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Please evry ff writer or os writer see for your ffs and your names and read these some posts for sure……………
Guys now first I will comment for the ffs here because the comment box is closed after 14 days of the day published…………love you sisters and I missed you all alott…….
Sorry sorry aise suddenly gayab hone ke liye vaise kisine miss toh kiya hoga nahi kiya its ohk vaise bhi I don’t write anything for which you all can miss me but still please everybody surely read this …….

It was all a lie…. Twinj (Last part episode 15)
Chiku my dear sorry I am late I know that but seriously u nailed it.i loved your fs I mean wow you wrote so beautifully everything was just amazing your way of writing the ideas the way you described loved it love you dear……….
Tashan-e-Ishq Season 2 Episode 4 5

Ohhh god thanmy hahahaa bechara kunj u nailed it dear luvd it 2 core amazing….

Ohhh god u r nailin it please yr thanmy jldi meri eagerness ko d end karde hahaha is it mahi mere dil or dimaag mein yeh question barso se phasa hua hai hahahaa….luv u sis..

Our marriage is agreement ep 1 and intro episode 2 3 4 5 6

Yogs I know I m late but srsly I loved it the idea is amazing and u r blasting the best pieces of writings till now I am loveing it…start is amazing.
It was also wow srsly luvd d episode d father son talk was wow…..Ohhh goodness amazing yogs but who is tied up m excited and this uv ugghhh.. luvd it sis..
Yogs amazing episode short but sweet not sour hehehee yaar srly it was very cute one he was mesmarised by her eyes aww..shoo cute actually they are beautiful.. :P..
Yooo yogs this was wow I m just smiling the episode ohhhh god thank god dkeha I m only thanking god are yaar thanks to you ofcourse you were the one to think it it was fabulous marvalleous kunj saved her I was soo happy and the way they were you know like adjusting and are friends lovely… loved it dear….
Ohhh goodness yogs mein has has ke pagal ho gyi hun towel hi gir gaya bechara kunj but this kunj is really very sweet haan he frgave twinkle vry easily but I loved it different and then this uv I suer to kil him hard….loved it dear amazing I am loving it…..speechless..

UR Wish, MY Command….Twinj (summary n part- 5 6 7 8

Sorry for the late comment dear…ohhh god wow tamanna luvd it sooo very much hahaha marksmanship n d episode was soooo cute srsly hehehee hmesha aisa hi hota hai hmare twinj ke sath..n flirty kunj wow..n dis uv is here ughghhh…..

Hi tamana shock ke sath heart attack bhi aayaa hehe yr I am seriously not able to stop my tears…very emotional yeh twinkle bhi naa pa hai uvi ki entry ke sath laga tha ki aisa hoga twinkle will feel for hhim or it got true now I am cursing myself to think that and happy to know that kunj loves twinkle…well my birthday is on 8th of september I am 16 and in 11th class…love u sis….
Look mein late hoon or sorry puchne wali thi or pucha bhi please don’t get angry with me ohk sis.. 😀

Ofcourse it matched sooo well that I am still crying and not able to stop tears again but loved it the way kunj was walking and was crying I was crying my heart out loved it huh..this uvi itna sweetly kunj sung fo twinkle couldn’t she give him a single hug or a peck..loved it to eternity…love you lods…

Yr tamanna I guess you love to make me cry haina yr again this episode ohhh fish I am seriously like twinkle how can she shout on kunj and blame him for uvis condition kunj tried savng him but loved it o core…love u sis it was emotional and beautiful episode….

Ohhh god uv was cute hehee n n twinj were like I was crying at that time but last mein today you made me smile voh bhi bada wala hehee itna cute kunj shocked ohh shit how does uv know that yr agla pdna hai see you on next…kunki mein toh late hun soo I cant enjoy and live in suspense also hehee…


Ohhh goodness paavu u just rocked I mean soo cute twuinkle was scared n kunj was sweet to her d small cute saa romance luvd it..

Your love taught me meaning of life-epi 5

Paavu amazing luvd it hehheee nervous twinkle ka sherni roop aagya finally bahar…luvd d episode n d way by which twinkle took stand for kunj…

2 shades ch 5 6 7

Misha srsly d story is going wow n I m luving it post nxt soon…….i m left speechless by the stry heheee….schi mein

Oh Fish Not Again (twinj) -Chapter 4 5 ~ by Tara

Di amazing I m luving it n trust me wen twinkle was in white naa I srsly tht dat she is going for a death ceremony of a prsn bt hmara bechara kunj hahhaha luvd it….

Love is lust

Tanisha nyc start I mean intro I wuld luv to read it..

7 chumzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………epi 43

Ohh god affaa di u wont believe how much I was missing u srsly luvd the episode to the infinity quite thrilling action episode hehee luvd it…n twinkles pain aww…

Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 17 18 19 part 1 2 and 20 last episode) will miss this fs….

Ohh god very cute n romantic episode ria luvd it……..

Hey ria lovely episode sooo cute luvd it 2 core bechara kunj first that cute romance and then kunj baby was angry and said he was at mistake yah he was at mistake but situations forced him sooo sweet and then the romantic twinj uff…loved it ria seriously you nailed it… you sis… 😀
Yr ria dis episode was beautiful one of the best out of this ff seriously you are just rocking it loved it 2 eternity……..

Ohhh god ria itna romantic episode ohhh god I mean seriously It was jst itnaaaa cute aww..seriously loved it….

Ohhh god shooooo cute episode seriously ria loves it…it was beautiful ff dear I seriously always loved it I think you too had a great experience with this ff… I was a bit upset but now I am feelng good as you are gonna write a new one the comeback of I love you…twinj comeback by ria am seriously soo happy love you sis…you were always amazing fabulous and will always be my dear……hahahaaa I still remember phele I told you di and then you told me not to because we were haha same and I was like seriously sorry ria yaar behan ab iss baby ki jaan mat lena mein bhi naa kaisa pont vapas layi hun hahahaa itne time baad bhi sorry haan but seriously this was a beautiful experience and pleasure to read
Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be?~ria you were wwwwwwoooowwwww…love you lods…..

“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Comeback ~ Introduction

Ria yr amazing comeback… n I too missed you a lot… 😀

Twinj -Lost in the………. Jungle (chapter 1)

Ohh god angita n ridhima di I srsly luvd it u pinned it I mean itna suspense or itni mast story line hai I m speechless as always…….

I too had a girlfriend episode 2 episode 3

Komal luving it cute episode……..

Ohhh god d epsode was wow the way twinj danced beautiful loved it very much…

Warriors in love

Shreyoo n dammi lyk srsly yr from where do u bring dese ideas u stole my heart
Ab aage don’t know what all is gonna take place loved it….

Yehi hai Ishq (episode 40)~By Shreya(Lovely)

Shreyoo dear srsly wow u just are rocking the store. Yeah store of ur ideas and the stories yaar u just made d episode sooo sweet with the povs of both twinj aww….srsly loved it….

Yehi Hai Ishq (episode 41)

Lovely I mean shreyoo yr it was spr se bhi upr wala episode luvd it 2 core it was shooo cute hehe mahi ke expressions dekhne layak honge luvd it……….

Our Love Story – Twinj tale (Part 9)

Bas luvi thoda or shock dedeti yr
Hey bhagwaan I was like shocked to death I mean ohhh goodness the truth I mean the past was all a lie…I was like wow not bad kunj sarna loved it dear….. 😀

Ishq forever twinj episode 31 32 33 34 35 36

Sorry very sorry I am late….
Sameera di luvd d epsidoe d cute romance n den d leela n twinkles talk very cute….n kitchen romance was wow…..

Yr sorry di late I am late hmm but di seriously loved it yohhooo farewell and annual day the romantic twinj hahhahaa rahul sach mein aa gay tha bechara kunj…loved it…love u di….

Sam di this was spr cute episode I loved it soo much I mean wow twinkle in veil the dress selection hard work all amazing fabulous loved it……

Sameera di it was wow happy bday thanmy belated pta hai m late bt sry yr n di d episode was amazing the play wow beautiful loved it all….kya likhte ho serously soo cute play they did and everything was wo….loved it…..

Ohhh god sameera di seriously the episode was like inke exam the and I was dying every second hahahaa loved it to core…beautiful episode sooo now what will happen am excited so I am reading next…love you di…. 😀 mein bechari tension ki maari suspense mein bhi nhi jee skti hahaa….
Sameera di spr dpr cute episode loved it soo much it was beautiful episode loved it soo finally they are back and that baba ohh god it was beautiful lovely episode amazing fabulous marvalleous loved it…. 😀

Love in mission chapter 4 5 6 7

Cutieeee srsly wow soooo cute episode n possessive kunj very cute luvd it….

Ohh goodness cutieeee d fyt first of twinj and then the way saying sorry back romantic talks and kunj is thinking woohhooo that does he loves twinkle loved it yehe….

Cutiee d episode ohh god do I love her yes dammit you love her was amazing n hot shot haan yaar I just hope they soon realse love for eachother….loved it you nailed it……

Cutieee amazing episode yaar loved it twinj were looking gr8 uhunhuh….and I m loving your ff beautiful episode…srsly d plan is wow amazing uv kavyas groom bt it ll hurt kavya whats her fault parents were at fault awww…well loved it….

Twinj marriage betrayal love 43 44

Ohhhhh god monnaa di amazing episode luvd it 2 core d evrything family mmnts n all loved it….

Di all the yuhi scenes were also amazing in dis episode loved the way you described everything in the episode……… like the emotions were portrayed in the best way while having the baby aww…shoooo cute shaa epishode…..

I hate you episode 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Sara srsly luvd it hhahaahahaa alisha ki entry and our pitty kunj and when kunj was hurt twinkle thought something that was quite good if she realised it…luved it……..

Ohhh god sara I m nt able to stop myself from laughing lyk srsly hhahahahaa twinj married thnk god no bro sis srsly luvd it 2 core rajjo entry…

Ohhhh god sara d funny moments really hahaaaaha kunj ko maro bum pe laat heheh twinkle bhi naa luved it n kunj staring twinkle uff..i miss sidmin…

Sara amazing episode I thnk its raja d groom mehndi name n all suhaag raat heehehe luvd it amazing fabulous episode…….

Ohhhhhhh god sara d episode bechare twinj hhahahaaa n yipppiiee I was ryt ohhh god I was hell nervous wid dis chaudry luvd it………..

Ohhhhhhhhh godd sara twinj marriage itni sudden hahahahaa luvd it amaizng yr how do u write sooo goody goody my sis…..

Hahhahaaa ohh god shaadi hogyi yr shaadi ho gyi n world record omg first time ever in history I would b seeing marriage n agle din hi divorce bt I don’t thnk ye hoga bcz 6 mnths staying together is necessary naaa…. ohh god just luvd it…..

Twinj: A journey that led to U part 7 8 9 10

Ohhh god amazing episode maggi di luvd it I know I m late really sorry but fab episode d way AM was thinking about kunj the different side of kunj wow…..

Maggi di amazing episode AM’S pov was wow srsly important lag bhi rha tha he is actually mein hot cant wait for mystry girl to get reviled…

Di emotional super emotional episode I am crying I mean seriously I hope it never happens with anybody not evenmy enemy god loved the past ii mean the way you describes I was seriously running short out of fear….loved it di

Ohhh god magi di speechless spell bound I mean wow how do u get sch creative ideas o n a centre pint lines on rain and purple colour personality srsly luvd it n pranking sanchay was the best I luvd it hahahahaaa…bechara sanchay and my smarty kunj….luvd it..

Maggi di the surprise was like wow srsly loved it hahhaahhaaa sooo basically our chota sa omi was tearing pages of a diary and keeping them there hahahahaaa luved it I m speechless..hahahaa

Tasha-E-Ishq (twinj ff) – no one is perfect but we make each other perfect (Intro and Chapter 1 2 3

Speechless amazing start loved d episode twinj date hahaha maza aayaga…

Simmy u nailed it hahhaaa bechari twinkle Sunday ko meeting luvd it and chinki or abhay ko chidane wala moment was awesome just loved it all…..

Enjoyed d episode noo not at all infact you know mein toh bore hi ho gyi aisa mein nhi khe skti ohhhh god I mean mein toh hasi toh phasi ho gyi sach mein are twinkle is really a drama queen n sch mein siyappa ki maharani ne koi siyappa create nhi kia hahhaaaa luvd it 2 core srsly u r amazing……..

Twinj ff – love or mistake ???? Episode 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Ohh god amazing sanjanna d family moments and talks the job offer everything is wow luving it…….

Hey bhagwaan sanjana yeh kahan fasa dia I hope its kunj not dat uvi well amazing episode candy crush hahahaa report card loved it………

Ohhh god sanjana soo dis was uv only well I jst hope evrything resolves luvving it u r fabulous n twinkle was srsly cute here….

Hey sanjana amazing fight I was laughing hehe the way they got dere names fab loved d episode and I thnk deres a big wala reason that kunj is hiding from twinkle aise hi thodinnaaa he ll betray her well loved it 2 core…..

Hey sanjana amazing episode I m sure daal mein zaroor kuch nhi puri daal hi kaali hai voh papers dis uvraj ohh god amazing episode agle mein or suspense heheheeeeee…..

Sanjana mein abhi sirf ek baat khe sakti hun..
Ki mera koi munh band karo mosiquito will enter…yaar these many questions ab toh I am definitely seriously confused ohhh god yaar but one answer I think mahi knows kunj…..and reshma thakur definitely have some relation….and this uvraj is the reason behind twinj sepration…..

Ohhh god sanjana yaar like seriously mahi and twinkle were amazing I jst hope they don’t do anything to kunj….or his family….

tashan e ishq New FF- Episode 1
mohabbat ka ek naya andhaz epi – 1 part 2
epi – 1 part 3

pooja di better if u take care of urself ohk eat healthy I know I m late but health ka kahayal toh we should always take care of naaa… acha the episode was good one and the precap was the best part hehee…n twinkle is really very cute and sweet….

Ohhh god usse voh song nhi pasand nice one di loved the episode sooo very much I mean twinj cute fight was really cute….

Ohhh di get well soon don’t stress your hand this much I will wait take care….
And episode was amazing I just loved it the way kunj and twinkle reacted was like hahahaa…

Twinj kunjs siyappa queen by yashu…..
Ooohhh god yashu d track m luving it 2 core hahahaa twinkle standing on uv n uv on kunj bechara mera kunj ki kamar…….

My heart beats for only you (Episode 39 40 41)
I married you to save you. (Part 1) (Some Shots) Happy Birthday Thanmy Di!

Ohhhhhh god romi its wow loved it 2 core it was beautiful n who is dis villan entering in twinjs love story….ohh god….

Amazing romi thank god she talked to her mom about it but yaar its really worrying who the hell is he….loved it…

Hahahaa gay crap loved it…..
And rajveer who is he ohh god tension is eaing me now what will happen post next asap sis….love u……….

And the ss ohhh goodness romi seriously pity kunj he loves her soo much and she ugghhh this uvraj but amazing dear I mean ab aayga na mazzaa when kunj will tell his sasumom that what is the way to treat his twinkle ab milegi unhe property kunj ke ghar mein kaam krne ki hahahahaaa…..loved it to core post next as soon as possible dear sis…….love you lods…….and lods…….i know am veriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……….latee…sorry…

HAMARI KAHANI – Twinj (Five shots) Tiktik 7

Ayu u rocked…Ohhhh god hahhaaa bechare dono both are missing eachother sooo much and twinkles plan to sit in the class and wanted kunj to return and take her was awesome fabulous…..
He took her but he is more intelligent naa he got to know her plan.. hahahahaaa and this uv ughhh but loved it 2 core of my heart it was wow…

The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 28 29 30

YR the episode seriously monica it was wow fabulous loved it to eternity finally they confessed eachother I was waiting since long for this moment and I was still late to read it well you nailed it….love you sis 😀
The way everything was described dress and everything and I rememebered twinj confession in tei and I was crying you described soo beautifully….

Ohh god now what will happen well am excited they both will visit places and enjoy maza aayga….

Hhahahahaahahhaahaaaaa srsly monica I am still laughing bechara kunj ohhh god haunted house dead body and then some person running behind kunj aww…. But seriously you nailed it I am sitting here at my place and laughing like mad but seriously I was afraid haannn… yr you experienced it I suer I would have died at that plae that time only or otherwise my condition would have been same like kunj or say you hheehehee….loved it and then the movie and now the precap shock or surprise what type of suspense is this darling post next as soon as possible I cant wait… you lods sis…..

It was always you bulbul 13 14

Hey vanshu yr seriously it was amazing shoooo cute it was seriously the dance the cute moments and eyelocks they blushing thinking about eachother loved it to core………

Ohhh god bulbul the episode I mean I fell in love with it again…it was wwooww the songs you edited sanu vele khende sanu vi…. Oye hoye ji loved it then then the talli twinj there cute talks girls plan loved it one to all amazing fabulous loved it and also it was really hurting atlast when usha commented on kunj ugghh….love u sis 😀

so a lion fell in love with lamb season 2 episode 32 33

yr shatakshi d episode was sooo cute I am speechless pta hai late hun but seriously u nailed it I loved it to core yr you are amazing it was cute but shock atlast oohh pity kunj…

shataakshi do I need to tell you how the episode was no right..because you know how you write you write soo well that I am toh no one who can say anything or I sit to take out a mistake milegi hi nhi ab kya karun…you write sooo well that I love it seriously you nailed the emotions please post next as soon as possible I cant wait….loved it sis….love you… I am missing you yaar seriously sooo very much..

“When Life Gives U 100 Reasons to Cry_Show Life that U have 1000 Reasons to Smile!” (SS) (Episode#2).. 3 and 4

Zuha I wont say I loved the episode to be fair I didn’t loved it as it was uv but if I take it in the way you write soo tust me I definitely loved it…and please mere sid ki entry karva do naa jldi iss jasmine ki life mein colours fill karne ke liye…love you sis…

Yr it was lovely but seriously felt too very bad for sidhant loved it it was beautiful episode finally jasmine and sidhant met… you sis…..

My Love Story (Bhavika) OS – Part 2 (Bhavika)

Bhavu yr wow soo cute the love story is ging haan seriously loved it..ohh soo there’s a he in your life who finally said you loved it oooo much I hope it becomes true and it would b swee one and no problems comes your way love you sis….very cute and it was really wow…..


Tamanna it was soooooo very sweet yaar tears came but this time they were of hapiness seriously sooo cute loved it to eternity…….


Yaar shruti how how do you write sooo well loved itit was soooooo cute twinj scenes were lovely and yuhi were good….
happy birthday sidvee belated I know am soooo very late sorry for that…

Happy birthday sidhanshi belated late hoon again sooo sorry…
sh..r..ut..ii…yeh kk..aayaa..hai kunj picture love answer yes….does…..never…
Ohh god fir twinkle gir gyi bechara kunj hehehee n pinch me was the best one loved it….

Happy birthday belated thanmy jasmin my dear am sooo sorry to be such late…. well dekhaaa….mene kaha tha naaa…kuch yaad aaya ki he loves mahi ohh shit whyyy……well zoro ka shock nahi laga mujhe…hhaaaa amazing episode sooo now twinkle felt the pain but didn’t realized wel loved it and shopping woohhooo haha XXXL awesome yaar you sis…. 😀

Happy birthday sayu di again…..
Shruti phele toh I was excited that I was correct ki it was mahi whom kunj loves but now when I read that it is kunjs plan I should be crying that my guess were wrong but yaar I am toh double triple happy wooohhhooo…thank god that kunj loves twikle it was his plan I seriously read that line three times I was like kya mene jo pada voh sach tha…hehee loving it sis……love you…. 😀

Happy birthday belated vanu…
Hey yr mili u nailed it..twinj engagement ugghhh when will our twinki understand the love she carries for kunj….ohh goodness loved it to core……love u sis…


yr shruti tu naa mujhe maar hi dalegi with these amazing updates of your ff I mean wow yr seriously the episode was sooo cute the talks and feeling connected loved it…. 😀

Ohhh god shruti the episode was amazing and seriously if uv wuld have dared to do that nnaa I would have seriouly killed him…loved the episode and now anita knows the truth what will happen…..
Ohh god yr yeh kya kar dia kunj ne well cant say anything he is a womaniser but yr now twinkle shit whats gonna happen I can’t wait for next episode shrti please please post it as soon as possible loved the epiosde the way kunj escaped…. 😀 and anita helping him… 😀 I hope she is a positive character…

Twinj OS- Dance made my life….

Ohhh god ridhima di the os it was soooooooo beautiful loved it to infinity beautiful cute and wow………..loved it………speechless fabulous amazing marvalleous didu love you….. 😀

SidVee OS – Happy Birthday Dear YASHVEE !!!!!!!!!!

Ohhhhh god yashu really too cute dear loved it…. 😀

Hate…Evil…Revenge…Love?? (TS….Part 1 2)

Oh god shit yr it was amazing dere cute fyt n all srsly I didn’t thot it wuld take sch a big turn in first episode only den scnd was also amazing fabulous marvalleous speechless all is going wow………… 😀 yr seriously my condition after reading your ff is something which you cant even imagine bas buri nhi hai aisee hai ki I m sssoooooooooooo happy that it can’t be explained……….

LOVE in the way of REVENGE {Introduction and Chappy 1}

Ohh god anuzura I just don’t ave anything to say except THIS IS IT…..
Loved it guys u nailed it……post next asap..

mohabbatein-twinj-ki-21 22 23

kruti di the episode ohhh goodness loved it soooo very much. Pity mummies hehehe they don’t know that there children have already confessed to eachother and they are still planning it hahahaahahaha….and the song ohh god it was soooo cute kunj dancing with children and the song at the background muuuaahhh….di loved it to infinity… was amazing kunj taking care of twinkle and the flying kiss…..

kruti di it was sooooooooo cute wala episode loved it ohhh god wow the angry and cute twinkle hehehee beautiful episode…

ohhhhhhhh god kruti di the episode started soo well and ended also on a good note as it started loved it soooo much it was beautiful piece the tree house wow beautifully described that how it looked like and then the romantic moments hh my god it was lovely episode love u di….. 😀

Twinj:Immortal struggling love (Chapter 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 selection matters

Ohh shit di the episode is twinkle cheating on kunj ohh god it was amazing loved it sorry for being late rockstar… 😀

Roshu di mein toh dar hi gyi thibut thank god uv is twinkle’s brother and seriously loved the episode full of emotions amazing di… 😀

Ohhh goody didu the episode was out of world loved it to eternity soo cute and romantic episode lovd it…. 😀

Roshini di the episode was beautiful the way twinkle took stand for kunj uffff…loved it and this rt n uv ugghhhh…..these people are of no use they don’t have any rights to live in this world huh……aweful….loved the episode di…. 😀

Di twinkle is dead ohh god now what will happen cant wait loved the episode going to next because I don’t have any suspense to live with hehee….

Rosh di emotional super emotional episode loved it twinkle is dead ohh god well loved it..

Didu kunj oh shit soo very emotional episode was crying and crying loved it as always…. 😀 rockstar you are amazing….

Roshini di kitna rulaoge ohh god loved the episode it was sooooooo sweet di seriously you nailed it fabulous episode I was lik crying crying crying unsoppable sooo emotional soo finally forth janam and am soo unlucky I was not able to choose but I know all must have chosen the best love you di…. 😀

Well di mein bhi hoti toh titanic hi choose krti wow amazing…luving you di.. 😀


Thanmy dear wow luvd the episode and these mahlothras ohh god bhot suspense hai loved it yr….. :Dthats good thanmy baccha nhi toh I would have killed you if you would have end this ff samjhi kyaa… 😀 love you jasmin…

REVENGE vs LOVE I Will Kill You n tei s2 promos

Marna mat thanmy lat hoon I know that sooo sorry or pata hai rula dia tune mujhe itna jyada yr sid ki yad diladi or itni cute journey haan loved it very much sweet one happy birthday again….and love you a lot sis….post next asap my naughty sister… 😀 love you lods and lods……….or kisne kaha tune mujhe pakaya tune toh mujhe bhot jyada pakaya hahhaahaa mazaak kar rhi hun don’t dare take it seriously….


Paavu dear the episode oohhh god it was sooo cute and emotional seriously loved it I was crying yr and you know how emotional person I am…hehe love you..

Sooo meri sis sad thi or usne mujhe batana tak zaroori nhi samjha well 😛 shayad bataya tha but yr chill girl you know that you are the best isn’t it soo why too be sad loved the episode it was beautiful and fab yr loved it as you know hehe… 😀 cute one…seriously it was amazing when kunj said that both were shocked haha ya hoga yr too very excited…


hey bhagwaan ayu meri behna merko kuch bolne layak chodna hai ki nhi I mean yr how do you write soooo soooo sooooo sooooos ooooo well I mean the os mere toh hosh hi udd gye
5 days uhh hahahaha too much hehee loved it chocoheart and twinkle blabbering seriously you nailed this piece of writing and scripted it soooooooo beautifully I loved it……… you sis… 😀 and please post your ff as soon as possible I cant wait hamari kahani twinj I am not able to wait anymore….


Hey dammi loved all the episodes ughhh…. This uv I hate him huh…how dare he touch twinkle jelous twinj were wow caring twinj were awesome and you are rocking it…….
Love you sis…… 😀 yaar I am damn sure that guy was uv wh tried raping twinkle loved it the diary part muuuaaaahhhhhhhhh……………

Love at Once- Tashan e ishq (Part 1 2

Hey cupcake sorry I am late soo let me introduce myself well am baby and seriously the way you wrote the os was amazing I lovd it a very very very cute one……..

Hey cupcake you are amazing yr seriously kya likhiti ho loved it this uvraj luthra huh……
Love you sis….

Cupcake sooo cute it was amazing fabulous episode but dear why are you not posting I cant wait anymore post next as soon as possible dear loved it ……… 😀

janam-janam-kaa-pyaar-shot-8 9 10

hey jaan it was really very emotional and painful episode aami seriously you nailed it hahahaaa and that was really fun noo sorry for it dude lets e informal hehe toilet on kunj 😛 mein toh has has ke mad hi hogyiji I loved it to the deep oceans………love you sis… 😀 yeah kunj was wrong shit yaar but loved it….

Aami jaan really very cute and emotional episode loved it ab kya hoga ohhh god siyappa why always in there lives loved it dear………

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  1. Maggi

    Awww baby… Yaar I luv u loads…I’m glad dat u followed each n every ff…I was jzz thinking ki how much tym it has taken for u to write ol of this…
    Tqs a lot dear…
    I lvd ur way of showing luv..
    Luv u loads..

    1. Baby

      thanks soooo mch di abhi orr bhi hai bot baki hhai wenevr i get free frm studies i did it soo abhi kuch hi complete kar payi n kisi ke mehnat ko appreciate krna i love it dats why i had to anyhow comment on it… 😀

  2. Aamu

    Aha…so u r back…
    Wen r u going to post ur ff…
    N thanx for ur late cmnt too…..
    Thank u soon muchh…
    N u seriously thought DAT d girl was of twinj???
    An old the to unko yeh shobha nahi deta???
    Love u took????
    N u dint read my ff junoon wala ishq..?

    1. Baby

      hey hi aami abhi i told u naa i m still left wid ffs to be read i ll comment for dose to dheere dheere n den ll cm to my ff yr 😀 still ammi jaan i loved janam janam ka pyaar n truly i thot it to b twinjs daughter hahahahaaa…. 😀 lve u sis…….n kisi ke mehnat ko appreciate krna i love it dats why i had to anyhow comment on it… ? and u know it…

  3. Ritzi

    Wow baby…u remember these names
    ..thts really awesome

    1. Baby

      yr yipiieee ritzi n m w8ing for ur ff eagerly i hv cmntd on urs all ffs i guess… 😀

  4. Sameera

    Wow baby seriously u read it all amazing
    Thanks u sooo much for ur comment love u ?????

    1. Baby

      hey di it was my pleasure to read n duty to comment…love u di… 😀

  5. Hawwww baby this is not fair yarrr……..u did not read my ff??? this is very bad… very very very very bad ……… look I’m crying haaaaaaan……..

    Hehe…Sorry yarr just kidding…. I know u don’t know me bcz I’m new here aur waise bhi mera ff bhi bahot boring hai isiliye to mujhe cmnts bhi kam mile hai……..but u don’t worry I’m not forcing u….. n ya I was missing u n ur ff n ur cute cute sa OS soooo much…. so pls yarrr ab jaldi se apna ff bhi post kar do…pls pls pls pls……


    1. Baby

      hey hey w8 i know u i mean i hv seen ur name many tyms ohk can u tell me d name ur ff n dont cry dear dare u i m teling u abhi bhot bach rhe hain pdne ke liye n cmnts krne ke liye cmnt toh mein zaroor krungi bt abhi i was bit busy u no soo socha jitna hua hai phele utna snd krdun ur comments will surely reach u its babes promise n i always fulfil it luk i did for some ryt now i promised dem….welcome here…. n will post my ff soon 😀 pakka promise…

      1. Hayeee mera Baby upset ho gaya so sad na….. hey baby! don’t be sad yarrr I told u naa that I’m just kidding…. actually tumne itni mehnat karke sabko cmnt kiya hai to maine socha main bhi kuch likh doon n nothing else….n I know its very difficult to read all ff continuosly….. so pls yarrr dont feel guilty…ok??

        N my ff is TEI-Ishq chupta nahi chupane se(A possessive n blind love)~Twinj ff

        N ya will u be my friend???

        N I’m really sorry for upsetting u..

        love u n keep smilling

    2. Baby

      aww…dear neha u didnt upset me pagal ho kya
      khe rhi ho frnd bnogi or uske baad sry no sry n no thnku in frndship u no friendship rules ryt n
      den above all we r frnds k n m nt sad m happy dat u said smthingg to me now ll surely read urs soon as possible… 😀

  6. Yogs

    Thanku very. Much baby
    Iam waiting for ma xams to over
    Then i will update regularly
    Sry to keep all u waiting

    1. Baby

      hey yogs dats k
      i ll w8 all d best for ur exams….
      n m luving ur ff… 😀

  7. Wow baby thats so sweet of you to comment for all the ffs like this 🙂 n thank you for the birthday wishes ??.. and I’m waiting for your ff.. post soon ❤❤

    1. Baby

      anytime dear.. 😀
      welll will for surely post my ff soon…

  8. Zuha Fatima

    Awwww….Baby thanks for including my FF over here 🙂 Well when u said u did not enjoy I was a bit like … Okay but the comment on part 3 I was glad that you enjoyed 🙂 Also read 6th part of the FF where Sid will start falling for Jas 🙂 Love u! And at least I missed u 😛

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

    1. Baby

      hehe hmmm sorry sorry bt sach bolna chaiye naa
      yr iss uvraj ki vajeh se i never enjoy bt sid ohhh u know dat n den
      d thing is m luving ur ff haan haan i felt nyc hahahaa dat u missed me sis… 😛
      i ll surely read it……. 😀

  9. Kritika14

    Heya baby,
    Long time dude, didn’t see you! So happy you are finally back, right? Well, firstly, thanks for adding my ff in this! It makes me feel so special and good. Plus I’m so happy I could make you laugh with my shitty comedy, though ? Moreover, so pleased to know you are excited for the next part! Btw, I have already uploaded the next part! You can go have a look at it 🙂
    Lovess! xx ?

    1. Baby

      hahhahaaaa hi dear yeah long time and c i culd nt comment also thanks well srsly dat was amazing n i wuld surely read it soon…n comment for dat 2… 😀 love u sis…. yeah mayb m finally back…

  10. Adya

    Mere too baby di….Jao katti !!!!!
    Ni padhti n ap mera ff….will never talk to u….never ever….
    It’s unfair n..sabse dosti krni chahiye..Bt leave it…not a problem…I’ll forgive u even if u don’t say sorry !!!!!!!!
    Pakka promise….choti si hu n…
    Well do read it…plssssss…
    ” Should I confess ??”
    Love u…
    Nd yes yes yes…plssssss post soon ….ur ff….please

    1. Baby

      yr adya voh mene tumhari ff bhot baar dekhi post hote hote ve recent posts bt abhi naa i was reading previous ones yr islye i didnt knew sooooooooooo sorry yr
      acha friends n i luv to make frnds haan sooo katti hone ka toh sochana bhi mat got it
      yr sorry abhi pdungi n dusri baari comment 2 wale mein zaroor tumhara ff ka cmnts hogs pakka u will recieve dem soon becoz i luv 2 cmnt kisi ka bhi mehnat ko appreciate krna is gud habit ryt luv u sis….for surely cmnt 😀

      1. Adya

        Arwee dont b depressed ….????
        Jst kidding…plsss jst post ur ff okayy….????
        Vaise baat to sahi h…comment krna gud habit….leave it… post soon..
        Love u toooooo threeeee fourrrrrrrr fiveeeeeeee nd till infinity

  11. Ayu

    Baby!!!!! Missed you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! Thank u for the appreciation dear! N the next epi will be up veryyyyyy soon!! So do check it out!!! Love uuuuuu❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Baby

      i missed u tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yr or appreciation ki baat aati hai soo u deserve it dude..yah i m eagerly w8ing for ur update yr srsly cant w8………..luv u 2…. 😀

  12. Twinjfan.tamanna

    yaar sacchi matlab tu kaise yaad rakhi yeh naam and stories mujhe khud hi yaad nahi ki kab konsi story line thi.. .hehehe… aur na.. u don’t know how happy I m bcz aaj tak maine aise appreciation dusron ko hi deke hai… yaar sacchi me words nahi ke mai kaise thank karun… aur tunhara ff jaldi post karna.. asap..plz

    1. Baby

      hey hi
      yaad kya mein toh abhi pad pad ke complete kaar rhi thi n as i luv reading stries soo yaad rheti hain srsly luvd it 2 core u r going amazing m luving it…..i m glad dat i was able o make u happy 😀 n u said dis mch itna mere liye bhot jyada tha luv u n yeah for sure ll post soon… 🙂 😀

  13. Hey baby,
    So sweet of u.U commented almost on all ff n os.

    If u get time then do read my os also but I am not forcing u n waise bhi mere os may padne keh layak kuch nai hai aisa mujhe lagta hai…boring hai par phir bhi ho sakye toh padna ha.Sorry intro dena to may bhul gayi. Hi I am twinj aka aakriti/aaku.16 yrs old.Aab tak 3 os post kiya hai aur bahut jald ek aur os post karungi.

    Os ke nam
    Love is not a game-twinj os
    Hamari adhuri kahani-twinj os
    Love me in the end-twinj os

    Lots of luv,

    1. Baby

      hey aku yeah well seeing u for d first tym n u dont need to say dat u r forcing me i will myself surely read ur 3 os n comment bcoz i luv to read n cmnt n dare haan who r u to tell me dat tumhari os mein kuch bhi nhi hai pdne layak pitayi ban skti hai kunki mein bhi 16 or tum bi so i can hit haan agar dobara meri twinj aka aku ki hlki si bhi burayi ki 😀 well surely read it 😉 ab mat khe dena bura nhi toh yahan romi ne mera bura wala roop dekha hai ask her she will tell u for sure kya daant pdi thi usko voh toh choti bhi hai mujhse bachi bhi nhi thi hahahaa chalo ya….love u lods sis… 😀

      1. Baby may kaun hu ha ummmm may tumari friend kyu ki tum bhi 16 aur may bhi. So apni friend se may khud ki bhurai karsakti hu na n pls mujhe marna maat…dhukta hai.Just kidding.N sorry from today may twinj aka meri halki si bhurai bhi nai karungi.May tumari bhuri side dekhna nai chhati.Pata hai ki friendship may no sorry no thank u n no pls.So sorry last time for saying sorry n pls.

        Lots of luv,

    2. Baby

      hehheee u r shooooooo sweet yr lluv u lods sis….. 😀

  14. OMG!!! Baby u remember everyones name!!! It was so cute… Awesome… Nd post u’r epi soon… Nd can u tell me when is u’r birthday… Actually i don’t know it na so…..

    1. Baby

      hey sidhanshi thnks sooo mch ;P n i know m cute hahaha yeah
      i ll postmi9 soon n my bday is on 8th september
      its k love u lods sis… 😀

  15. Sara28

    Thank You so much for ur wonderful comments! U care so much about all the writers and its amazing to see how supportive u are! Love you!

    1. Baby

      hey sara dear thanks shoooooo much dear n post ur ff asap
      yeah i do care for d rtrs bt phele i care for my sisters….
      love u sis…. 😀

  16. Simiyy

    Thank You so much Baby
    i am happy you read it
    please read my new ff Tashan e ishq twinj frienship,trust&love
    i hope you continue your ff soon

    1. Baby

      hey dear anytime
      i ll read ur dis ff for sure
      n rhi baa meri ff ki i ll try 2 post it asap…. 😀
      love u lods…

  17. SidMin

    Thank you so much baby Love you loads 🙂

    1. Baby

      love u too mili.. 😀

  18. Yashasvi

    awwwww baby i’m shoooo glad to see u back….. love uh shooooo much.,…..
    and wowwww i mean u care sooo much about the writers….
    hats offf to such reader BABY…… love uh dear….. and thanks for the wonderful comment….

    1. Baby

      hey bas bas jyada ho gya yashu dear but srsly u all ryt sooo well dat u deserve dese cmnts n mein toh kuch bhi nhi yr u no all shuld cmnt den it is 1 word only… 😀

  19. Thanmy

    R u serious baby dii
    While reading the whole thing i was like who is she n itz u dii i mean intna patience hats off to u dii really n such a pyaara pyaara comments thanq sooooooooo much dii thanqqqq

    1. Baby

      😀 oye jasmin terko toh m nt gonna leave u kahan gayab ho madam aap
      yr well thanks sooooo much yr i had to cmnt naa ab itna shweet shweet likho gi toh cmnt dena pdega n also i promised to cmnt on all ffs n os ryt soo how culdn’t i… 😀
      love u lods sis….

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