Twinj ff – love or mistake ???? Episode 2



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Recap : kunj comes home and cries . Usha and kunj conversation . twinkle argues with leela. Raman scolds twinkle on arguing with leela . Twinkle thinks to write her past in a diary .

♡Episode 2 ♡
twinkle picks up a pen from the pencil holder kept on table and start writing .
She picks her pen and write LOVE OR MISTAKE ????? on the first page of the diary with bold letter ..
NOTE : Guys twinkle will not write it as a diary but as a novel .

???? Inside the diary ????

Page 1
{Guys its about 6 to 7 months ago }
A girl is shown sleeping in the bed . She is dreaming something .
Do u all wanted to know . Ok lets see what she is dreaming .

? Dream ?
The same girl is shown wearing a beautiful blue gown and her tied hair are tied in a bun and some flakes of hair are coming out . She is wearing simple yet elegant diamond earings and glass slippers . She is dancing with her prince charming . She was about to kiss him when ….
?Dream over ?

When she hears someone shouting standing on top of her head . The girl slowly opens her eyes and rotates her eyeballs here and there to figure out what had happened when she sees are mom standing in front of her.
Mom -{with a little still angry tone } udha jaaa daddy ki princess … wake up … see it is 12 noon .. ??
The girl I mean twinkle {I know many of u had guessed right } sees the alarm clock and get up with a jerk .
Twinkle-{with a relaz tone } mumma ….. 12 hi to baje hai {its 12 only } … let me sleep some more … ??
Saying this she again lays on bed and and cover herself with blanket .
Leela {with a angry tone }- I will call ur daddo … he will tell u that kitne baje hai …. ??
Leela calls Raman . Raman comes .
Raman {with a fake anger } – kya hua what happened why are shouting ????
Leela {with same anger } – first see ur princess … she is still sleeping wake her up … u only say na waking up early is so important …. ??
Raman {in a very relax tone } – yes … I said but not for my princess … she can sleep till whenever she wants …. ??
Twinkle giggles and uncovers the blanket over her .
twinkle – dekha mumma … my father is the best …. she loves me alot … {make a pout } and u disturbed my sleep … I was seeing a very good dream … I was abput kiss my pr…
She stops as she realized what she was about to say and bite her tounge .
Leela {narrowed her eyes } – what u were about to say …. kiss whom ???? ??
Twinkle – nothing mumma … see its 12 as u say we should wake up early … so I think so I should go and freshen up … ??

She said last two words very quickly and ran to freshen up .

Here raman was smiling seeing her big daughter still small . And leela i fumes in anger .
Leela {goes to shekhar and says in a serious tone } – na jane sasural main kya hoga iss ladki ka … { what will happen to in her sasural} …. ??
Raman {in a funny tone } – why all indians mothers say this about their daughters ???? ??
Leela starts beating raman playfully. They spend some romantic moments and goes to do breakfast .

Page 1 ends .


She keeps the pen in between diary . She smiles remembering their old family moments . Just then leela comes . She goes to her .
twinkle {asking for forgiveness } – ma , I am really very sorry … plz forgive me … u know na I can’t live without u … I just said in work load …. ??
Leela {smiles } – I can understand puttar ….??{with concern tone }but are u sure that koi aur baat nahi hai …. I mean this never happened before … u never took tension of ur work … ??
Twinkle – ma , don’t u believe me….
Leela – yes … but ??
Twinkle {tries to change topic }- ma, I am very hungry … tell me what’s in menu ???? {Slightly rolls her tounge on her lips showing that she is really hungry } ??
Leela {realizes why she came } – actually I came for this only ???? I have made ur favourite ”aaloo ka paratha ” so plz come fast … ??
Twinkle – ok… maa…. after so many days I will eat food of ur hands …. ??
leela- ok so comes fast …
Leela leaves .

Soon twinkle goes and finishes dinner and comes back .

She again starts writing diary .

????Inside the diary ?????
Page 2
Here in breakfast table .

Precap – {past } twinkle seeks permission from her beloved parents to do a job and stand on her own feet . Raman said ….. {Hmm that’s a suspense and I think so u all know what he will say …. so need to tell as u all are smart like me … just kidding ?? } and kunj and his family ‘s sweet time and introduction to YUVRAJ LUTHRA …..

Ok so tata
Take care
Keep smiling ….

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  1. SidMin

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  12. Hmm. Sanju we r smart …….bt not like u……..??? It was. Very nyyycccc

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