Twinj ff – love or mistake ???? Episode 5

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Recap – {present } twinkle calls a person and asked for resignation . {Past } she searches for job in newspaper and decided to work in a company . And some papa princess moments . She goes for interview in her new company when she finds no driver to her take there .


♡episode 5 ♡
???? Inside the diary ????
[ Past ]
Outside taneja mansion
T [worried ]- oh no…. where are the drivers ???????
SHE sees the watchman and asked him about drivers .
Watchman – mam all the drivers will come late today at 12 ‘o’ clock .??
TWINKLE nods yes .
T [to herself worried ] – now what I will do … I don’t want to disturb papa … I have to drive on my own .. but I don’t know to drive car I only know to drive scooty … but I don’t have scooty ….. ??
SHE sees here and there and finds a scooty there .
T [enquiries watchman about scooty] – whose scooty is that ??[poiting towards scooty ]??
Watchman – mam that is mine …
T [seeks for permission ] – can I take it … plz just for one day I am getting late for interview …??
WATCHMAN [happily gives permission ] – yes mam why not …??
TWINKLE smiles and thnx watchman .
SHE takes scooty of watchman and leaves for interview .


Here on the other side a big mansion shown . It is written LUTHRA’S MANSION on board .
A man is coming out of the mansion and goes inside a AUDI [brand of car around 70 to 80 lakh I don’t know the exact prize ]and drives off .


TWINKLE was in road moving towards the office when a same AUDI was coming from opposite direction and accident was about to happen when man and TWINKLE both put brake on same time and the car and scooty stopped with jerk shocking both man and TWINKLE . The man inside the audi angrily comes out and TWINLLE also climb off from scooty . The man was wearing goggles [for protection from sun ] and was not able to clearly see TWINKLE .
T [shouting with anger in its peak ] – hey u …. ??
The man take out its goggle and his face is revealed . He is none other than UVRAJ LUTHRA … HE was mermerized to see TWINKLE where as TWINKLE was angry with UV . UV was lost in TWINKLE .
T [with same anger ] – hey u …. u AUDI MAN [shakes HIM ] ??
UV is still lost in her beauty . SHE again shakes him and UV came into senses .
UV [smiles and bends towards her ears and whispers ] – u look beautiful when u are angry … ??
TWINKLE becomes angry while UV smiles and sits in AUDI and left for office . Here TWINKLE also sits in scooty and left for the interview .

Page 3 ends .


[Present ]

She was about to turn the page and write more but LEELA came at that time . She immediately closes the dairy and hide it in drawer unnoticed by shomi .
LEELA [in a serious tone ] I want to talk to u something ….


Present only …
At SARNA house
KUNJ was hugging TWINKY’s photo recalling there first meeting .

Note – link it with TWINKLE’s diary means ot happened after TWINRAJ’s meet .

????? Flashback ?????

Here TWINKLE reached office and goes inside . She presses the button of lift. She goes inside lift and in the same lift was YUNJ . UV was wearing goggles and his both hands was in the pocket of his pant while KUNJ was wearing casuals . Swara doesn’t notice UV but UV saw swara .
TWINKLE [blabbering and worries ] – I am late for interview . This is just bcoz of that AUDI man . I hate him. I f I will meet that Bl**dy man again I will kill him .
UV smiles seeing her antics while KUNJ stands confused.
UV think – this girl … I mean angel ?? is here but why ?????
The lift stops and TWINJRAJ comes out of lift . TWINKY goes to reception while YUNJ goes to UV’s cabin .

????Lakshya’s cabin ?????
KUNJ was showing UV some important file while UV was busy recalling TWINKY’s angelic face and her antics .
KUNJ understood that UV is thinking something else so he shakes him . UV comes into senses .
KUNJ [wanted to clear his confusion] – what happened sir ???? Is something wrong ????? Badi maa [KUNJcalls UV’s mom means ANITA as badi maa] is all right na … and what about bade papa [ AMIT ] ??? ??
UV [smiles ] – everything is fine sanskaar …. ??
KUNJ smiles but his confusion is till now not cleared .
KUNJ [again enquiries ] – but why are u lost ???? And in the lift u are smiling at that girl’s antics .. do u know that AUDI man ???? ??
UV [clears his confusion ] – yes …. actually .. I love that girl … she is so sweet she is just an angel … I love her to the core …. its like love at first sight … and that AUDI man is none other than me …

Hey are we forgetting something … yes we forgot precap ….
So here it is…

Precap – [past ]TWINJ cute fight … twinky gets to know that UV is chairman of company . [present ] LEELA and TWINKLE serious converstaion and LEELA get to know that KUNJ betrayed TWINKLE .

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Keep smiling …

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