Twinj: Finding Solace In You (Epilogue)

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Finding Solace In You-
Life is fascinating and so are soul. They say when you truly love someone, your souls bind and when souls bind, one should know that it lasts an eternity. Bodies grow old and fade away but souls? Their light never dims. Maybe that’s one huge mistake we make while falling in love, we fall for the body, not the soul and that’s one eminent reason why it never lasts. Such kind of love, brittle away with the bristling of body.
Kunj Fateen raised his head from prostration and clasped his lips from the silent prayer he made. Folding the rug, he placed it on the nightstand and went back to bed. It was morning, though the sun hadn’t rose yet. He pulled up the blanket and covered Twinkle’s cold sleeping body with it. She stirred in her sleep and unconsciously tugged at the blanket which made him smile.
Watching her sleep this peacefully and free of all troubles was something he was getting used to now. It had been months for a new beginning with her and each day his heart swelled with the overwhelming feelings he had caught for her and the tiny one he was desperate to meet. That was one reason why he’d laugh it off each time she’d throw a tantrum at him or act repulsive and get hell bent on annoying him to the end of the world. He’d take that for her conditional hormones but even Kunj knew that he’d take it for anything as long as it meant that she was always going to be around.
He closed his eyes but something stirred his consciousness. Twinkle moved uncomfortably in bed making a painful sound. Her fragile hand touched his shoulder and made a frail attempt of shaking him. Kunj looked at her pale face drenched in sweat suddenly and instantly shot up in bed. “Are you okay?” He tried to make her sit to prevent her from choking if she felt nauseated. “Hospital-” She spoke in a rasp voice before she collapsed in his arms. The rest of everything was a rush.
The beeping of the monitor was the only sound in the room when he entered. It had been long few hours of waiting till the doctor informed him that both his wife and child were out of danger. The moment Twinkle collapsed in his arms was the moment his heart seemed to have stopped beating until now.
The nurse smiled at him. He returned the smile until his eyes fell on Twinkle’s pale face. Her lips were tightly pursed and her eyes closed, he could even see the blood vessels popping out in her eyelids. By her posture he could tell how much pain she had endured. He stepped forward and wanted to touch her but the nurse interrupted his approach and he contracted back his hand. “She’s on sedatives, she won’t wake up until a few hours. She’s exhausted but she was very strong. Many mothers lose it by the end of their deliveries and get all emotional but her strength was remarkable.”
Kunj smiled again, he knew how much steel she was made of and how much he meant to her. “Is she okay now?” He asked concerned reeking his voice.
“They’re both fine.” The nurse jolted down something on her pad and gave one last glance inside the babycot she was standing next to. “They’re both very beautiful, you’ve a beautiful family there.”
Kunj walked towards the babycot and looked down upon his new born baby, their son. “Can I-?” He searched for permission and the nurse nodded at him. He reached down to pick up the baby wrapped up in a tiny blue blanket. The baby stirred in sleep. Kunj held his tiny body in his strong arms and realised how fragile he was. He stared at his face, dark blonde hair covered his head, he had a button nose and a small plum mouth about which Kunj was sure he had taken those features from his mother. Though his eyes were that of Kunj but he was more curious to know if he had inherited his mother’s eye color. The color that had changed the story of his life entirely.
He shifted the baby in his arms and reached out to caress his chubby cheeks with the back of his two fingers, the baby gave him a tootless dimpled smile in his sleep which earned him Kunj’s overwhelmed laugh. The nurse left the family to their privacy.
Kunj’s heart swelled with the affectionate emotions of new fatherhood and completeness. Holding the baby he walked towards Twinkle’s bed. He removed the strands of hair that were stuck to her forehead from the sweating. He could feel the stickiness of her skin on his fingers but he cared less. Even in such a condition, he was falling even harder for her. She was beautiful in terms only he could word.
This was the repulsive woman he had met a year ago, who refused to take her hijaab off for him. Who had agreed to his vile proposition and married him. Who had loved him without any expectations, selfless love. Who had challenged his views on Lord and ceased only when he himself found Him at last. Who had forgiven him after all the wrong he had done to her. Who had feared that he’d never accept a child but here he was, with his heart filled up with new emotions, holding their child. Kunj would’ve wanted nothing more than what she had gifted him with. A life, a beginning, a hope, an abstract theory of love and art itself and a long lost solace.
The door handle turned and Azeen poked in her head, “Hi!” She whispered to which Kunj rolled his eyes. She was a perfect moment destroyer as always. “Come in.” She walked in still wearing her graduation gown. She looked at Twinkle and then Kunj until her eyes fell on the baby he was holding and a smile spread across her face. “How’re they doing?” She asked in a low voice.
“They’re doing good. She’s on sedatives, she’s tired.” Kunj sat beside the bed and picked Twinkle’s hand and started making circles with his thumb at the back of it. Azeen inspected her closely and sat beside Kunj after she was assured that Twinkle was well and out of any sort of danger.
“How long had it been?”
“Few hours, it was a complex case. She was physically weak.” Azeen nodded.
She stared down at the baby in his arms and her heart skipped a few beats.
“Must be, though I’m not forgiving her for missing out on my graduation today.” Kunj rolled his eyes again muttering, “Freaking drama queen.”
Azeen glared at him furiously, “Hey! I heard that, okay but I’m going to ignore it for I’m really happy” Kunj sighed shaking his head. “May I?” Kunj nodded and carefully placed the baby in her outstretched arms.
“Careful.” He warned her.
“Please don’t be one of those over protective dads okay.” Kunj gave her a stern look which meant don’t mess with me at the moment. Sure he was exhausted from the over night at the hospital which only fuelled his annoyance and grumpy mood.
“I can’t believe I’m an aunt this early and so young.” She exclaimed with shock lacing her voice. Her emotions were getting better hold of her. “This is all your fault.”
“Excuse me?”
“You made me aunt this early, this is your baby so your fault. You could’ve simply waited, what was such a rush seriously.” Kunj huffed in annoyance at her exaggeration.
“I’m twenty nine if you haven’t noticed. A very lenient age to have a child and be a father.” He pointed out. “You know what, give him back.”
Azeen spun around in her seat to prevent Kunj taking away the baby from her. “You don’t want to be an aunt this early and that’s my child so give him back.” Azeen spun again and face him.
“Now now now Mr. Fateen, if it wasn’t for my sister you wouldn’t have had a child today considering the fact, the millions of possible babies of yours you’ve flushed away.” Kunj gave her a gross look to which she smirked.
“Do you’ve a single decent and ethical cell in your body?”
“It’s just that I don’t like you…”
“Be my guest.” After saying it, he sunk into his seat and sighed. Azeen was the totally opposite to Twinkle except in her expectancy period. He didn’t know how they ended up being sisters even.
Azeen placed the baby back in his arms.
“What’re your plans now that you’ve graduated?” Kunj asked to which she shrugged. “Work at my company. It’ll be more convenient and safe. Your sister worries a lot.” She seemed to ponder over possibilities, deep in thought.
“It’s a good option actually, I’d love to.” Azeen was an easy case, she didn’t held onto too many high morals and self prestige like Twinkle and that was one reason why she was the easy going type no matter how much blunt and brainless she is, Kunj mused internally giving her an assuring smile.
Azeen took out her phone and clicked a photo of him. Blinded by the flash light, he glared at her.
“Yes, you do look terrible no doubt but I’m very sure my hopeless romantic of a sister would so want to see her husband holding their first baby for the very first time.” She passed him an innocent smile. “Plus, this is so going on my social media. You’ve no idea about the crowd of media freaks aligned outside the hospital gates waiting for the new celeb daddy and the adorable baby.” Kunj grunted in annoyance once again. He hated the media but no sooner had Twinkle made an appearance that the news of them expecting a baby had spread like wild fire. They literally made them the ideal love couple. As much as Kunj wanted his life private, the plan was going down the hill. Media had started to adore Twinkle but that didn’t prevent the critics from pointing a few vile notches, especially raising a question on how Kunj Fateen fell in love with an ordinary girl like Twinkle. Only if they knew how extraordinary she was to him.
“Don’t hold too tight, Elena. You’ll hurt the baby.” Susan carefully placed the baby in Elena’s small arms.
“Is he going to be my friend?” The three years old asked with exciting big eyes to which Twinkle nodded. Elena gave her a bright smile.
Kunj, Aaron, Marcus and Hudayfa seemed to be in deep argument, discussing facts and point of views on why their supported rugby team lost the final. Sports is a subject that can always keep men talking for hours actually or else they don’t even bother telling you which color suits you better or which dress you should wear at their distant cousin’s wedding. Men are always men. Absorbed up in their own tiny worlds.
Liyannah adoringly cradled the baby and offered some handful tips to Twinkle. Twinkle was overwhelmed with the new feeling of motherhood. Her love had divided between the two most important people of her life but her love didn’t seem to reduce rather increase each day. Maybe that’s how fitrah works.
Everyone ate dinner in a rasp of chattering and catching up on each other’s life stories. Aaron ended up confessing he got engaged to which both Kunj and Marcus laughed whole heartedly. They teased him with why would a sane woman even agree on marrying him. Aaron frowned and defended himself by saying if Susan could agree on marrying an overly self obsessed writer and Twinkle could agree on marrying a delusional artist, sure a sane woman can agree to marrying a very sane businessman.
After dinner and a round of yet another family conversations and laughing, everyone retired back to their rooms.
Twinkle exhausted from the day, walked into the dressing to change and prepare for bed leaving both father and son to themselves. Kunj placed him on the bed and crouched down to kiss him on his forehead, “Daddy loves you very much, more than he loves mummy but don’t tell her. It’s our little secret okay champ?” The baby stared back at him with wide hazel orbs.
Kunj tickled him and he began giggling and fisting the air and Kunj laughed. He snuggled his nose in the baby’s stomach and earned himself a cheerful laugh, “You smell like candles.”
“He does not smell like candles.” Twinkle walked in, in her night gown. Pressing her shoulder with her hand, she sleepily asked him to give her the baby so she could feed him and put him to sleep. He laughed, “New borns always smell like scented candles.” She gave him an annoyed stare. They were behaving like any husband and wife and it further spiced their relationship. Kunj picked him and gave him to her. She cradled him against her and sighed.
Kunj loosened the strand of her hair from her high bun and massaged her scalp. She leaned into him exhausted. Relaxing her knotted nerves in his embrace.
After putting the baby to sleep, she placed him in his baby cot and climbed back in bed. “I’m exhausted, I never realised having a baby can be such an errand.” She huffed. Kunj gave her a warm smile and stretched his arm for her. She snuggled closer to him.
“Do you remember Omer, an agent from FBI?” Kunj asked caressing her cheek. “The one who handled Faris’s case?” Your friend right?” Twinkle assumed suppressing a yawn. “Yup, the same one. I guess he’s interested in Azeen.” Kunj said on which Twinkle abruptly opened her eyes.
“Seriously? How come you know? They didn’t even meet that often, did they? I’ve to ask Azeen.” Twinkle went on in a go and Kunj laughed shaking his head. “Relax darling. He has come around her during investigation and I guess that’s when he started liking her. He wants to meet her actually but I know it won’t be right so I was wondering to have a dinner party where we’d invite everyone including Azeen and Omer. What do you say?” Kunj suggested.
“It’s a nice idea. I too like him, he’s a really good option. You released my tension habibi, I was so worried about her marriage. Thank you.” Twinkle said giving him a grateful smile. “From when did you start thanking me for anything?” He complained in disbelief and Twinkle chuckled kissing him on his cheek. Kunj shook his head, “You always kiss on wrong place.” He teased and she smiled widely. “By the way I’m feeling kind of bad for poor Omer, you know he has to bear Azeen throughout his life.” He paused to give a fake shudder. “I can’t cope up with her even for a day.”
Twinkle laughed shoving him slightly. “Don’t be rude. We all know you love her.” Kunj rolled his eyes. “Yeah! That’s because she doesn’t give me any other choice.”
Twinkle shook her head and sighed. “I just hope Zeen too likes Omer.” She said. Her eyes closing out of reflex. “She will. Don’t worry.” Kunj assured.
Pulling Twinkle little more closer he wrapped an arm around her while she snuggled in her chest and dozed off within seconds. He held her securely.
No woman can change a man she loves but a man can change for the woman he loves and Kunj changed for Twinkle. For she made him believe. She made him believe in love, believe in Lord, believe that fate isn’t against you rather it’s with you but it only makes you wait for the right moment to come along. Every story hold twists and so did theirs. We all search for happy endings but little do we realise that we ourselves make our endings. It’s always the choice we make. She made a choice to love him, to forgive him. He made a choice to change himself, to love her back.
Twinkle resting in his arms made him realise that she had completed him. No one realises what a woman is capable of and neither do they realise how blissful a man can live if only he values her rightfully. That’s why men are empowered over women. She gave him love, she gave him hope, she gave him new beginnings and most of all she gave him a family he dreamt of. If those weren’t enough reasons to cherish her for the rest of his life than Kunj doesn’t know what are.
He leaned in and kissed her on her temple. “Thank you for everything, I love you very much.” She smiled at him in her sleep, off course she was his abstract theories. And no doubt, they found their solace in each other.
Thank you very much for reading.
Finally epilogue… It took a while for me to write this beautiful piece for our very own Mr Fateen:) The name of the baby isn’t revealed yet, that’d be something for you to find out in upcoming skripts and that means yes… There’re number of more mini skripts to come if only you all will keep supporting so yaaay XD Also you’ll come across tad bit of Azeen’s married life because I personally adore her:)
Thank you so much to all those who had loved this story immensely. Cindy, your words always amazed me. You do write your views such phenomenally and thank you for that:) Then Vibhu, it’s okay for commenting late, I can truly understand. And yes I have read your views. Thank you dear. Anaya, I was actually squealing after reading your comment, finally you’re back lol XD hope your exams went good… Last but not least, thank you million trillion times for all those who have supported throughout. Can’t mention all names and I’m really sorry for that but know that you all mean a world to me, without you all there’s no use and purpose of my writing. Also thanks to those who have appreciated my work through DM. Thank you:*
Okay so now a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT… I’m not going to continue, “Being Normal With You” that means I’m taking that story down and soon it’ll remove from my posts too because of numerous reasons out of one is extremely low response and second is maybe I’m not writing that story as fine as I should… I guess something is lacking, don’t know why but I’m not satisfied. And maybe you all have too noticed that. Though I was so excited for this storyline and had planned everything after analysing but sadly it won’t be able to complete.
So yeah! There won’t be any story from my side as of now apart from few mini skripts. Although there’s new plot in my mind but I don’t know right now… Anyways hope you guys would miss my work lol XD Do share your views please. Stay awesome;)
P.S: The next skript will be updated depending on your views:)
Keep smiling:-)
Love y’all<3
Take care!

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