Twinj ff – love or mistake ???? Episode 11


Hey guys … I am back…. but I am getting little low response … if u are feeling it bore I will end it …. and I am going to start a new ff …. named A LOVE STORY OF BETRAYAL , REVENGE AND OBSSESION . Don’t think that it is same as this ff . It is different . So plz read that one also .

Link : Episode 10

Recap – Reason of uv’s revenge ..


♡Episode 11♡

??uv’s flashback ….??
??Oberoi mansion ….??
Uv cries and sits on sofa with a thud while anita and amit consoles her .
Anita [tries to make uv calm]- uv …. u have to be strong my child … I know what all happened was wrong .but u have to be strong. ??
Uv stands and shouts angrily .
Uv [while shouting ] – no maan … I can’t … I can’t keep quiet … I will take revenge from those tanejas … they have to suffer … they have to suffer … I hate them …. ??
Suddenly uv remembers his angel’s face .
Uv [thinks ] – twonkle is also taneja … he is daughter of RT … how can I hate her ???? I love her … [but then he remember how his mother suffered bcoz of raman] but my maa suffered bcoz f her father that bl**dy raman taneja killed my papa…juts bcoz of money … he can asn for money but what was need to kill my papa???????????????? I hate him and her daughter …. now I will take revenge …. thnk god I had made her signed those DOCUMENTS …. ??
Uv – [dertermined to taje revenge ]dad … mom… don’t worry .. I will take REVENGE from that raman taneja …
Amit – [with proud ] plz take revenge from him … he killed my brother … I want him also suffer . ??
Saying this amit hugs uv while ap cares lakshay’s hair ….

??uv’s flashback ends …??

Present …
Uv [points towards the picture of raman ] – now … listen u mr.raman taneja …. when u will get to know that about kunj’ s betrayal u will feel the same pain what u have given to my father and mother … ur family will suffer … now as ur daughter has resigned and according to those DOCUMENTS .. u have to pay me 50 crore … or ur daughter have to work in the company throughout her life …. [suddenly remembers about mahi] oh I forgot about RESHMA THAKUR … she also came and now I will destroy her too … bcoz of her father twinkle’s father killed my father [I think so this line is little funny ???] now I see u miss RESHMA THAKUR u don’t know what is going to happen to u … [actually I also don’t know ??]

Uv takes a photo from his pocket and stick on the wall beside the photo of swara.
Uv ‘s pov
Why i feels something seeing her … but I will destroy her …. I want her at my bed at any cost ….. first I will take her till my bed then I will forcefully marry her … then she will be MINE FOREVER …. first I took revenge from twinkle now its ur [mahi’s ] chance ….


Next morning

Here in taneja masion
Twinkle was about to sleep when her phone rings . She sees the caller id and get teary eyes and then she remembers something and became angry . She picks up the call and starts shouting .

?? phone conversation ??
Twinkle [angrily ] – how dare u to call me… kunj ???????????????? ??
Kunj -[begs ] twinkle … plz meet me .. plz ….. I want to clarify everything …. I will clear all the misunderstandings … but plz meet me once … plz …. please …??
twinkle – but …
Kunj – plz …??
twinkle – ok …. but I am giving u only one chance then everything will be finished between us …. ??
Kunj – ok…??
??Conversation ends ??


Precap – raman and twinkle conversation. She goes to meet kunj . But kunj doesn’t came. so where is he ???? Next update on saturday .

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