Twinj ff – love or mistake ???? Episode 9

Hey ur sanju back with a new part … missed me ???? I know nahi kiya hoga ….. ok so thnx for ur support…..


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Recap – [Past ] uv tries to become ”maahan” in eyes of leela . Mahi’s entry Yuhi meet .


♡Episode 9♡

Present ….
Uv’s cabin

Mahi [in a hesitant voice ] – bcoz … bcoz ….. ??[got an answer for lakshya’s question ] bcoz I thought dealing with ur company will bring huge amount of profits that is why ….. ??
Uv [still not satisfied with her answer ] ok … ??
Yuvraj take some papers out of his bag.
Mahi [with attitude]- read these papers … these are for our deal …. if u find interest in the deal call me …. ??
Yuvraj just turn the papers of file so that mahi will think that he is reading the file .

??uv ‘s pov ??
I don’t care about deal … just I want this girl to be mine forever ….. her each and everything match with me …. her attitude … her style. … everything ….
??Pov ends ??

Mahi turns to go when she wss stopped by uv.
Uv – ur number plz …. ??
Mahi – if u have read the papers carefully then u would have got my no.
Mahi goes .
Uv – impressive ….


Mahi leaves from there and reaches taneja’s mansion .

She goes to twinkle’s room .
She knocks the door .
T – plz come in ….
Mahi comes in.
T – hey mahi …..
M – I have done ur work … ab shikaar jaal main phas gaya hai ….??
T – mahi …thnx … agar tum nahi hoti toh kya hota …??
M – u know na in frndship no sry and no thnk u …. ??
T – yes I know…. ??
M – now what is our next plan ???? ??
T -[angrily ] now I will destroy both YUNJ …. ??
M -[confused ] but how ??????
T -[clears her confusion ] the most important thing in uv’s life is his business and in kunn’s life is his family …??
M [tries to stop twinkle ]- but why to hurt his family ??? They are innocent …??
T [with blood shot eyes ]- I don’t know anything ….I can do anything for my revenge …??
M – but ….
Before mahi could say anything twinkle goes out of the room .
M – no… its wrong…. kunj’s family is innocent …. but first I have to find out kunj loves her or not ..


At night

?? luthra mansion ??

uv comes to a room in drunken state with a alcohol bottle in his hand . The room was dark and nothing was visible . He goes to the switch board and opens the lights . It was empty room . Nothing was there only a wall was covered with some photos . He goes near the wall . There was a big photo of raman in between the wall . And there was some photos of twinkle on either side of raman’s photo .
Uv – [points towards raman’s photo ] – u…. u bl**dy man …. [tries to speak ] bcoz of u my whole life is destroyed …. my mumma and papa had gone far away from me …. itna door chale gaye ki wo kabhi wapis nahi aa sakte [they can never return ] … I hate u raman taneja … u go to hell …. ?????

??Flashback ??

Note : link it with kunj’s flashback means it happened when YUNJ returned from taneja mansion.

Yunj returned to their respective homes .

Here in luthra mansion
Uv was going to his room when he heard anita and amit (uv’s father ) talking something . He goes near the door of the room and put his ears to listen their conversation.
Anita [worried ]- Amit … one day we have to tell uv that we are not his parents …. so why not today ??????
Amit – u say this everyday …but u know na if we tell uv about it he will feel very bad .
Uv got shocked listening their talk and he immediately comes inside the room making anita n amit shock and angry .
Amit [angrily] – is this the to come inside someone’s room ???? First u should knock na ??????
Anita [shocked] – yes beta … ur papa is right …??
Uv [angrily] – I don’t care about that but first tell me about my parents .. [points towards Anita n amit]if u both are not my parents then who are my real parents and where are they ????
Amit [fumbles and sweats ] – wh…o…. w..h..o said that we ar…e no…t ur par…e….nts ….[composes himself and speak confidently] we are ur parents only….
Uv – then why are u sweating …. plz tell me … [folds his hands ] plz ….


Precap – u will get the answers of maximum questions asked in previous part. So don’t miss it .

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