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Hi guys iam back with my second ff iam taanishaa sharma my first ff was love is sweet and heart touching feeling So guys pls comment threw your comments I’ll decide which one I’ll write first So pls pls pls support
So guys you have to chose between 2 concepts
So 1 concept
Childhood couple
So in this concept you l will see twinj both get married in childhood and youl see how they get United after some years
2 concept
Force full marriage
In this youl see twinkle will be happy with the with kunj marriage but kunj will be unsatisified because twinkle is a traditional girl like our old mahi but kunj wants a modern girl as his wife

In the 1 concept you will see so much romantic scenes of twinj

In the 2 concept you’ll see first selfish kunj and no romance after few epi you’ll we some romance of twinj

And really sry anu for copying your idea
Sry dear anu

Pls chose between these 2 concepts

Credit to: tanishaa sharma

We recommend
  1. 2 concept…sounds intresting

  2. 2nd concept

  3. Liked both ur concepts… i wud luv to prefer concept 1

  4. First concept because i don wanna c the selfish kunj… All the best and am glad that u r back….

  5. Second concept as it will be more interesting to see love developing between them!!

  6. I think 1st one is better……..

  7. 1concept is better…dnt want kunj to be selfish

  8. 1st concept is better

    1. tanishaa sharma (tanya)

      Ok guys thanks for your comments and I’ll write my ff from May as I have my schools so pls bear with me and I’ll write the 1 concept

  9. 1 concept dear loved it do cont soon

  10. 1st concept is very good…..,.

  11. Concept 1 sounds better

  12. 2 nd concept is interesting

  13. As ur wish.. bcoz ur bth ur concept were awesm but I ll prefer 1st one…

  14. Tanya di I like both the concept but 2nd one is a little different. So I suggest the 2nd concept.

  15. 1 concept

  16. 1st concept

  17. 1 one is better

  18. Yes!I agree with u ruhanika the 1 one is better

  19. 1St concept

  20. 1 concept is very interesting

  21. It’s ok dear nd write on 1.concept……

  22. on both u will write all the best

  23. Tanisha….. 1 concept is better and interesting new story childhood mariage and after so many yrs meet interested and my hero kunj is not selfish so make a 1 concept is better and make a story twikunj both not understand we r childhood friends or not.

  24. Yas! I m also agree with all of them and I will like to sugest u that u shold wright the 1st concept because it sounds very very very better, interesting, beautiful,good,excellent and feb.
    And I also think that u’ll get most comments by this.
    So do what ever u want to do but before doing just see ur comments and then do ur work so all the best for ur future tysm.

  25. 1st concept is better.

  26. 1st concept is better then 2nd concept

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