Twinj FF: Undercover [Chapter 4]


Chapter 4

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Twinkle POV

No! No! No! I can’t share a room with Kunj Sarna. Never ever! “Kunj Sarna!” I shout my lungs out.

“What happened? Can you stop acting paranoid, we’re gonna scare the neighbours” He says walking out of the kitchen.

“The Room!” I say crossing my arms.

“What’s wrong with the room it’s a fine room, I know it’s kinda small for your standards but you have to adjust Miss Taneja” he says not understanding what I mean.

“It’s one room Mr Sarna, How do you expect us to share it, You Jerk!” I tell him. Then it strikes him, Oh God! He says.

He walks around the room. I guess he is thinking about what to do? Even I think about what to do? I walk to one end to another.

Just then something comes into my mind. “I got an idea” Me and Kunj shout at the same time. “You go first” We both again say at the same time. I keep quiet , nodding to ask him to go ahead.

Just when he was about to say something we heard a noise at the door. “I’ll go” Once again we say at the same time. Oh Babaji! Why does this happen to us only. I ask him to go and open the door. I walk behind him.

He opens the door, the man outside hugs Kunj real tight. Oh my god! It was Suspect 1 Baljeet. “Welcome Brother!” He says patting Kunj on the back.

Kunj was feeling weird I could see it, I couldn’t help smirking. Though, Who wouldn’t feel weird?One of the suspects is hugging the life out of him. He lets go of him.

“Namaskar!” He tells me. I greet him too just to be in character. “Welcome ji! I am your neighbour, I live with my wife and kids just in the opposite house” he says giving a big smile and pointing at his house.

“I am Kunj Sarna and this is my wife Twinkle” he tells him keeping his arm around my shoulder. Being called his wife is really weird. I give a fake smile and look at Kunj.

“You have to come over for dinner ji, my wife would love to meet you both” he says. “We would love to but…” I was going to say but Kunj interrupts me and says “Thank you sir we would love to join you and your wife this evening”.

I look at Kunj as to what he was doing. “That would be lovely ji, now I better get going, looking forward to meet you in the evening ji” he says and leaves.

Kunj closes the door. “What do you think your doing?” I ask him. “You mad girl! This is a chance for us to spy on him” He tells me.

Oh Gosh! He’s right! Did he just outsmart me, Twinkle where is your mind I think to myself.

“Come on! We have to unpack things” he says. I keep my bag in the room.

“Kunj Sarna!” I shout once again. “What happened now? Twinkle Taneja” he shouts back and stomps to the room. “We didn’t decide what to do about the room” I tell him crossing my arms.

“Tell me what was your idea” Kunj asks me. “It is that….” I say but then I realise that I forgot. Oh no! I did not just forget. I almost never forget things.

“I knew it! You didn’t have any idea, didn’t you?” He tells me giving a grin. “No it’s like…umm…” I try to say something. “What? Umm! Tell na” he says enjoying the victory of me being clueless.

“Fine! Let’s use your idea genius” I tell him. “Okay the idea is…” Even he stammers. “Even you forgot didn’t you genius” I ask smirking at him. “Don’t act to smart, come on admit it!” I say.

“Okay fine yes I forgot, but even you did , so you don’t act to smart” He tells me. I let out a breath. “Fine! We will think after we come back from Baljeet’s house” He says. I agree as right now we both were clueless.

I go and take my suitcase and start unpacking stuff. Even Kunj starts unpacking. We both stuff are clothes in the small closet we have.

It became evening in no time at all. We take turns and use the room for freshening up. I change into a comfortable salwar from the horrifying saree.

The bangles, mangalsutra and sindoor are all new to me. I have to get used to wearing them for a few days as long as I am playing Twinkle Kunj Sarna. Uh!

Kunj was waiting in the hall. I come out. “How much time do you take? Can we go now” He asks me. We lock the door and leave to our so called neighbours house.


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