Twinj FF: Undercover [Chapter 2]

Chapter 2

Thank u so much guys! ?
I am so glad that u liked it , ur words encourage me to write more. I thought of writing one update in a week but I was too excited.

I am glad that u r liking d nok jhoks. I assure u a lot of nok jhoks ahead?. Maybe this episode might not have much. But there will be a lot coming ahead.
So todays chapter will be Kunjs Point of View(POV). Hope u guys will like it.?

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Chapter 1

Kunj POV

“You may go back to your cubicles I will call you back in a few minutes” Mr Mehta says.

God! What’s wrong with him he had to team me up with Twinkle out of all the people, he very well knows that we don’t get along. And undercover like Husband and Wife. What game is life playing with me? Uh! I think to myself.

I look at Twinkle. Her eyes meet mine. She leaves a long breath. She keeps her hand on her head. I am pretty much sure that even she doesn’t like the idea of this. She walks out of the room. I leave behind her. She rushes to her seat. She slowly sips her coffee and I could hear her mumble to herself “Babaji! Why?” She said.

I go and sit in my place. I look at her and think of how miserable it’s gonna be. Just a few days back she poured coffee on my pants. Uh! It was a Painful memory. I am pretty sure that was intentional. Staying in one house with her. I shake myself, I can’t even imagine that , it gives me the creeps. I cup my face .

Then after a while someone calls me and tells me that Mr Mehta is calling. I get up and walk up to the room. Twinkle was already there. I sit opposite to her. I look at her, she gives me a death stare I look away.

“There are three Suspects who both of you have to keep an eye on” He starts. He turns on the projector. “Suspect one is Baljeet , he works in a mechanic shop, he might seem very friendly and but u better keep a watch” he shows a picture of a stout man with a beard.

I just turned my head to see Twinkle , She was taking down notes in her cellphone. She keeps her hair behind her ears to stop it from falling on her face. It’s hard to admit it but she is beautiful. If she wasn’t that irritating probably just probably….,”Ahemm” Mr Mehta clears his throat interrupting my thoughts . ” Mr Sarna would you mind bringing your attention to the screen” he says. I turn my head to the projector.

“Now Suspect two Sharmila Rathore, she works as the teacher in the school” he says.

“What motive would a school teacher have?” Twinkle asks Mr Mehta. “That’s the thing Miss Taneja, no one will suspect her, so keep a very good watch on her” he said. Twinkle nods.

“Now for the third suspect Lovely Bhalla, he doesn’t do any job as such, he barely keeps a foot out of his house, but when he does he always ends up creating a nuisance in the colony” he says turning off the projector. As this was our last suspect.

“Now for your identities”, he gives us cards. I look at my id there wasn’t much difference in it. My name was the same only my age says 28 years where as I am 25.

“What? Twinkle Kunj Sarna” Twinkle shouts. I couldn’t help smirking at her reaction. “Miss Taneja until you are undercover you will be Mrs Sarna, Got it!” Mr Mehta says. “But….” Twinkle says disappointedly, she definitely didn’t like the fact that her name was joined with mine.

“Your mission will start from tomorrow, you may leave now” Mr Mehta says.

The next day

I woke up quite early and packed everything. I had to go and pick up Twinkle, Uh! Mr Mehta’s order.

I drive to Twinkle’s place. I hadbeen given her address and number. I stop the car at her place and wait for her.

It had been a while since I’ve been waiting. I get down the car and decided to call her. Then I see her coming,
Oh My God! This wasn’t her. It was definitely not her. Am I dreaming. She came down in a saree, she wore bangles, a mangalsutra and there was sindoor on her fore head. She looked really beautiful. I had always seen her in jeans and casuals never in Indian. I couldn’t stop staring at her.


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      They will eventually fall in love
      But gonna take some time
      it’s gonna be quite a ride ahead
      I really hope u guys will like it☺️

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    Omg naina?
    Its so good…. Really keep it up
    And as doc says…. Apple a day….
    I advice uh a twinj cute fight a episode….

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    Omg omg omggg naina wht a epi dea….
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    • Naina0923



      Thank u so much!!!!?
      I don’t mind at all if your late all that matters is that u did read it and that means a lot?
      Omg! Thanx once again☺️
      Will continue soon

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