Twinj: Finding Solace In You (Episode:03)

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Finding Solace In You-
“I want to paint you. And I want to memorise your each and every detail. You don’t know how important this is for me.” He proposed with a serious tone.
“What do you mean?” She eyed him. “I want to see your hair.” He took a deep breath and continued speaking, “I tried painting you and I succeed at it. But like always something was missing. It’s been a year now and there’s always something missing. It frustrates me with every passing minute. It kills me… The first time I layed eyes on you, I found what I needed. An inspiration. I want to paint you, engrave your every single detail from your eyes to your smile to your hair, everything into that canvas. I want to fill it with colors. I-” He stopped mid sentence when he noted her uneasiness.
“Take that thing off.” He ordered her finally.
“No!” She sternly answered him back. He flared up with her plain rejection. No one ever dared to reject Kunj Fateen.
“What do you mean by no? Why do you wear it even?” He growled at her in a low pitch. His frustration was unleashing the devil within him.
“Why do I wear it even? It’s a hijaab and every Muslim woman is complied to wear it, to protect her chastity from brutes as yourself.” Her own anger was rising within her.
This woman certainly had nerves to speak up like that, he thought. But he couldn’t lose it on her. If he did, he knew she’d run for the hills and he’ll lose his scarce chances in getting what he wanted. Taking in a deep breath, he made an attempt again, “Just take it off, let me see your hair and you can put it on again. No big deal.” She looked at him as if he was speaking some foreign language.
“I can’t take it off Mr. Fateen. No non-mehram is allowed to see my hair or any part of me for that matter.” She tried explaining herself.
“Then who is allowed to see it?” He asked her confusedly. This man certainly didn’t know anything about the religious codes. Of course he was spoilt like the rest of them. Why should she even expect consideration from him, she thought to herself.
“No man walking on the face of earth except for the one I get legal with my matrimony. Which too will never happen.” She angrily replied him.
“So, only your husband is allowed to see you?” She nodded a yes at his question. Kunj brought his index finger to his lip and submerged into a deep thought. His eyes lit up with his final proposition. He knew very well that she couldn’t reject him. People like her, who strived day to day for survival, never rejected such mercies.
“I’ll pay you. I’ll pay you with any amount your heart desires and in return you take that thing off for me. Now that’s a good proposition, no? Com’on take it off.” He smirked at her shocked expression and approached further to take off her hijaab.
Andrenaline and panic shot up within in her veins. As if in inertia, she swirled her hand and slapped him hard across his face in defence. The voice of her hand coming in contact with his face boomed through the barren walls of the studio. As if moment freezed and they stared at each other with contrast emotions.
“I’m tired of men like you trying to control women thinking of us nothing but objects and making us do whatever your demons thirst for. I’ve suffered enough of these brutal and crude ways to let you repeat with me all over again. I will not let anyone of you do that to me anymore. I will not let you use me and then trash me when you’re done. I’ve morals that your rubbish wealth can’t buy. And I spite you and your thinking. I spite you for thinking you’re man enough to control me. I’d opt for death than giving into a monster like you.” She said in a singled breath with venom and hatred reeking her voice.
He stood there with his feet molded onto the ground, unable to move a single muscle in his body. She picked up the bucket and wipe, and made her way outside the studio. Leaving him watching after her stunned. Never once anyone had dared speak to him in a loud pitch let alone hit him. The pulse in his cheek started throbbing with heat from the impact.
Angrily he lifted up the painting and threw it across the room. How dare she speak to him like that? How dare she? Thoughts ran through his messed up mind.
Making her way in helpless tears into the kitchen, she came to halt in front of Emma. She looked at her with an unknown expression. “It’s nothing Emma, I just hit my toe.” She lied. She was used to covering up the hurt this way for what seemed like decades now.
“Your father isn’t very well, your sister called in.” Emma informed her.
“What?” She lost all the air within her lungs and ran to grab her hand bag from the counter. Without even saying anything she ran off.
“Emma where is she?” Kunj came storming in the dinning room. She was laying down his lunch. Kunj went to talk senses into Twinkle only to find her missing. To say he was angry, was an understatement. He was beyond pissed. “She left.” Emma answered him shortly.
“Who gave her the permission to leave? She work for me. How dare she go against the work rules?” He growled in a high pitch. The housekeeper neerby flinched in his place by the anger radiation from him.
“Her sister called in saying Irfan wasn’t well. She ran off without a word.” Emma was used to Kunj’s fowl temper. It never affected her.
Kunj couldn’t control the anger running through his blood like burning fire. She picked up a wine glass and threw it across the room. It hit the wall and broke into tiny splinters. He made his way to his room and shut the door with a loud thud. Everyone in the house knew not to disturb him after this or it might even cost them their lives.
After a few hours of tiring strides within his room, his nerves had finally calmed down. Tirely he sprawled over his bed and went into deep thought. He replayed all that happened earlier. Realising what he did, with a calm mind now. She was different. Very different from him to deal with. She had morals, too high for him to conquer. She wasn’t like other women who threw themselves at money and status. With such thoughts he realised he somewhat respected her for that. It turned a chord within him that he wasn’t yet aware of. He felt cheap for the first time for offering her money to throw away her chastity for him. He understood her rational move on hitting him, now. But the words she spoke baffled him.
Her words felt like she had been through something tragic. Something he couldn’t put a finger on. But he pushed away those thoughts as soon as he realised he still didn’t achieve what he wanted. Abruptly sitting in bed and staring at himself in the dressing mirror, he crooked a devilish smile.
He was Kunj Fateen, one of the most powerful man around. He always got what he wanted. And a fragile girl as such as Twinkle could not stop him from getting what he wanted. Even with a girl as her with such high paradigms. He knew he wouldn’t make the mistake of striking at her morals again, but he certainly knew how to tackle her down. If it even meant using her for his own selfish notations, he’d do it.
When a man gets inclined on getting something he wants no matter what means he might have to use. Even the devils are scared of him then. He gets possessed like a demon and stir up a wrath that no being can escape. Kunj knew his game, and he knew he was going to get her whether she wanted it or not.
Twinkle burst through the hospital doors. Tears blurring her eyes like molten ashes. She paused when her sight struck on Azeen’s crooked posture. She made her way towards her in a rush.
On seeing her elder sister, Azeen’s heart felt a bit content and stronger. She embraced her at once and let the barriers free, which she had been holding from such a long time. “Shh! It’s all going to be okay.” Twinkle tried calming her down. Azeen was younger than Twinkle by only two years but Twinkle never ceased to be the more responsible one out of both.
She ought to be responsible and looking after her sister, after her mother’s departure. And sometimes it tired her. Not physically but emotionally. Staying stronger for so longer had worn her out. She wished she had someone who could hold her and comfort her too, just for once.
Losing abbu was the last thing she wanted to happen to her. All her strength depended on him. She could never make a single day without him. Twinkle had already lost so much in life. She knew this lose would break her right from her brinks.
“What happened to him?” She finally managed to ask Azeen. “He wouldn’t wake up when I got back from college. And he was burning with fever when I left in the morning…” As soon as she finished her sentence, the doctor interrupted them.
“I’m sorry gurls! He had already expired when you brought him here.” He gave both the girls a sorrowful smile. The word ‘expired’ ran through Azeen’s mind. How could he use such a vile word for their father.
Twinkle on the other hand registered what the doctor told them. Abbu was gone. With such a peaceful bleak. Yes, Allah ought to be happy with him because he was such a humble and piety soul. He sacrificed entire of his life for his daughters after their mother left.
She felt different feelings seaming within her. She somewhat felt grateful at how peacefully her father left the world. But on the other hand she realised the shade of her father’s protection above their heads was gone. What was she going to do. How was she going to make it through without him.
She pondered over what her father had told her that very morning. ‘Everyone has to leave this world some day, that’s a code we’re born with. You certainly can’t challenge nature. When it’s my time, I’ll have to leaves as well and so will you. You can not outrun death. So relish the time you still have and stop worrying so much. You’ve had enough of it already. And finally when my time arrives, do not grieve over me. And do not think your life halter there, you still got to live and experience. Twinkle I know you’ve grown into a strong young lady. And I hope you keep on staying strong and firm on being who you are are. I’m proud of you. And some day do forgive me for the wrong decisions I took in your favour. I only wanted the best for you.’
Oh abbu how can I not grieve over your departure? How did you even think I won’t forgive you? How did you ever think I can make it on my own? With wild questions running through her head, she sank onto the ground in defeat. She let her emotions invade her strength for once. She had been strong for quite some time now. She never imagined it in her wildest nightmares that, that would be the last morning she saw her father warm and smiling in his bed.
Seeing her sister’s shattered form, Azeen sank on the floor beside her. She embraced her trembling body and offered her the support she needed. After all, they were sisters. They only had each other to depend upon now.
Everyone who knew Irfan attended his funeral. Mostly was the staff from Kunj Fateen’s villa. They all felt great grief over his departure. Everyone offered their sympathies to his now two orphaned daughters. They felt bad for how they were both left on their own.
“Where are you going to stay now?” Emma asked Twinkle softly.
“At home, where else?” She curtly replied her.
“But can you stay on your own?” She further asked her worriedly.
“It’s about a life time. We’ve to Emma. And that’s what abbu would’ve wanted us to do. He’d have wanted us to stay safe in the premises of our own house. And not depend on anyone helplessly.” Emma smiled at her strong words and hugged her tightly.
Twinkle some how managed to collect herself. She had to do it for herself and her baby sister. But her tears didn’t seem to follow her conscience. They shed on their own accord.
Kunj entered the small portion of the graveyard where the funeral was at. He certainly wasn’t a man to shed tears but Irfan’s departure did upset him. He knew the old man since quite a long time and he had grown so fond of him. Kunj didn’t know how to express his emotions but he did feel them.
He greeted everyone and shared his sympathy. Irfan had no relatives that lived nearby, only friends and workers from his house. He silently noted that fact. Everyone seemed worried about what would happen to his daughters now. He too pondered over the same question. How could a girl as young as Twinkle survive on her own. But then there were millions of people out there who had met with same fact. No doubt, he was one of them too.
He saw her sitting by the steps. Rocking her body back and forth. Her fragile and defeated body stirred up a feeling within him. Dark circles rimmed her big eyes. The light she held in them seemed to have faded away. From her lost form he could tell she hadn’t eaten anything or even rested. She could barely hold herself upright. She was still in the clothes she had on yesterday at work.
Seeing her this vulnerable, a string pulled at his heart. How he wanted to go there to her, hold her and comfort her. But he knew too well, he wasn’t that kind of a man. And maybe she was too high on morals to let him touch her even at such vulnerable condition.
Kunj was still looking in her direction when a shadow flickered to his sight. He saw a body approach her. From the stance he knew it was a man. Tall and broad in his position. He noted blood drain out of her body on staring up at him. Her face changed into shades of horrific paleness.
He could see how anger radiated from her stance on seeing the man. But he also noted a flinch of terror cross her body. He couldn’t hear what argument they were having but from the looks of it, she didn’t seem happy. His desperation was increasing with the passing fragments of time. She was thrilling his interest and he wanted to know her mysteries so badly.
Yet again he found a new brim to her mysterious stance. Something the way that girl reacted told him she carried more secrets than she let anyone know of. Frowning his brows at the thought of it, he took a deep breath. This girl was making him desperate by each flicker of the time pendulum.
Slowly walking towards them both, he made a mental note to himself on getting records of this man via his personal sources. After all, he was a man of power and nothing was ever impossible for him. On approaching the gloomy couple, her head shot in his direction. As if noticing her distraction from the conversation, the man only partially turned to confirm the presence of intruder.
“I’ll come for her, don’t forget.” He warned her in a deadly voice before disappearing into thin dust. She stared after him confounded.
“Hey!” Kunj’s voice brought her back to reality. Taking a deep breath, she tried stopping her shaking form. He noticed how fragile and small she was, not only physically but in so many different ways. She seemed lost and defeated in her own truces. “Assalam Aleyikum!” She greeted him back in a broken voice.
“Are you okay?” He finally asked her, to which she nodded her head. “I’m sorry!” Yes, he felt sorry for her on losing her father but his confession was less of a sympathy and more of an apology. Kunj had never apologised to anyone before. But he knew that if he wanted to achieve her alternatively, he had to gain her trust somehow. She on the other hand seemed oblivious of his true intentions.
“Your father was a great man-” He wanted to continue before she raised her hand to cut him mid-sentence. “I know what kind of a man my father was more than anyone of you do. So just stop telling me about him. I appreciate your sympathy but I’m starting to grow tired of it now. Please stop feeling sorry for us.” She pleaded with genuine words.
He blankly stared down at her. As if on cue, she began to leave his presence. But on taking a few steps she stumbled from weakness. With reflexes he strongly grabbed on her arm to save her from falling.
“Careful!” He told her worriedly. Without even looking at him she brought her hand to where he held her by the arm, unclasped his fingers and started walking away. Leaving him there by himself. He stared at his hand where her fingers had touched him. What was wrong with her? He wondered.
Thank you very much for reading.
Hey fellas! Here you go with the next one. How was it? Kunj got a well-deserving treatment from Twinkle for being self-centered. Apart from it, what do you think Kunj will do to achieve his motive? Who that man was and what was he talking about?
Honestly while writing Irfan’s scenes I was seriously having tears and were thinking about those people who lost their parents and are now leaving alone without any shade of protection. May Allah protect them from all kind of evils… Do share your thoughts about the episode! About next episode… Well you know it’d certainly depend on your response so shoot your love. And ya… Stay awesome till next time:)
Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
Take care!

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    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you very much for giving it a try Misha:) Ya! I hope you’d like the way story will progress. Keep sharing your views dear! And about fan thing, I’ll be really pleased to make you my friend;)

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      Thank you very much Sunaina. Oh no… You don’t have to feel insecure while giving your assumptions because I love to read them and maybe you’re right. Let’s see;)
      I knew it already that you guys would get used to of the surnames. Actually I too love Kunj’s surname a lot:) I’ll post soon. Keep loving dear and ya I’m fine Alhumdulillah:*

  3. Awesome?☺️ nd emotional?
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    ••••••••[I THINKKKKKKKK my guesses r alwys ❌]•••••••
    Ahhh???? their surnames ??? sooo coooollllll ❄️. [ Ab jaakar aadat padi mujhe
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      Thank you Sofia:)

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      Sia! Only in afternoon I was thinking about you because your comment always comes right after my update! And finally here you’re. Thank you so much actually for calling me James Bond, that’s funny though Lol XD And about slow updates well I guess I’m getting a bit lazy day by day but then my updates are so long that’s why I thought it’s Okay to be late. Also this fiction consumes so much thinking power that I literally doze off after completing approx half of the part. However I’ll now try to post more often:) Don’t worry and thanks again for such sweet comment.

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