whispered into her ear and felt her nod her head in an ‘okay’. He pulled back and a genuine smile embellished his lips.
“Get out before I send you back home in pieces to your wife. Susan won’t like that and neither would your daughter.” Kunj sternly commented.
Marcus and Aaron both chuckled at Kunj’s reaction. “Don’t worry man, no one is stealing her away. Have her all to yourself tonight.” Aaron winked at him. The comment made Twinkle’s face flushed with embarrassment.
Was it actually going to take a night for him to have his ways now that he had a right to it as a husband anyways. “Hey! He’s just joking, relax.” Kunj whispered near her to assure her and remove all abrupt doubts from her mind and rubbed her arm gently.
Kunj stepped out to bade his friends a proper goodbye. Midway getting into the car, Marcus turned and called at him. “She’s really innocent Kunj. Don’t you dare play with her heart, if you dared break her heart then I’ll make sure you don’t walk again.” Kunj dismissed him by waving his hand in air muttering a careless ‘whatever’ but deep down he knew well he wasn’t capable of doing that yet. And it wasn’t like she loved him or anything so it put his heart at ease for even if he did plan on doing it later.
“Liya?” He called out at her. “In the kitchen.” She yelled back. He followed into the kitchen and seated himself on a nearby stool. “Where is Twinkle?” He asked her. “Settled her in your room.” She smiled back at him with pure affection.
“Why would you do this to me?” Suddenly Kunj asked out of the blue with a breaking emotion.
“Do what?” Confusedly she looked at him.
“I could’ve bought her any dress, even if it had worth a million I don’t care. Why would you make her wear mom’s wedding dress? Why?” He was controlling hard to keep his hurt feelings from showing and losing his anger.
“She’s your bride, you married her. That’s what your mom would’ve wanted.” Liyannah sighed deeply.
“You don’t know what mom would’ve wanted. This marriage is just a proposition to me so I could protect her. I didn’t marry her out of love Liya, you can’t give her that place.” He raised his hand and dropped them back in frustration.
“I don’t want to know for whatever reason you married her but in Islam rather in any religion of the world, a marriage is a marriage. She’s your wife now and she has that place already the moment you both said those two words. Now it’s up to you whether or not you agree upon giving it to her. Should have thought of it before marrying her.” Liyannah remarked relentlessly.
Kunj knew this was a lost case for him. It infuriated him and he got up to leave before she called at him again, “This was your mom’s wedding ring. I’m giving it to you because it belongs to you, most precisely it belongs to your wife now.” She paused to push a royal blue velvet box towards him across the kitchen island. He picked it up with shaky hands and grabbed it tightly in his palms.
“I won’t force you into anything Kunj. It’s your life and you know better about it. Wear it to her when you’re ready to give her that place as your wife.” He knew what her words meant. Give her that place as his wife, give her a piece of his heart, give her a chord of his affection and attention, in more authentic words, love her. He was far from doing that but he nodded back at Liyannah. It was pointless to fight her.
Kunj opened the door to his room only to be hit with the strong fragrance of roses. Walking further into the room, everything was covered in flowers. He sorely laughed to himself. He was unsure of what might be his next step, this is the most he had planned out so far. What he does after he gets married wasn’t plotted on his map yet. Uncertainty hit him in the gut. He looked around to search for Twinkle and face her.
But instead of waiting for him as any typical bride on her wedding night, she was fast asleep at the bottom of the bed, laying diagonally. She was out of her wedding gown and dressed in a purple silk night gown which was decently hugging her body. Of course her headscarf was securely pinned in it’s place.
Sighing heavily and with relief he moved towards her. Bending down beside the bed he stared into her sleeping stance. Her face was makeup free and her features fully relaxed. She slept peacefully. He wished she stayed this peaceful too while awake. Hesitantly he reached out and brought his hand closer to her face. He caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers. It felt soft and made him close his eyes to the sudden swirl pool of feelings within him. How would he able to let her go once he finished painting all his canvas and incrave her into each one of them? How would he do it to her?
Frustrated and agnited with his own demons he got up and moved towards the bathroom to have a warm shower. It helped him sooth his jumbled nerves and thoughts. After having a prolong shower and a chain of delusive thoughts, he made his way out of the steamed bath and stepped into the room. Taking out a loose tee and cotton shorts, he changed into them quickly. He didn’t care what she’d think of his attire when she sees him, she was his wife now. She was liable to see him in any condition and get used to it already. Not that it was going to be her first time living with a man. That thought gave him sour feelings.
He walked towards the bed only to find out Twinkle dozing off in the same position he left her earlier. It confirmed her exhaustion. He didn’t want to wake her up so he bend towards her. Carefully he placed one of his arm under her nape and the other under her knees. Momentarily he tried to pick her up but she recoiled herself into him and clasped him in her embrace. He gave out a small divert smile. He was beginning to like her carefree self. Placing her on her side of the bed, he unclasped her arms around his neck and lifted the duvet to pull it over her.
This is how their first day of marriage ended, he thought intrigued. What more surprises and amusements she had for him, the thought tugged at his heart. Despite every vile thing that had happened between them, despite how he imagined making her marry him and be his wife would feel like, despite how he mused he’d have to pull a feat and suffer each second with her just to get what he wanted, it all went vain the moment he climbed his bed and laid down next to her. Sudden peace and contentment captured his heart. He smiled at his sleeping face and kissed her forehead with so much tenderness that he, himself felt a shiver ran down his spine. Inching his head back he sighed closing his eyes and snuggling closer to her for cherishing the warmth of her presence.
Peering open her eyes abit and adjusting her sight to the bright illumination in the room, Twinkle tried to wake up. Tiredly stretching out herself, she turned to a side and opened her eyes. A pair of brown orbs were already staring back at her and if she wasn’t wrong she witnessed slight admire in them. She almost jumped in her place with a shriek, her expressions turning from horror to confusion to finally recognition. Twinkle was in Kunj Fateen’s room, in Kunj Fateen’s bed because she remember she married to him just before a day. Oh dear, what did she expect?
But suddenly she felt scared and out of fear she tried to feel her clothes in place under the duvet. “Seriously you think I’d have taken advantage of you while you were passed out dead?” He asked her in a hoarse voice. She ducked her head under the duvet to escape from the embarrassment she projected herself. She heard him stretch, move in his place and suddenly the duvet was teared off her body. He playfully brought his face closer to hers. “Even if I had taken advantage it would’ve been legal or in your language halaal since you’re my wife now. But I won’t because personally I believe I’ve earned your trust this far and I won’t make any wrong move to break it.” She blinked at him profoundly.
“Get up and get ready. We’ve to leave soon. I’ve a business trip due today, I can’t be late today.” He got out of bed only to earn himself a soft chuckle from her. He turned around and looked at her confounded.
“You seriously wear that?” She pointed towards his shorts. His shrugged at her in complete seriousness. “Haven’t you seen men wearing shorts before?” He asked in all humour. “Not really. But considering the kind of personality and status you possess, I almost considered you the type who even goes to bed all suited.” He stared at her amused, “That’s another billionaire myth you’ve collected.” She suppressed a smile at his comment because indeed she had collected way too many myths against him anyways.
After having breakfast, they bade farewell to Liyannah and Hudayfa. She acknowledged one thing while leaving, Kunj was right about envying the kind of love the couple had for each other. It almost made her believe in love herself. How she wished she was lucky enough to have such kind of a relationship. She never was materialistic, neither was she interested in Kunj Fateen’s financial status. She only wanted a real marriage but that was impossible now when she had already agreed upon a bargain.
Thank you very much for reading.
Hey fellas! Here you go with another update though I wasn’t feeling to write because of less response and somewhere I think something is maybe lacking in the story for you guys aren’t loving it as much as BTH. But nonetheless I can’t stop it in midway for the ones who love it dearly also it’s very dear to me too though I’ll try to wrap it soon. Thankfully it isn’t a long plot like BTH.
Anyways, what’s your take on Kunj’s behavior, his inner turmoils and his unknown sweet gestures towards Twinkle? Do you think Twinkle’s dream of having a real and beautiful relationship with her husband would fulfill? Write down your views in the comment section because next episode surely depends on them.
Lastly the question, I want to ask for so long… Do you find Kunj S more arrogant and strong-headed or Kunj F? Was Kunj S more mastered in hiding his emotions or Kunj F? What resemblance in their characters you can figure out? Do share your views untill then stay awesome;)
P.S: Kunj S is from Bakhuda Tumhi Ho (BTH) and Kunj F is from Finding Solace In You (FSIY).
Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
Take care!

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