Twinj ff – love or mistake ???? Episode 12

Link : Episode 11
Recap – uv decides to spoil theife of reshma [mahi] . Kunj asks twinkle to meet her as he wants to clear all her confusions .


♡Episode 12 ♡

Present ….
Taneja mansion…

Kunj messages twinkle to meet her at coffee house . She goes and got ready . She comes down . There Rt and leela were having bf . She was about to leave when she was stopped by Rt .
Rt [stops her ] – ruko puttar … [stop twinkle ] .
Twinkle stops .
Rt stand from chair and goes to twinkle .
Rt [angrily] – why have u not told me about kunj’s betrayal ???? Leela had told me everything …..Don’t u consider us as ur parents …. ??
twinkle [got teary eyes] – no baba …. that is not the thing …. I thought why to give u stress … ??
Rt [hugs his princess and cares her hairs ] – plz don’t cry …. u know na I can’t see tears in my princess eyes ….. and ur problem is not my stress …. Its my duty to solve all ur problems …. ??
He breaks the hug .
Rt [enquires twinkle] – where are u going ????
Twinkle [ thinks ] – oh no…. I can’t tell him where i am going …. he will never allow me …. ??
Twinkle [to rt ] wo… [fumbles] w.o….ac..tually…. [got an answer] I am going to meet mahi … ??
rt – ok …. go…. ??

Note – rt and leela very well knows mahi.


Twinkle leaves from there to coffee house . She searches for kunj but can’t find him anywhere . She sits in a table and ordered a cup of coffee and waits for him ..

After half an hour…..
Twinkle was seen sipping her coffee still waiting for kunj .
T [frustated] – when he will come ???? It has been half an hour …. ??

She waits for 15 mins more . But there was no sign of kunj coming making twinkle angry and frustated . She quickly leaves from there picking her bag . She pays the bill sits in her car and leaves .


Here on the other side …
A hospital is shown…

A man is shown lying unconcious on bed with bandages all around his head. . Another man 《Man 2 》was standing beside him .
Man 2 – doc , I found it on road so I brought him here . I doesn’t know him . I think so he met with an accident by a bus or truck .
Doc – but we have to find oit about his family . He needs emergenxy operation. His condition is getting worse .
Man 2 – but how we will find out about his family ????
Doc – do u found any belongings of him such as phone or id card or anything else near the accident area .
Man 2 thinks for a while and then says – yess … I got his mobile phone …
Man 2 takes out a mobile phone from his pant’s pocket .
Doc opens the phone there was no lock . He opens the CONTACTS and searches for the no. Which is last dialled . He dials the no .

On the other side a girl picks up the phone .
Girl 《angrily 》 – where are u kunj … I was waiting for u since 1 hour and u still not arrived … where are u ???? ????
《So the boy lying unconcious on bed is none other than kunj and girl on phone is twinky . 》
Doc 《gets frightened listening the angry voice but then composes himself》- hello I am not kunj … I am doctor speaking from XYZ hospital … a patient is admitted in my hospital . he met with an accident with a truck .. ?? (even doctor got afraid from our siyappa queen ???)
Twinkle sees the no. Again and it was of kunj only.
Twinkle 《angrily 》- toh main meethai batoo kya ???.《so should I distribute sweets ??? 》and where is kunj ???? Don’t say u are his frnd … and he told u to tell a lie to me …. ??
Doc 《frightened voice 》- i don’t know any kunj…. actually … we checked the phone of patient and last dialled no. Was of urs so I thought to call u and ask u about him …
Swara was standing puzzled . Then suddenly he figure out that KUNJ IS ADMITTED IN HOSPITAL .
Twinkle《 fumbles 》 – I a….m … com…in..g ….
She immediately cuts the call and left for hospital . She informs usha and manohar .


After 10 mins …
She reaches hospital with usha and manohar . She goes to reception and enquires about kunj .
Receptionist – mam… the new patient is admitted in room no. 402 .
Twinkle nods yes and takes ushar to room no.402. She opens the door and was shocked to see kunj’s condition . He was lying unconcious on bed with blood all over his body and clothes. She cries . Usha also cries and manohar consoles her .
Twinky 《to doc 》 – doctor , what happened to him ??????
Doc – only I can say is we have to do his surgery asap .
T 《angrily 》so whom are u qaiting for doctor ??? Shift him to OT fast …. ?
Doc – but first u have to pay the amount of his surgery …
T – how much ????
Doc – 2 lakhs …
usha《cries 》 from where we will bring this much amount ??? We are.middle class …
twinkle《goes to usha and consoles her》 – auntie … don’t worry I am here na … I will pay the amount … 《orders to doc 》admit him in OT and amount will be paid …
Doc nods yes . Twinkle signs the form and kunj is shifted un OT .


Precap – 《Past 》- I don’t know why suddenly smile appears on my face when I see HIM or reads his msg … I know his each and every msg is about work only but don’t know why he is soooo cute …. but twinkle u not have to melt for any of the boy … 《got teary eyes 》u remember na u got betrayal from sahil … after that I can’t belive in love … I hate u sahil

So guys guess WHO IS ” HIM ” ???

Take care
Keep smiling

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