Twinj FF: Undercover [Chapter 1]


I am really happy with d response that I got for the intro Thank u so much guys!!! Your comments mean a lot☺️One more thing I am kinda new to writing so I might make a lot of grammatical mistakes. If I make any mistakes do let me know so that I can improve upon it.Today’s update will be Twinkles Point of view(POV).

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It was a Monday morning, I got myself some coffee and rushed to work. It didn’t take much time to reach there.

I went and sat in my cubicle and got started with my work. Tring! Tring!The phone rang. I picked it up. “Miss Taneja, Mr Mehta requests your presence in the conference room” she says. I get up and take my files and notes, I walk towards the room.

“Ouch!” I shout as someone bumps into me. The things in my hand fall down. Oh God! I pretty much knew who was behind this, the one of the very few people I despise and my rival. “Kunj Sarna!” I shout. He giggled.

“You did this on purpose didn’t you” I say. He bends down to pick up my stuff. I stand as he does so. He picks everything up and stands. Then when I was about to take it from his hand , he again throws them down and leaves. “You Jerk! I say irritated. But I realise that people were looking at me so I bend down and pick up my stuff and stomp towards the room.

I knock the door. “Come in” Mr Mehta says. “May I know why your late Miss Taneja” he asks me. Kunj smirks, I give him a death stare. “Sir it was because of…” I was about to finish my sentence when “That’s enough Miss Taneja we shall not waste more of our time, take your seat” Mr Mehta says. I sit down.

“There has been a report of a person who is part of a mob who has been creating quite a nuisance and is planning on planting a bomb” he says seriously. He looked quite worried too.

“Then what are we waiting for let’s catch this guy” Kunj says. Me and the others nod.

“It isn’t that easy Mr Sarna, apparently we are unaware of his identity” he says disappointedly. There was silence in the room. What? We are unaware of his identity then how are we gonna catch this guy I thought to myself.

“I know you all are confused as of what are we gonna do now” he says. We all nod disappointedly. “But, we have got the news that this person is staying in hiding in a small chawl here, and we have a few suspects” he says. There was sigh of relief in all of us that at least we have a little hope of finding him before its too late.

“Now we want the very best of agents to handle this mission” he says. “When I call your name I would like you to get up?” He says.

“Miss Zaidi, Mr Sarna” Kunj gets up with pride as Mr Mehta calls his name.

“Mr David, Miss Khurana and Miss Taneja” he says. I get up as he calls my name. I smile.

“Now out of you 5, Miss Khurana, Mr David and Miss Zaidi will be handling stuff here in the office and working on the whereabouts” he said.

Oh no! I know where this is heading to. I look at Kunj. I guess even he got where this is gonna go. We both look at each other for a few seconds. “And Miss Taneja and Mr Sarna will be going undercover” and there you go he said it. I am so not going undercover with Mr Kunj Sarna.

“But Sir….” Me and Kunj say at the same time. “Let me complete my sentence both of you” Mr Mehta says. “You both are gonna go undercover as a newly married couple” he said and gave us the shock of our lives.

Going undercover with him seemed like a big problem but going undercover as husband and wife, can this get any worse.

“No Sir! We can’t…Please” I mutter. Even Kunj blabbers something. “I honestly thought that you both would take this professionally I honestly didn’t expect this reaction from both of you” He said disappointedly.

“We selected the two of you because we thought that you could handle this mission but never mind then…” He said. No this is not right Mr Mehta thought I was trustworthy, I can’t give up on this.

“Sir…” I say, surprisingly even Kunj says at the same time. “I will do it” I said as I didn’t want the hatred towards Kunj affect my job. “So will I” Kunj says.

“Then that’s great then I will call you after a few minutes for more details on your Undercover mission” Mr Mehta says.


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  1. SidMin

    Loved it Twinj to go undercover as Husband and Wife thats so good for us Waiting for the next episode

    1. Naina0923

      Will write n update soon

  2. Saby

    Naina? the epi was very nice
    Unique concept?
    And their fights…..
    Awesome waiting for more fights

    1. Naina0923

      Thank u!!!☺️
      I assure a lot of fights ahead?

  3. Jiya_Ani

    Amazing chapter… U wrote it so well

    1. Naina0923

      Thank u so much!!!?
      Means a lot
      As I am kinda new to writing

  4. Shreya098

    loved it..
    very interesting start..
    continue soon

    1. Naina0923

      Glad that u loved it☺️
      Will continue soon

  5. Wow…. Twinj cute fightz,professional yet raw… Luvd it:)

    1. Naina0923

      There are gonna be quite a lot of nok jhoks ahead?
      Really glad that u loved it

  6. Sayeeda

    Amazing one…..excited to see twinj as married couple …
    U described each scene so well..I’m so excited for next one…post soon

    1. Naina0923

      Thank u so much Sayeeda!!!
      Will post soon?

  7. Fan

    Wow they r going undercover as a married couple..iam very excited for the nxt epi..plz post it soon..

    1. Naina0923

      Really glad that u liked it?
      Will post soon

  8. Shonaa...

    It was amazing…. twinj cute fight nd now they will go as husband nd wife…. waiting for nxt one…. .

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      Thank u so much!
      Glad that u liked it
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  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    loved it…..twinj nok jhok…maze aa gye…

    1. Naina0923

      Thank u?
      More nok jhoks coming ahead?

  10. Shatakshi

    Omg naina
    It was such a fresh concept
    Loved it to the core
    The way u express is just Awesome

    1. Naina0923

      So happy that u liked it
      Gosh! Thanx☺️?

  11. hehe nice epi … I smiled at the reactions of kunj n twinkle :v

    1. Naina0923

      Glad that I could make u smile?

  12. Loveleen

    hey i liked dis episd….waitng fr nxt part…

    1. Naina0923

      Glad that u liked it ?
      Will post d next part soon

  13. Kruti

    Nice beginning ….waiting for d nxt one

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    I loved it

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      So glad that u loved it?
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    Liked it.,…I loved it….superb

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      Thank u so much for reading!!!
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  16. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome…twinj as a married ur first epi itself u hv make me add ur ff in my favorite list.. plz post asap…

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      Thank u so much!!!?
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  18. Superbbbbbbb amazing..
    Do cont asap

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  19. Ria

    The episode was continue soon.

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      Thank u so much Ria!!!?
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