(Twinj FF Fake marriage turn into love ) Part 4

part 4
as we know that twinkle said if he will take her for coffee then only she will help him so did she help him to make his partner list so now let began with the scene where twinj will be go for their officially first date in my ff. hope you all will enjoy the twist with will come during their coffee date time.

kunj : Twinkle yaar are you still taking a lots of time just to be ready?
Twinkle: what is this yaar i was trying to put the knot of the dress but is iam not able to do it.
Kunj: so what will you do now??
Twinkle: i guess you should help me to knot my back of dori pleased.
Kunj: okay fine if your okay with it. at least open the door.

twinkle open door throw one hand and other side kunj was aww and mesmerize to see her.

Twinkle: Kunj help me out or else we will be let for our officially late for our coffee date. i mean as u promise me to take coffee so do it fast come in.

Kunj slowly he move his hand towrd her and she can feel his hot breath on her back and he place his hand in her back less and he tie her dori but he is not ready to make her go from this moment. when he slowly move his hand from their again her dori come out because his hand was their.

Kunj coming back to his sense iam sorry i will tie them back.

on other side twinkle was also enjoying the moment and i guess she start liking him but not love him so she said Kunj do it fast we are getting late

Kunj: okay done now let go

Kunj twinkle one minutes saying this he move out from their and he call some one their to set friendship setup for them.

twinkle pov
i guess i start liking him why don’t i like him his caring nature toward me and i love when he call me wife infront of uncle and anties wish this dream come true soon. now i can’t stay away from him. i know it our fake married but i don’t know when this fake married turn into love.

then she heard a kunj voice saying twinkle come fast iam waiting

she smile and she said iam coming and their she saw a bike their and yes of course our hero is their to pick his heroine

twinj move to their place and manager come to kunj and said sir welcome to our hotel and have a great night with mam and coffee

twinj thank u for this beautiful setup

Kunj do u like it

twinkle i love it and lost in her thought anything you made for me i will love it and this moment will be my most memorable moment with you my husband. saying this she come back to realaty that kunj is just her fake husband and what is he love someone else.

kunj what will you drink twinkle

twinkle anything that you will give me i will drink.

waiter bring them a coffee but but as you know their is a twist which might change their fake married could turn into love .

kunj give coffee for twinkle and she drink it and find something wired in the test and she said kunj it test like something is wrong in this coffee.

just then other side kunj already drunk and he move toward twinkle and said twinkle u know this coffee taste different then other coffee.

twinkle yes kunj and i think now we should go home it too late it 11:35 pm

kunj okay now twinj reach their house and kunj locked the door and twinkle other kunj why you locked the door????

Kunj with smile on his face you my wify so we could spend sometime together you know winking at her.

just then twinkle understand what he mean to said as twinkle was not completely drunk as kunj. so kunj start move toward twinkle and said.

Kunj: Twinkle you know when i see you i fall for u but i was scare to told you that how much i love you but now i will told u 3 magical words to u
twinkle i really love you and i will always love u till my least breath or even i die.

just then twinkle cover his mouth with her finger as kunj is drunk so he kissed her hand and make her surprise but she allowed him because before he confess his feeling she like him but now she love him.

Twinkle know that he is saying all this in drunken stage but now its hard to stay from him so now she is ready to take their fake married to turn in to love

kunj cover them selves in a blanket and light turn up

what will happen when the love bird see their condition and how will their fake married will turn into love
to know more stay tune and their will be leaf of 4 years.

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  1. Good one. But please don’t separate twinj after the leap. Please :”(

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    Interesting Loved the episode πŸ™‚ Post soon πŸ™‚

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  5. Twinjfan.tamanna

    todays epi was really really cute and romantic… but as I said in previous epi… I don’t y I cant get over ur dp… I m very much in love with it..its just so cute… aah… I love it… 5 mins use hi dek rahi thi..

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing fabulous

  7. such a cute episode<3

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    So ur first leap ri8 ??? It was superb sidmin23…….. Loved it…..it was soooooo nyyyccclyyyyyy written

  9. awesome episode
    wanna know everything just now
    but can’t hehehe

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    Sidmin Awesome episode awesome twist plsss asap dear can’t wait

  11. Ramya

    Sidmin Awesome episode awesome twist plsss asap dear can’t wait

    Loved it to core dear

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