Twinj FF: Undercover [Chapter 3]

Chapter 3

Thanx for all d love guys?. I am so glad that u liked d updates☺️ Sorry for d late updates the thing is that I have an exam every week?. So it’s kinda hard for me to update frequently. Hope u understand ?

Their mission will start from in d next update. Today its gonna be more of discovering Twinj. I’m Hope u guys will like it. Today’s update we have both Twinkles POV and Kunjs POV.

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Chapter 2

Kunj POV

I couldn’t take my eyes off Twinkle as she walked towards me. She was only one step away from me. Then she opens the door of the car on which I am leaning on, breaking my trance. “If your done with your staring can we leave” she says. God! This girl and her tantrums.

She sits in the seat behind. I sit in the car and I don’t start it. I just sit. “We are gonna get late , why aren’t you starting the car” Twinkle says. “I am not your driver Twinkle Taneja” I tell her. She comes in the seat next to me , understanding what I mean to say. “Can we go now at least Kunj Sarna” she says wearing her seatbelt. I nod and start the car. I started driving.

Twinkle didn’t say a word she was just looking outside. And unfortunately we got stuck in the traffic. There was silence apart from the constant honking of the cars.

Twinkle didn’t say a word and I didn’t know what to say. I turn on the radio. “Chup Tum raho, chup ham rahe, zindagi ko….” The song plays. Me and Twinkle look at each other. The song was so apt to the situation. We both turn our faces away.

I change the channel “Khamoshiyaan Teri Meri Khamoshiyaan” Twinkle turns her head towards me again. She looks at me like I am doing this on purpose. The radio station isn’t my grandfather’s that the songs that I wish will be played.

“You chatter so much normally, what happened to madam today?” I said breaking the silence that we had. “If we have to work together, stay together in one place we need to know each other at least a bit” I tell her.

“Ya your right, I don’t know anything about you other than how irritating you are” she says. “So where do your parents live Kunj Sarna?” She asks me. “My parents live in Amritsar” I tell her. Her face lights up as soon as I say so. “Even my mom lives in Amritsar” she tells me.

“What about your dad?” I ask her. She looks down and then says “My father left us when I was six”.

My heart skips a beat, oh god! I shouldn’t have asked her. How stupid of me, I thought to myself. “I am sorry” I tell her. She tells me that it’s okay and asks me not to talk about it.There was silence again in the car.

Then she lifts her head up and asks “How many Girlfriends did you have?” . She smiles at me waiting for an answer. “Five in total, now I am single and happy to be so” I tell her. She laughs and says “Not bad, I was expecting a twenty” .

“I know I am good looking, but that doesn’t mean I would have dated so many girls” I tell her. “Don’t praise yourself Kunj Sarna” she says. I ask her about her boyfriends. She was gonna say something then the traffic started moving. “Finally!” She said. The traffic started moving and we reached in no time at all.

Twinkle POV

Kunj wasn’t that bad. He seemed like a nice guy other than the irritating qualities he had.

As the traffic started moving we reached in no time at all. We reached the chawl. It was small. But it was fine , a change in life and I loved changes. This Undercover mission is gonna help me discover more things of life.

Kunj stopped the car and got down. I got down after him.I go to get my luggage out of my car. It was quite heavy. Kunj comes and picks up my luggage. How nice, I thought he was actually helping me but then he lifted it up and kept it the other side and took out his luggage.

Babaji! This man has no chivalry at all. He left upstairs. As our house was upstairs. After some effort I managed to get it down. Then I drag it towards the stairs.

Then to my surprise Kunj comes down and picks up my luggage and takes it upstairs. I walk up the stairs behind him. I look at him as he effortlessly picks up my luggage. He puts it down.

“Thank you!” I say. He looks at me and says “Did you actually think I would let you pick that up yourself, what kind of man would I be?” He said.

“Now can we do the honours of opening the house” he asks me. I give the keys and asked him to open it. “My Bebe always says that if your starting something new , the house’s Lakshmi should start it, since it’s our house for now you should step in first” he tells me. I was surprised that Kunj Sarna does know his values. That was really sweet of him.

I opened the door and I step in , but unfortunately I trip , I close my as I was expecting myself to fall down,but I felt someone’s arms around my waist and I open my eyes to see Kunj. He caught me just in time. I look straight into his eyes which were looking into mine. I stand up breaking the eyelock. We look away to avoid any discussion on the awkward moment we had.

I looked around at the house it was small one but it felt like home, it had a small kitchen, a small hall and one room. WHAT! ONE ROOM? It struck me now. What are we gonna do about that? I can’t share a room with Kunj Sarna.


Hope u liked it?


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      So glad that u liked it?
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      Sorry for keeping u waiting I will update soon just for u guys?
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      Okay sure?

      Recap: Twinkle and Kunj were assigned an undercover mission in which they have to act as husband and wife. Kunj and Twinkle didn’t like the idea of this, but eventually agree.
      Kunj goes to pick Twinkle up from her
      house. He was mesmerised when he saw her in a saree with bangles, mangalsutra and sindoor.


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